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100 Years of Authoritarian Dreams of Control Have Been Realized

The ultimate control of our world has devolved into the hands of an oligarchy with great influence.  Their status in international society is determined by three factors: wealth, expertise, and slavish social conformity therein.  Being included in the elite circle bestows personal recognition of one’s importance to society and is relentlessly pursued by those who are emotionally bereft.

Wealth is the first factor and self-explanatory in one sense, but it is quite ephemeral in others.  Wealthy people will not hand their money to individuals less financially endowed. Consequently, there is not any advantage personally to their presence at your table.  Their money does, however, create a level of social respectability and the ability to bask in reflected status attracts many of the self-appointed political type oligarchs who lust to attend convocations in hope of recognition and indirect fame.

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Next, professional expertise is an entree which is an area that has experienced exponential growth in the past generation.  One of the few differences between ourselves and the ancients is not in the development of character or expertise, but rather in the proliferation of unneeded educational niches and institutions which have created a vast number of nooks and crannies in which the insignificant can attempt to install themselves as persons of consequence.

Insecurity concerning wealth or knowledge leads to a complex order of prominence among the oligarchy and those striving for acceptance.  The major question becomes what social action will allow advancement and  recognition from this ruling group?  The screaming-from-rooftops ploy has devolved into the keyboard commando set, desperate for a momentary spotlight.

If you do not conform to one of these groups’ mantras, you must be deplorable and therefore insignificant.  Make no mistake, the word deplorable is certainly how the socially ostracized commoner is viewed.  We the insignificant are to be controlled by the rulers’ political police and then otherwise ignored completely.

This situation is quite important as our society has rapidly regressed into the haves and have-nots. Historically the haves possessed only great wealth.  The development in recent generations has been that the haves now include those of great scientific knowledge or talents in an appreciated area.  This has created a bit of instability in the financial castle but has finally been allowed.

As always, being ruled requires two things.  One is someone to rule and the other is someone to bend the knee to receive crumbs from the table.  History has never seen such a rapid growth in monetary dominance and power by a ruling class.  The changes in our society are immense.  Their goal over the past 50 years is the absorption of the middle-class’ wealth and power. 

The middle class is dissolving into the serf class. There has been no war or even a natural disaster to accelerate the process. There is only a hugely successful propaganda campaign used to assimilate assets. The business model used for a rapid consolidation of retail commerce was stumbled upon by a simple boy who could write code and had the timing to ride to the top of the financial chart.

The vast amount of wealth created in retail trade supported millions of families and municipal governments across the country before the great financial vacuum was cranked up. These families were a bedrock of the independent society.

Amazon used the model of Sears and Roebuck to take advantage of the time constraints placed upon the working lives of many Americans.  The old folks will remember the Sears catalog. Virtually any item could be ordered by phone or mail from a catalog and delivered to your home.  A catalog for those young people who are confused by the term is a printed book picturing items and prices available for purchase. 

The major difference today is the use of a credit card for the purchase.  Your information is stored to send  advertising updates on items of interest.  The government, of course, has access to your purchase histories in case you are a terrorist or say mean things about a politician from Kenya. This reality allows the money in circulation to be concentrated, regulated, and controlled to benefit the WEF and the U.S. government.

The banks/politicians are quite pleased with the results of the flu scam.  Half of the country is terrified to the point of wearing a mask.  A large percentage of these people use online shopping to avoid the flu. The rest use big box stores that were somehow exempt from lockdowns.  The problem is that out of every $100 spent in the big box only $43 stays in the community.  $70 stays if you use a local small store.

The corporate elite now have more money to pay their politician/employees to stack the deck further in their favor.  The cycle continues into the glories of having your own charitable foundation.  This scam is incredibly well organized after 100 years of fine tuning.

The foundation can be non-taxable while still paying salaries to its’ principles.  It can also provide money to political causes and research grants to universities and individuals.  These researchers are lifted socially into the cocktail circuit much to their delight while expanding their niche.

Obviously, a quiet question as to the findings desired from the grantee results in an appropriate result.  This in turn leads to more grants and a groundswell of noise in support of project global warming, project flu bug or anything else from which the grantee may profit.  Finally, there is a way out of financial purgatory for the professoriate which also includes the extra benefit of social standing.  What could be better? 

We now have reached the stage of having the oligarchy  control the government as well as the educational system while sucking their middle-class rivals financially dry.  It will be interesting to see how long it will take to drive the society totally into the oblivion.

The Madame

Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

Photo by Jesse Collins on Unsplash

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