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Why We Are Hesitant To Be Vaccinated

By David Robb

There is a strong push from various authorities to have everyone accept the COVID vaccines.  There is also strong opposition from much of the population; resisting an experimental biological agent misidentified as a vaccine.

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The proponents of the so-called vaccines declare that they are safe, effective, and have been approved by the FDA, so the only reason for not getting vaccinated must be that those who resist are simply misinformed.  They see their mission as being to find out what misunderstandings exist and demonstrate how wrong these beliefs are.  The idea is that once all the false information is corrected, people will give up their objections and become vaccinated.  They assert that only when everyone is vaccinated and can present proper documentation, can life return to some semblance of normality, with freedom to travel and to participate fully in society. 

The proponents believe that there is a great deal of misinformation being spread about the risks of the vaccines.  They feel that once this misinformation is corrected and the sources suppressed, then people will give up their false beliefs.  There is an underlying assumption that people who oppose vaccination are irrational, gullible, and ignorant, and thereby uncritically accept false information that cult-like leaders propagate.  It is the duty of the enlightened elite to lead these unfortunates out of their darkness into the light of truth and correct understanding.

Aside from the fact that such a view is incredibly condescending and contemptuous of those who question these alleged vaccines, the explanations completely miss the real source of the objections.  This acceptance/rejection split follows closely the Left/Right split observed throughout our modern society.  The Left sees itself as superior in intelligence, understanding,  awareness, compassion, and virtually every positive trait imaginable.  They characterize the Right as ignorant, stupid, regressive, uninformed, uneducated, morally deficient, and all the other negative traits the Left can project onto them.  Thus, we see the Leftist vaccine proponents formulating a patronizing explanation for the Right’s refusal of vaccination.  True to form, the Left  believes their explanation to be correct and don’t bother to actually question and understand.

Let us enlighten them.

First, let us look at the claim of safety.  The VAERS website maintained by the government’s own Health and Human Services agency provides information on adverse reactions to all vaccines used in the US.  As of this date, almost 12,000 deaths directly resulting from the three COVID vaccines being administered have been reported in the seven months that the vaccines have been in use.

In the 30+ years that the VAERS system has been in existence, just over 6,000 deaths total have been reported for all other vaccines.  This is about 200 deaths per year for all vaccines, including smallpox, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, and every other vaccine.  In previous vaccine trials, the FDA has stopped trials of prospective vaccines at 50 deaths, declaring that those vaccines do not meet safety criteria.  Does anyone want to seriously argue that vaccines which are 240 times more lethal are safe? 

Further, since reporting in the VAERS system is voluntary, most experts consider that the VAERS system undercounts actual events by a factor of at least 5 and as much as a factor of 100.  In other words, it is probable that the actual number of dead from the vaccines is closer to 60.000 and could be as much as 1.2 million.  That latter figure is twice the number the CDC claims for the total US deaths due to COVID itself.  This does not even take into account the number of other adverse events reported, including long-term disability, hospitalizations, and thrombosis, among others.

This is not misinformation, this is science – real science that the Left is trying to dismiss, discount, or even label as outright lies, yet is provided by the government’s own sources.

Why should anyone believe a claim that these experimental biological agents mislabeled as vaccines are safe? 

A similar situation exists with the claim that the vaccines are effective.  The CDC has recently acknowledged that people who are fully vaccinated can still get COVID, can still die of a COVID infection, and can infect others with COVID.  They dance around these facts by claiming that the vaccines reduce the likelihood of infection, that they reduce the severity of the infection, and that those who die had lots of other conditions that may have been the actual cause of death. 

The statistics are difficult to come by, and are often hidden in lots of other data, but even the CDC reports that approximately 75% of new COVID cases in at least one situation were in fully-vaccinated individuals.  They offer the excuse that no vaccine is fully effective, so we should expect some level of what they call breakthrough cases.  They claim that the vast majority of these breakthrough cases have shown only few or mild symptoms and that proves the vaccines work. 

Never mind that unvaccinated people who contract COVID also have few or only mild symptoms.  Never mind that only a small fraction of the population has exhibited COVID symptoms at all.  Ignore the fact that the CDC mandated that every death with even a hint of COVID was to be counted as a COVID-caused death regardless of the fact that most people who died had other lethal comorbidities.

Consider that countries across the world are also gathering data on both infections and vaccinations.  Iceland and Israel, two countries with over 80% of their populations vaccinated, are now reporting that the great majority of new COVID cases, including hospitalizations, are in people who are fully vaccinated.  Iceland is currently reporting that over 70% of new COVID cases are in the fully vaccinated.  Israel has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world and is reporting almost 90% across the board infections among the fully vaccinated.

A recent report from Massachusetts showed that there were over 5,100 breakthrough cases with 80 deaths, for a death rate of over 1.5%.  This is about three times the death rate for unvaccinated COVID infections even without treatment.  There is much more that could and should be said, but this should provide at least an outline of why there is such resistance to vaccination. 

Can anyone say with a straight face that vaccinations are anywhere close to effective?  Even the vaccine producers, in their FDA filings have stated that the vaccines don’t prevent infection – that they may only reduce the severity of the infection.  Why should any rational person believe that the vaccines are effective? 

Finally, there are the claims that the vaccines are approved.  The only approval these vaccines have is from those who are promoting them.  The FDA has only given them an experimental use authorization (EUA)  This is far from approval.  Many of the vaccine proponents are suggesting that use of the term “authorization” is just quibbling, and that the FDA has really approved this experimental substance for general use.  After all, millions have been vaccinated with no problem at all.  How could that happen if these substances weren’t approved? 

Notice, though, that throughout the government agency websites, they are careful to use the word “authorized” when they speak of the vaccines, as though we were too stupid to notice.  It appears that the only ones suffering from that condition are the vaccine proponents – the experimental substance deniers.

One of the conditions for an EUA is that there be no approved therapeutic available for the disease.  Hundreds of studies worldwide have shown that there are at least half a dozen effective therapeutics, including ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and remdesivir that have been used successfully in Mexico, India, Africa, and elsewhere.  Yet the FDA has resisted approval of any of these substances and protocols.  Does the fact that if they approve a therapeutic for COVID, then they would have to terminate the EUAs, and the vaccinations would have to stop factor in at all?

Why do the CDC and other agencies continue to downplay or even deny the superior protection afforded by recovery from a COVID infection?  Why do they ignore data that shows that probably over 80% of the population has had a COVID infection in the past and recovered?  Could it be that we have already crossed the threshold of herd immunity?  Yes, even with herd immunity, some people would still get sick, but herd immunity just means that the epidemic won’t spread uncontrolled.  Why do the vaccine proponents insist that everyone must get vaccinated even if they have recovered from an infection and even if the risks of adverse reactions are much higher for those who have recovered?

The hesitancy is because the government and its vaccine proponents have been lying to us and have been lying about lying to us.  They have broken trust and have done nothing to acknowledge that breach nor to repair it.  There is a vulgar expression that captures the appropriate response to such dishonesty: “Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.”  Until the authorities stop lying and start addressing the objections honestly, we will continue to resist.

Of course, one thing the Left cannot tolerate is what they see as defiance.  Authorities have effectively said “we’ve asked nicely, we’ve been encouraging, we’ve tried shaming you, we’ve offered inducements.  We’ve even tried bribing you to get vaccinated.  Yet you still resist. It’s time for the gloves to come off.  No more Mr. Nice Guy.  If you continue to defy us, we will make your life hell.  You won’t be able to go out for dinner.  You won’t be able to go into a grocery store.  You won’t be able to travel anywhere, you won’t be able to work.  You won’t even be able to leave your house unless you get vaccinated.  At some point we will send out strike teams to jab anyone who continues to resist.  You have no rights – your body belongs to us.”

Yes, the vaccine proponents don’t have a clue as to the real reasons for resistance and would be unlikely to care even if they did.  Just in case, though, they should read this essay and consider that perhaps those Right-wing Neanderthals just might know something the Left doesn’t, and might have some good reasons for their positions.  Maybe it is time for the Left to admit they are wrong, although I won’t hold my breath.

By David Robb

David Robb is regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a practicing scientist who has been working in industry for over 50 years. One of his specialties is asking awkward questions. A large part of his work over the years has involved making complex scientific issues clear and understandable to non-specialists. Sometimes he even succeeds.

Photo by Hakan Nural on Unsplash

21 thoughts on “Why We Are Hesitant To Be Vaccinated”

  1. Outstanding article, Mr Robb. Thank you.

    I echo what Zeke308 said:

    I am not “hesitant” about taking this mislabeled “vaccine.” I am unequivocally opposed to it. They are desperate to mainline this creepy biochemical gunk into everyone. That tells you all you need to know.

    Add to it how they quashed completely effective therapies involving safe drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

    They are evil.

  2. Remdesivir is toxic to humans.It stops the kidneys working and whether left side or right side is the dependants as to whether the lungs or body fill up with water and drown you.It has been used in hospitals with no guidance at all.
    Up to about 2009 patents were evident for both the virus and the vaccine.Money was in short supply thanks to O’bama cutting of funds so our old friend Gates entered the equation and the vaccines were modified thanks to SRI Venglishi who was able to put poison in the human Dna with Bat Dna..Then an accident occurred similar along the lines which Obama was worrying about but the chinese,no doubt fed up with the instigators allowed 000’s of holiday makers to come to Europe and the USA.
    Hundreds of virologists and doctors and lawyers have been forecasting deaths for years to come of people who get the 2 shots but our media doesn’t want to listen.There are class actions going on all over the world but nobody will tell you.The actions are primarily against the Pcr’s and,if the actions win will make big pharma sueable,this will change a lot of minds about depopulation and control by the use of Graphene oxide,the conductor of “thinkgood”,a slightly newer version of 1984,—think I’m joking,try it.

  3. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” – C. S. Lewis

  4. I, personally, am not “hesitant” about taking this mislabeled “vaccine.”

    I am unequivocally and irrevocably opposed to it.

    The very fact that they are so desperate to mainline this creepy biochemical gunk into everyone, tells you all you need to know.

    Add to it how they quashed completely effective therapies involving safe drugs such as Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

    Believe it, they are evil.

  5. Remdesivir has been shown to be ineffective against COVID. Perhaps you were thinking of the Regeneron two-monoclonal antibody infusion, which is effective.

  6. Beautiful synopsis Mr. Robb. I saved this link so when somebody rails on me for not complying I can send this as my most concise answer. Good job.

  7. 1st. I just don’t trust our government !
    2nd. Am I correct that there are no COVID-19 vaccines that have ben APPROVED by the FDA?

  8. if these were actual vaccines per the decades long definition (killed or attenuated actual virus), then my wife and I would have been at the front of the line for it. None of these experimental therapies are vaccines by definition. The cabal just named them as vaccines to fool the LoFo’s and sheeple.

    We will not put that evil crap in our bodies. This IS the hill to die on.

  9. It would be helpfool if you put names and pictures of the dead ones with permission from their families. I only know one basically obscure site doing this. God bless ’em. If all of you did this then people might catch on what is happening.

  10. I , nor any of my family will take the death shot ! Period ! By the way, it has nothing to do with politics. Even when Trump was promoting it, we all said, No !!!

  11. When considering the vaccine, healthy people don’t need to get an experimental vaccine with such a high rate of recovery and survival. If the risk of death is so much lower than many other activities we routinely do without hesitation such as driving a car for example, you have to ask why the government is pushing this so hard. It’s pretty obvious to me that it’s all about control and probably even worse than that. Those vaccines are hurting and killing people in large numbers. That’s just the people who have suffered short term effects. What are the long term effects going to be? I believe they are going to be devastating for a large number of vaccinated test subjects.

  12. Another reason is the perpetual nature of the variants; as if the jabs and re-jabs will be eternal along with the “new normal” of periodic lockdowns and face diapers, especially (for some odd reason) when an election looms.
    Founders1791 said another truth; this isn’t as bad as they keep harping. Most people will get it and get over it. Why all the scare-mongering over this “flu”? Something stinks about the whole thing.

  13. Considering that the test for SARS-COV-2, the PCR test, was not designed to test for a Viral Load nor for the specific molecular structure of COVID-19. There has never been a base-line with which to establish a control, thus the 40 cycles of the test will be wrong at least 50% of the time, or more. And get this, our sick government and the idiots running it like Fauci along with the CDC are making policy about how we are supposed to handle the “Plandemic” and supposedly govern our lives !

    THERE IS NO COVID-19 STANDARD AND THAT MY FRIENDS IS SCIENCE !! Remember also that the fake mRNA vaccine was being developing years before this idiocy hit our shores, so we are assuming that to get everyone to take the deadly fake vaccine they had to create a virus with which to frighten the world. The head man in this craziness is Anthony Fauci who should be indited for “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY” and then hung by the neck until dead !

    Fauci is fighting for his life and he is lying through his teeth every single time he opens his mouth because he knows that it is he who is responsible for hundreds of billions of dollars worth of damage to our economy as well as millions of deaths around the world.

    It is time for America to wake the hell up and get its head out, otherwise we may not it out of this insanity alive !!!

  14. from Axios, 4 August, 2021,

    “If America’s current COVID-19 surge continues unabated into the fall and winter, the country will likely face an even more deadly strain of the virus that could evade the current coronavirus vaccines, NIAID director Anthony Fauci told McClatchy Wednesday.”

    “…more deadly strain of the virus that could evade the current coronavirus vaccines,…”
    How is that an argument to get more people vaccinated?

    “Why it matters: Fauci’s comments underscore the importance of acting quickly to vaccinate the tens of millions of Americans who have not been inoculated against the virus.”

    So, if you are vax’d, you’ll live(maybe), but, you become an enormous reservoir for the Delta. It sounds like the vax’d are individual super spreaders. There is still no answer whether Covid survivors have superior protection when compared to those have been vaccinated. Haven’t we had a long enough window to analyze this?

    “The big picture: As the virus continues to spread due to insufficient vaccination rates, it is being given “ample” time to mutate into a more dangerous new variant in the fall and winter, Fauci said.”

    Covid has no sense of “self”. But, if it did, it would behave like other human viral threats. It would mutate to be less deadly. If the virus mutated so that 24 hours after initial exposure, the host died, in short order, the virus could be extinct. As the virus becomes less lethal or takes much longer to become fatal, the virus will continue.

    Compare Ebola and AIDS. They both have a high rates of fatality. Ebola kills in 24 to 48 hours. It’s much easier to isolate those that are infected. As for AIDS, it can take years to cause death. People can spread it without even knowing they are infected.

    Fauci continues, “People who are not getting vaccinated mistakenly think it’s only about them. But it isn’t. It’s about everybody else, also.”

    If the unvax’d are a threat to infect the vax’d, what is the purpose of the vaccination?

  15. #1 Reason is because healthy people don’t need to take the risk getting an experimental injection that may cause greater harm than the minuscule risk of getting this Flu with a 99.998% survival rate.

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