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Government Is The Answer For Lazy Citizens

Far back in the mists of time, two hunters decided to combine forces to guard their kill.  They then hired a thug because they could gather more food than his incompetence could produce.  Thus began the history and downfall of our species, known as the “March of the Bureaucrat.”

The lazy began to try to acquire more power by offering services to more people.  This led to an alliance between the state and the other bureaucracy, the priesthood.  Thousands of years later the state has finally won their struggle for supremacy.  The corruption of our churches and has been acknowledged for decades.  It has been largely ignored as religion only exists in primitive and other deplorable societies according to our betters.  The bureaucrats prefer to ignore any personal malfeasance.

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What does government do for you?  Are you able to replace these functions yourself either through private enterprise or personal responsibility?

The first service to review is police protection.  Call your police department and inquire as to the average response time for an emergency dispatch.  I imagine there will be quite a bit of shuffling of paper before the answer appears.

If a burglar appears in your home, what do you do?  Call your police department?  What is your course of action during the wait for the first responder?  Offer the transgressor a drink?  Show him the location of your valuables?  Help him enjoy the ladies of your home?

I suspect a pistol might dissuade him from some terrible action.  Perhaps a social privilege discussion would convince him to modify his ways and he would voluntarily wait for intervention by the “violence studies” facilitator arriving to take charge.  After all, he is a repressed minority misunderstood by the oppressors’ society.

Another government service in many areas is your utility services program.  We have private electric, and water and sewer districts all over the country.  Why do we need taxes here? The city certainly does not need to be in these businesses.

The big one!  The initial public requirement for schools was a Massachussets law in 1647. There were various structures developed for both religious and state schools in the 19th century.  Horace Mann was the great engine for expanding public schools in America.  In 1911 Wisconsin dedicated part of its’ new income tax for schools  and other “essential” services.

Thus began the huge growth in public funding of waste and graft that exists today in our local governments and school systems. From 1950 to 2017 we have had an increase of students in the school systems of 101%. An increase of 758% in staff, and an increase of 247% in teachers.  About 43% of the money for schools is local and about the same from the state. The rest is from you by way of D.C.  We could easily reduce our local taxes by over 50% if we just brought our city council to the gallows.  The end result would be a better education and less corruption and real local control.

As we know, the quality of our education has dropped precipitously.  We have all read of the situation in Baltimore of the student graduating with a 0.1% GPA and being at the 58% level of his peer group.  In New York, teacher qualifications are frighteningly low.  If you can read you are in the union!

What is the difference in todays’ society from 50 years ago with standards of education?  There are two main factors in the equation.  One is student quality and two is teacher quality.  First it may be that many of the failing schools/students test results were not included in the SAT program and were “missed” by the ‘crats of long ago.  It was not polite to mention the low IQ of certain individuals.

The other answer is that before the great “women’s’ lib” movement, the most intelligent and resourceful women became teachers and nurses.  These high-quality people were snookered into the world of paper stacking as a career path instead of forming a societal foundation block.  How sad!! 

Now we have seen the true function of government.  It is of course, self-perpetuation.  The functions we have abrogated because of our sloth have been eagerly appropriated by the ‘crats.  The effectiveness of their programs is obvious.

What happens to the monies that are swindled from you on a daily basis?  They fund a brothers-in-law’s business, or a job for a political contribution or a vote for a personal project.  We could easily eliminate 50% of our government funding and never even realize a degradation of service.  Using “the Children” (high pitched shriek) as a cattle call only works if the voters are too lazy to examine the system.

This is obviously just a local analysis.  Imagine the amount of funding criminality that exists on a national/international basis.  The hope of the D.C. parasites is that we do not look closely at where the money is allocated.  Your congressional clown does not know, why should you? He received his commission, and that is his only concern.

Control of your government can be restored but you must get off of your @ss!  Money means independence and that cannot be allowed.

The Madame

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

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