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Reflections On Three Big Headlines From The Week (Vol. 1)

Simone Biles bailed on her teammates in the Tokyo Olympics. Nancy Pelosi wants to gather information six months after impeaching Donald Trump on…what then? Mask worship turns out to be more contagious than even the Delta variant. Here is the week in review.

1. Simone Biles removed herself from Olympic competition

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  • What amounts to quitting on Biles’ part would not be a story except for the media’s fawning coverage. In an age where up is down, quitting is now winning and anxiety is now courage. 
  • My childhood memories of Atlanta include two things: 1) Crushes on the entire 1996 women’s gymnastics team, and 2) Kerri Strug landing on a broken foot. Society is clearly getting worse.
  • Is anyone surprised by Biles’ ability to man up? She endorses Black Lives Matter, which openly encourages no personal responsibility. You could hear it in her response; it wasn’t Biles who had the problem, it was her mental illness. BLM and its leftist ilk represent combating external excuses rather than fighting internal battles.
  • The challenge with accepting a position of requiring mindfulness and treating mental health is that there is no objective measure of severity. One person’s trauma might be another person’s motivation. Was Biles weighed down by more emotional strain than any other person in Tokyo? Would Nadia Comaneci have stepped away from competition if she had to carry the same baggage? How does this measure up? I find that this has less to do with any internal struggles of Biles and more to do with the fact that society allows  – and celebrates – weakness, losers, and victims. Check out the man-tears on Capitol Hill for verification of this statement.
  • The case has already been tirelessly made, but repetition doesn’t take away from a key argument of the issue. Would Michael Jordan be Air Jordan by finding time for mindfulness in the playoffs? Hell, he wouldn’t even sit on the bench for a minute while suffering from the flu in 1997. 
  • It would be rare if this affliction suddenly flared up, so it would have been nice if Biles admitted to her mental health issues prior to going overseas. By strapping on her red, white, and blue unitard, she effectively pushed a would-be girl from realizing her dream. If I were the first alternrate watching at home, I’d be livid.
  • Most problematic is the fact that Biles refers to herself as the GOAT. She even placed an image of a goat on her outfit. Is walking out on teammates the essence of greatness? Timeless champions were not heroic sports figures because they were unafraid; they became timeless champions precisely because of pressure and their fear – they simply overcame it. Biles might be a great gymnast, but she has no place on the pantheon of the greatest of anything.
  • Isn’t it amazing that leftists hold the entirely same opinions on everything? Ranging from Capitol Insurrections to gymnasts lacking fortitude, these people defend every insane position in lockstep. I wish we could have asked suburban Biden voters how they really felt about Biles quitting before CNN told them how to react.
  • She might be an Olympian, but she’s a person first. We have all had days where we were self-aware to notice something wasn’t right. Once again, the media distracted us from the real issue of the human condition. We hope Biles finds the help she’s looking for.

2. The January 6th Commission gets under way.

  • Here’s a bold prediction: The findings of the Commission support Democrats’ earlier claims on what happened. Ergo, we learn absolutely nothing of importance but now Nancy Pelosi can say a bipartisan panel confirmed the threat on democracy.
  • Shame on the Republicans for going along with this. Liz Cheney’s participation is easily explained by TDS and revenge. She grew up in the swamp, and won her seat thanks entirely to nepotism and familial name recognition. It must be a curse to know you only amounted to something in life because of Daddy. I trust she will be primaried in Wyoming faster than Kamala laughs when asked tough questions. And, I hope she is lonely and miserable afterwards. She’s aiding and abetting traitors trying to ruin this country.
  • Adam Kinzinger’s participation is tougher to explain on the surface, because his seat in the district is about as safe as it gets and his voting record supported Donald Trump 90% of the time. In his last Republican primary, he won 101,421 votes out of 101,423.  Those are better than Joe Biden’s election numbers. His heavily conservative district voted for Trump over Biden by 56%-40%, so it’s not like he is even representing his base. No, quite simply, he is representing himself. This greaseball sees a chance to make a name for himself by getting some positive media adulation. You can’t spell “politician” without s-e-l-f-s-e-r-v-i-n-g.
  • Representative Jim Jordan says he was kicked off or uninvited because he would have asked too many difficult questions. Nothing says 9/11-style commission like not asking tough questions. If we ever open that back up, we might learn white supremacists flew the planes into buildings.
  • Of all the politicians, I despise AOC the most because she personifies so many ignorant and stupid voters. She is selfish, arrogant, and wrong about everything despite speaking authoritatively on all matters. Her performance the past six months has to call into question her ability to tend even her former bar, let alone vote on legislation. If she knows she’s lying about her proximity to the events, her fear seeing her savior cop, the potential rape, and eventual murder she faced, and still goes on television saying otherwise, she’s truly a disgusting and horrible human being. If she really believes what she’s saying, it represents nothing less than a psychotic break from reality. Her paranoia is the reason conservatives will end up with mandated vaccines and eventual one-way tickets to reeducation camps in the future.
  • You want a commission? Fine, let’s put it all out there. Why were requests for more police denied? Why are people suggesting the police let them in? What did the alphabet agencies know, when did they know it, and what role did they plan in it? Who killed Ashli Babbitt? Who coordinated the lie that Brian Sicknick was murdered, and how many people knew the truth while he lay in honor at the Rotunda anyways? Where is the video footage? What continued threat do hundreds of illegally-detained present, and why are they still being held as political prisoners? Does anyone really believe democracy was really under threat? Somehow, I don’t see those questions being answered.

3. Mask mandates came back.

  • We are living in a sort of Groundhog’s Day; when the masks come out, science and rationality go into prolonged hibernation for a few more weeks at a time.
  • Of all the insanity – and there’s no dearth of examples – the renewed push for masking might be the dumbest policy of them all. We knew masks weren’t effective before the pandemic, we saw how they were ineffective during the pandemic, and now on the other side of the pandemic it doesn’t matter if you have laboratory or natural immunity, everyone wears a mask again. My home state has dealt with wildfires, and the CDC recommends against wearing masks to stop the inhalation of smoke. I can also see my breath outside when it’s cold. I smelled flatulence from my friends. The other thing I can smell now through my mask is pure bull**** from the CDC.
  • The Party of Science has been wrong about masks, lockdowns, lab leaks, vaccines, nursing homes, Ivermectin, diet and exercise, healthy discourse, and absolutely everything else that relates to Covid. Can’t they at least try to be right about just one thing – just one! – so that the Party of Science moniker holds an iota of truth? I don’t understand how people can be so wrong so often. It’s almost as if the ruling elites weren’t dumb so much as evil…
  • I gave up on the general American populace when Donald Trump didn’t win every legitimate vote. The man did so much good, and his successor represents the antithesis of that, while also being more corrupt than the Clintons. Americans bought the lie that Biden was a return to normalcy. Do I expect them to push back on masks? On vaccine mandates? Not likely. It’s a depressing realization. 
  • Why can’t Anthony Fauci take a mindfulness break like Simone Biles? I’ll call him whatever he wants if he just goes away. Courageous? Brave? Sure. Until then, I will call him everything he doesn’t want.

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