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America’s Current Upheaval: Are We Moving To Replace Our Government, Or Reform It?

A Thermidorian Reaction

The American revolution was an overthrow of the government.  The French Revolution was an attempt to overthrow a society.  The current instability in the USA will create a globally shattering reaction by overthrowing a worldwide system.

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The debate over reform or destruction of government is a rather short historical study.  There have been few complete reconstructions or reforms of a government in history.  Most revolts have simply replaced one king with another.  The ruling class survived while the royal scapegoat was given the chop. Little was changed structurally, but a new beginning was declared and a new start for everyone except the farmer in the field who is the basis of all social systems.


Our current situation is quite muddled as all the wheels are falling around us at once.  We have international enemies such as China and the World Economic Forum. There is internal social unrest in several countries, and the international financial system is dissolving since our international dollar currency misting. Our nobility is the usual group of incompetents and are acting criminally again.  Our productive population is shrinking, international state implosions are on the horizon, and a simpleton is in charge, assuming he is not totally demented and simple.

It is even difficult to determine which label to use with which group as the tide is flowing in different directions continually.  Revolutionary or counter-revolutionary?

Will we have as Thermidorians the left that picks up the pieces that they have created of our society and then sinks into oblivion, or the right that destroys the vestiges of the self-destructive left for an improved system and era?  Is another Confederation of States which will have nullified everything is certainly in the offing?

For a revolution to last, strong military backing is necessary, because the new system created by the revolution requires time to mature.  The mini revolts that occur must be crushed to ensure the victory of the original revolutionaries.  This is the Achilles heel of the left.  Mommy won’t lead the charge.

The mess currently being perpetrated by our nobility is poorly conceived at best.  It is a rollercoaster-type event that is now beyond the control of its’ instigators.  Hopefully the remains of our society will be strong enough to rebuild in a reasonable time frame.  This is the real legacy of the 2nd Amendment.  The leftist castrati have no residual powers and require silent acquiescence for their actions to succeed.  They can contribute to destruction but do not have the talents to create anything other than transitory mayhem.

It obviously requires two parties to create a power structure, one to impose and one to acquiesce.  This is the crossroad which we are currently addressing.  The last time we faced such a myriad of international problems was in 1919 during the redrawing of the map following the destruction of four empires in World War I.  It has taken 100 years, but finally we have semi-solidified national boundaries. 

What we have left today from that time is a Russia which is continually paranoid but is again a greatly reduced power.  Also, a non-Ottoman Muslim world that is still tribal and cannot be united.  Hapsburg Eastern Europe has dissolved into its’ tribal units and Western Europe (EU) is charging towards insignificance as it tries to assimilate primitives into its socialist polity for reasons that enhance the purse of its politicians.

The last two areas are China, which is on the verge of a major regression into its’ usual starvation-civil war-separation scenario, and the U.S. which is moving towards becoming a Confederation.  Interactions with these new areas (countries) will be an interesting study as creating a new hierarchy of economic and military strength on this level is quite rare.

Since our coming Confederation of States will be the only group with a positive economic tradition with which to fall back upon, we should survive, but with a lower level of wealth and a smaller population.  Food production is the ultimate question, and we can certainly produce more than we need for any foreseeable population.

One of the biggest losers will be the WEF system.  Debt-based financial systems require a central pillar of support.  Without the U.S. Federal Reserve note and the huge U.S. economy, the medium of exchange reverts to gold and silver talents.

Caesar’s money will rule again!

The Madame

Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

Photo by Dan Mall on Unsplash

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