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Thoughts and Observations On Three Big Headlines From The Week (Vol. 2)

Andrew Cuomo is a pig, Barack Obama celebrates 60 years of elitism (and being better than you), and the Delta variant is hyped by the Democrats.

1. Investigations prove that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is a slimy guy.

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  • There are two justice systems in America. It’s easy to say that the divide is among rich and poor, but that is a facile and incorrect distinction. No, the bifurcation occurs among political perspectives. There is one justice system for leftists and another for everyone else. We need only ask: How would the news of multiple incidents of sexual impropriety and harassment be handled if Cuomo were a Republican?
  • Kudos to New York Attorney General Letitia James for following through on such a thorough investigation. As a fellow Democrat, she could easily have buried this, just as the Department of Justice is burying so many other investigations into Democrat governors with regard to their fatal policies to send Covid-positive, geriatric patients back into their nursing homes.
  • At the same time, no decision is made in the political landscape without considering the long game. Does James see this as an opportunity to take down a legacy name in New York politics and burnish her own resume? You’d have to be the ultimate naif to pretend she doesn’t have her open aspirations. What better way to prepare for Albany than playing the role of feminine hero against a toxic male?
  • Remember when Cuomo was America’s Governor? In less than a year, he went from being not only a potential vice presidential candidate, but an 11th-hour replacement for Biden himself, to now seeing calls for his resignation and surely the end of his national political career.
  • How many ethically and legally questionable actions does Cuomo need to make before he finally resigns and goes away for good? On top of the sexual misconduct and harassment realities, this is the same guy that intentionally lied about Covid numbers because he was (rightfully) afraid of the Trump DoJ coming after him for killing the elderly. 
  • It will be interesting to see how the dominoes fall. Will Fredo and/or CNN face any repercussions for their role in shielding big brother? Just kidding, that’s not a serious question. We know how this will all play out. Remember, there are two courts of public opinion just as there are two justice systems. The network has gotten the hint at least; while Fredo pretended the story didn’t exist, Don Lemon swooped in right after him ike a vulture to a rotting carcass. As with Letitia James, though, he has his own motives. In this case, the louder he is against Cuomo’s sexual deviance then the less attention is paid to his own situations.

2. Barack Obama hosts an extravagant birthday party.

  • The bloated list of hypocrisy relating to this single event boggles the mind. It warrants sub-bullets:
    • Climate Change – Is he really worried about rising sea levels if he dumps more money than the average American will be worth in five lifetimes into a single, ocean-front property? His leftists guests are flying in, presumably private, from all around the world. Like John Kerry said, how else can they tell the world they’re better than you?
    • Covid – Is he really worried about Covid when he violates mitigative strategies like crowd size, mask wearing, non-essential travel, and a host of other protocols? Is he asking guests to produce proof of vaccination? Not likely.
    • Wealth disparities – Ah yes, nothing like boasting of a net worth to the tune of $70 million. America is wretched. In case he ever wanted to live out his socialist ideals, he could start sharing with his own kind. The average black family has a net worth of under $20,000, so for those doing the math at home, the Obamas are worth more than 3,500 times the rest of America’s black families. 
    • Racial oppression – As a political celebrity and media crush, Obama hardly suffers from racialized hatred. His resume includes hoighty-toighty Ivy league schooling, work at a prestigious law firm, state legislative experience, success as a Senatorial and Presidential candidate, and now author of several books, host of a podcast series, and all-around “distinguished” statesman. If Obama is suffering at the hands of white supremacy, then we would all be so lucky as to experience some ol’ fashioned Jim Crow.
    • Personal Identification – Jack Cashill at American Thinker points out that by allegedly asking workers and guests to produce identification, Obama is effectively saying his birthday party is more important than election integrity. Spot on, Jack.
    • Personal Security – I don’t know for certain, but if there is a pre-approved guest list, then I assume there is someone enforcing the guest entrance. Is that person armed? A former president doesn’t just have an open-door policy for large gatherings. Once again, his personal safety is necessary; the rest of us can just wish evil away and hope for the best.
  • I can’t judge Obama for hosting a birthday party, or any other kind of party at that. I have been to enough gender reveal parties and one-year-old’s parties with smash cakes to realize people just want an excuse to hang out among friends and be merry. I get it. But can we at least agree the optics are terrible? If Donald Trump celebrated a birthday of lesser proportions, it would be dubbed a super-spreader event. Tell me I’m wrong.
  • It never gets old to point out that after serving as the ungrateful, country-crushing Commander-in-Chief, Obama decided to remain in America. He easily could have moved to his country of roots in Kenya. His party favors could even have included rare earth metals. As much noise pollution emanates from this hateful and ungrateful  human being, his actions speak louder than words. There is no place he’d rather be than the United States of America. I can’t say I blame him, it is the best. I just wish he’d start aligning his words with his choices.

3. The Delta variant prompts a March 2020 redux.

  • I need to offer a basic virus lesson: In order to survive, a virus mutates to create better transmissibility, but the trade off is less lethality. In other words, we’re in the clear. There, I just solved the Delta variant problem.
  • Haven’t we been here before…like 18 months ago? Why is this a thing? I mean, I get why the elites are making it a thing, but shame on regular Americans. After voting for Joe Biden, though, and concurrently against their best interest, I guess I can’t even be surprised at this point. Americans have been largely disappointing since the onset of 2020. But I can still be dismayed.
  • Despite being repeatedly told that this is the most contagious, scariest, deadliest, most transmissible, _____ (fill in the blank here with a fear-mongering adjective) virus ever, estimates in the United States suggest as little as 20% of the population has been positively affected with Covid. It’s likely higher, but for the premise of my argument, the figure is irrelevant. Shouldn’t we, if not all be dead, at least have all gotten sick by now? At this rate, it will never go away…I think that’s the point of all of the moving goalposts.
  • For a comparison, the Spanish Flu of 1918 infected and killed far more people in less time. By the summer of 1919, it had disappeared because, as the leftist site History Channel writes, “as those infected either died or developed immunity.” If we aren’t there by now, we never will be. 
  • When it comes to poking and prodding, why is everyone suddenly so concerned about my health? I’ll get Covid again and die if I don’t get the injection, they say. A) Doubtful, and B) Shove off. Newsflash: Even if I hadn’t had Covid before, I wouldn’t be lining up for a poke. I don’t need Pfizer’s mystery juice like I don’t need an annual flu shot, the varicella vaccine, or anything concocted within the last fifty years. At this point we have taken care of the scary ones, and I’ll let my body fight off the rest. If you’re worried about your health, then lock down in your own home and be sure to mask up around your kids during bedtime stories. As for me, I’m good.
  • Until someone explains why I need an experimental injection against a virus with a 99.997% survival rate (for my age group) and extant Covid antibodies, then no thank you. This isn’t science; this is authoritarianism descending into madness.
  • I think every dinner table discussion with leftists should include these three questions in this order: 
    • 1) Did you oppose Donald Trump building a border wall with Mexico? (Yes.) 
    • 2) Joe Biden ran on stopping the virtus. Should he do everything he can to keep Americans safe? (Yes.)
    • 3) What’s more important, not appearing racist or infecting U.S. citizens with Covid?
  • I also wish someone would ask Joe Biden, Tony Fauci, or anyone else proposing Covid passports why masking, locking down, natural immunity, and 160 million injections hasn’t produced the desired outcome, and therefore how he anticipates more masking, locking down, and more injections to solve this non-lethal variant? Here’s an alternative idea: We move on. There, I solved Covid again.

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