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It’s Not Easy Being Anti-Death Penalty: Baltimore Woman Found With Decomposing Bodies Of Two Children In Trunk

For those who vocally oppose abortion, we do so on behalf of the most innocent among us: unborn children who can’t speak for themselves. For those who vocally oppose capital punishment, they do so on behalf of the least innocent among us: evil creatures such as Nicole Johnson. The doctrine of the Catholic Church does indeed recognize degrees of sin, and in the case of taking human lives there can be no more obvious distinction of degrees than when comparing these two situations.

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Losing Faith In Our Federal Agencies: The Military Is Being Castrated, Others Are Just Useless

We have not had a president that has put the interests of the USA first in his presidency since Reagan. The others have supported the WEF, China and the Latin societal invasion. Mr. Trump gave a half-hearted attempt but was bowled over. We as citizens have the usual response of just trying to be polite and let these thieves ransack our home. The rotten government exists because we allow it.

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Wake Up, RINOs!

The past six months have been a time for Republicans to choose — and they have. Some have chosen liberty, while others are enabling tyranny. Some stood as patriots, and suffered for it, while others chose to be Vichy and stand with the oppressors. Now the electorate will judge the Vichy. Next year, the voters will decide whether to reward or punish them for their treachery.

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