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Individually Or Collectively, Their Strategy To Conquer Us Is The Same: Financial Tyranny

The strength of the American republic is also its greatest weakness.  The ultimate national strength is individualism.  The rugged, new American individual burst ashore escaping the European pigsty and struck out on his own to build a better life for himself.  In the process, a “shining city on the hill” was created, beaming the light of individualism, freedom, and excellence across the globe.

The weakness is that working with individualists is reminiscent of herding cats.  There may be a bit of success in the beginning, but it will rapidly begin to fade away.  Eliminating slavery, making the world “safe for democracy,” and “fighting fascism” all required careful propaganda and a draft. 

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These three wars – The Civil War, World War I, and World War II – were fought far beyond the farm gate, and consequently not a high priority for many of our citizens. Personal finances were based on how many bushels were in the barn and avoidance of the banker.

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” Shakespeare

There is a continuing degradation of personal freedom by the assumption of long-term, governmental debt. Our political freedoms have already been purchased.  The dominant current societal strategy of mortgage lending is a structural evolution from the monetary system that began 250 years ago.  We have regressed from the stopgap First and Second National Banks of the United States into serfs for the Federal Reserve System and the World Economic Forum.

The history of the US in the continuing fight to evade the serfdom of banking tyranny can be traced by following the Panics.  The “panics”  of ’73 ’93 and 1907 were the reasons given for the necessity of Federal Reserve Act of 1913.   Who panicked?  Wall Street, not the man in the street.

The results of elite control were economic recessions in 1929, 1937, 1946, 1973, 1989, 2001, 2008, and 2020.   What did citizens gain by allowing this political control of our country by Wall Street through central financial controls?  Nothing, but much was lost. The Federal Reserve system is a failure financially. But the gain for Wall Street was our citizens’ money sublimation to banks through the enforcement arm of our government.  The banks will not fail because they are supported by tax dollars and bribes to Congress. If you however fail to repay a loan, the collateral in the equation is confiscated.

Financial and political domination by banks is the central theme of a world government and not a stable environment for individual citizens.  Our country cannot continue to excel without independent economic decisions. The financial wizards need constant monetary expansion to disguise their frauds and incompetence.  A small state-chartered bank is a very easy way to begin to rebel.

Another huge concern is that only 3% of money is physical, the rest is political and electronic and can be appropriated with one click.  Does anyone remember Cyprus and their expropriation of deposits? Taxes on your IRA?  The idea is certainly on the table.  A quiet word at lunch would be enough to bring the current world system to a crashing halt.  Why do we have such a delicate system?  The only answer is the monthly paycheck to your Congressman from other sources.

Another international weak link is the China Belt and Road game.  Putting money into failing economies seems rather foolish.  What does it matter if a country signs loan papers?  What happens when they default?  How do you repossess a railroad or bridge?  Does the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army take over Hungary, Montenegro and Kenya as a loan repayment?

Electronic tentacles extend around the world. China needs the social credits system as a financial and political system to disguise its’ weakness.  Britain has announced its plan also.  Already we have followed suit. Internet companies are restricting use of their financial systems to those who are politically correct. Wells Fargo Bank has refused to do business with un-woke companies or individuals. Perhaps a lawsuit similar to the homosexual wedding cake fiasco would loosen them up a bit. Our facade of independence is crumbling.  The EU is on the edge and slipping.  The US cannot fund the world any longer and cannot be envisioned as the bright spot for freedom as we are betrayed by the politicians continually. 

Without the USA taking a large reduction in living standards the system will collapse.  Instead, why not adjust the world economic system towards the US using a tariff model?  The system works more efficiently and would not require a billion deaths to reach an equilibrium.  It all depends on who is in control and wants to remain there.

The current attempt to extend lockdowns is political cover for another bank failure similar to 2008.  Judging from the political instability around the world, it would not require a large event to create a huge storm.  So far the controls envisioned have been a political failure in the US which means that the world must accept the a detour as we are the paymasters.

Initially the silly idea of global cooling was used as a false flag to extend monetary control. This morphed into global warming, and now the flu.  Al Gore created the Chicago Climate Exchange as a tax on Americans to fund world government.  A carbon credit was designed as a global currency.  Credits were created by allegedly planting a tree in the Amazon Basin. They were then traded and sold in Chicago. The other “crises” were created to move the agenda forward.

Big Al did not pay off enough Senators, so the plan did not become law.  However, he swindled enough money to build a new beach house in California.  He is a shining example for you to consider as you vote in the next election for your betters.

The Madame

Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

2 thoughts on “Individually Or Collectively, Their Strategy To Conquer Us Is The Same: Financial Tyranny”

  1. Everything the Left is doing has one goal as noted here, “….. the USA taking a large reduction in living standards….”, They can not implement global control until they bring our standard of living down closer to the rest of the world and they can not do that without destroying the middle class. It is time we stopped playing make-believe and attributing these actions are done with the intent of the world’s betterment, these are evil and wicked ppl, bent on nothing but achieving total control and subjugating all of humanity.

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