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AZ Senate Issues Subpoenas to Dominion and to Maricopa Supervisors to Produce Routers by 8/2

By author Elizabeth Vaughn

The final hand count of ballots cast in Maricopa County, Arizona, in the November 2020 will be finished on Tuesday. In order to complete their forensic audit, the team requires the routers or “images of the same” (and additional materials) from Dominion Voting Systems and the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

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The subpoena from Arizona Senate President Karen Fann reads as follows:

You or your authorized representative must, at the date, time and location set forth above, appear and produce the items set forth in exhibit A. The Senate reserves the right to require your testimony upon appearance but does not anticipate doing so. In the alternative, you may comply with the subpoena by providing, no later than the date and time set forth above, reasonable access for inspection by the Senate or its authorized representatives the items set forth in Exhibit A. Please contact Garth Kamp upon your arrival at the Senate.


Below is a list of the requested materials.

In a Monday night appearance on CNN, Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates said, “Right before I came on here, the Board of Supervisors received another subpoena from the state Senate ordering us to turn over the routers, in addition to some other information. And they threaten us in these papers that if we do not turn those over by Aug. 2 — so that’s next Monday — then we could be held in contempt.”

Gates, a Republican, told an extremely receptive Erin Burnett that these routers will put very sensitive Maricopa County law enforcement information at risk.

Dominion and the MCBOS have failed to comply with two previous subpoenas from the Arizona Senate.

In February, a Senate vote to hold the MCBOS in contempt of the Legislature failed when a Republican state senator, Paul Boyer, sided with the Democrats.

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  1. Arizonans: Please go to to electronically sign the petition to get AZ Rep Mark Finchem (R-Tucson) on the ballot for Secretary of State. He was instrumental in setting up the hearing at which Rudy Guiliani presented evidence of AZ election “irregularities.” Mark pledges a return to secure paper ballots and elections with integrity. Please sign the petition and forward to your distribution lists. Thank you!

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