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Six Woke And Embarrassing Stories From The Tokyo Olympics

In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative look back on the Tokyo Olympics, which was marred by childish, selfish, and ignorant actions.

#6: Gwen Berry failed to medal.

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PF: For those who have forgotten about Ms. Berry, and it’s certainly understandable if you have, she is the American hammer thrower who made headlines in late-June for her antics at the Olympic qualifying event for Track and Field. Berry came in third place during that competition, thereby qualifying to represent our country in Tokyo, and instead of being gracious and respectful, Berry decided to turn away while our national anthem was played.

Afterwards, Berry explained that she felt the playing of the anthem was “a set-up” designed to get her angry. Berry, you see, is apparently a woke, leftist, all-in BLM-type, and even though she was competing to represent our country, she simultaneously felt that our Olympic organizers should’ve acted like we’re not a county at all. Not only is Gwen Berry not at the top of the podium for her field event, she’s not exactly at the top of her class intellectually, either.

Fast forward to this past week in Tokyo. The U.S. Olympic Committee decided to relax its rules on political protesting at the games – a major mistake, by the way – so Berry decided to raise her fist in protest upon entering the stadium.

Such a defiant Gwen Berry. Such a heroic, and inspiring Gwen Berry. So how did she do during the actual competition? You know, the whole reason why she was attending the games to begin with? She came in eleventh place… out of twelve competitors. So much heroism, so much inspiration. Gwen Berry is a joke.

What’s really sad about the Gwen Berry story is this: tens of millions of Americans, perhaps even hundreds of millions, were rooting for her to fail, including yours truly. And when she did fail, we celebrated. That reality truly is indicative of where we’re at in this country, and it’s depressing. I’ve never rooted against an American in any international competition in my life, but I have now. 

#5: Raven Saunders’ exhibited a pouty X.

Parker: I am so far removed from possessing the physical prowess required to compete at the international level that I can barely imagine the feeling of unadulterated elation that might come with standing on an Olympic podium against the world’s best competition. I take that back – I think I can at least imagine it. One time in college, my intramural team delivered a championship by scraping out a win against the two other teams. I know how I felt donning the shirt emblazoned with “intramural champions” while celebrating at the local bar that evening. So, by extension, if I multiplied the sense of worth through years of struggle, sacrifice, and rising to the occasion by about one gajillion, then yes, I have a vague idea of the feelgoods of Olympic medalers. 

I mention that because how I think Olympians should feel didn’t comport with the images of the sultry and miserable Raven Saunders. I am sure she felt a twinge of happiness at some point, but we wouldn’t know it through her body language and eventual protest. At least this was an actual peaceful protest that didn’t ruin black-owned small businesses.

Have you seen someone so unhappy after winning an Olympic medal? Her entire body language is off-putting; look at the pride the other two women have through not just their smiles, but their erect posture, their heads looking up, etc. Saunders is both pouty and slouchy.

The lesson, as always, is that leftism takes miserable people and makes them more miserable. No one – not a single person – is made a better human being by adopting leftism. It is impossible to feel gratitude and happiness because it makes you feel bitter, jealous, and angry. I’d feel bad for Ms. Saunders but I am guessing she feels bad enough for herself on a  day-to-day basis as it is.

#4: The U.S. Women’s Soccer team pushed all-in on wokeness.

PF: Of all the ‘woke’ competitors or teams in these Olympics, our Women’s National Soccer Team has to be the wokest. Led by the blabbermouth Megan Rapinoe, our women soccer players never miss an opportunity to show their leftism. It’s to the point that if any team member dares to not be woke, there’ll be a price to pay. Earlier this year when Carli Lloyd, the team’s best player and all-time leading scorer by the way, decided to stand for our national anthem prior to a game, she was forced to answer questions as to why she made that choice.

As a soccer aficionado, which I most definitely am, I’m not going to pretend that the team’s bronze medal performance means they’re a lousy team and for that they should be embarrassed. They’re a terrific team and have been the best team in the world for years now. If they weren’t political activists, I’d have watched their games and cheered them on. Athletically they’re outstanding, but from a group personality and public relations standpoint, they’re a disaster.

Only one player on the team did not kneel for our anthem during the games; the aforementioned Carli Lloyd. Megan Rapinoe will attack anyone who dares to question her calls for ‘equality.’ And several team members had been quick to viciously go after former President Donald Trump, and his supporters no less, while he was in office and while they represented our country. The USWNT is all-out woke.

What’s truly become laughable is the narrative from the team, and from Rapinoe in particular, that women athletes are not paid fairly for what they do. They deserve to be paid the same as what men are paid, they’ll tell us. The problem is, of course, women’s soccer only brings in a fraction of the revenue that men’s soccer does. Why? Because nobody wants to watch them on television, and no one goes to their games. Sorry Megan, that’s reality, and if you can’t persuade people to watch you and thereby generate revenue for your teams, you’re not going to get paid the same as what men who do.

And let’s not forget, earlier this year the USWNT lost to a group of fifteen- and sixteen-year-old boys, and only a few years ago they lost to a team of thirteen- and fourteen-year-old boys. Women aren’t as good as men at soccer and most sports, and that’s OK. Now, Megan and the rest of the USWNT, please stop playing politics and go back to playing soccer. 

#3: The musician for the Japanese Olympics committee resigned and apologized for decisions made over four decades ago as a child.

Parker: I remember when Brett Kavanuagh’s name and reputation were being maligned during weeks of confirmation hearings. Not only did his accusers and the abetting Democrat Senators tell blatant lies, but they fabricated stories about his teenage years. They didn’t have any meaningful allegations from his adulthood, so they had to pretend that things he didn’t even do as a young person were supposed to be serious, inexcusable accusations that would preclude him from becoming a Supreme Court justice. 

Once the left went after someone’s high school and college years – especially as it pertained to a man three decades removed from such storytelling – there was really no proverbial line that couldn’t be crossed. If college was fair game, why not high school? If high school were in play, why not middle school? You get the idea. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that accusations of supposed mistreatment as a twelve-year-old would be enough to cause the downfall of a successful and decent adult in his late fifties. The story of Keigo Oyamada is tragic, insane, and foreboding. As a young boy, and acting as all young boys do, he didn’t fully understand what mental, emotional, or physical disabilities meant. He apparently ridiculed a classmate. Guess what? We’ve all been there. Maybe not to the same extent, but we all had to learn how to be decent human beings. If the left wanted to, it could conceivably attempt to cancel us all. 

However, it won’t, for two reasons. 1) We won’t all issue groveling apologies like Oyamada. Apologies don’t work, and only serve to inure the intense backlash. It’s not an apology so much as an admittance of guilt. 2) Only certain people would be canceled. James Gunn is apparently back on Guardians of the Galaxy III – even though he committed far worse sins as an adult. The same goes for Andrew Cuomo. Bottom line: Cancellation is very selective, and is usually, if not always, a projection. I would bet my house that the most vocal “critics” of Oyamada are guilty of much worse in terms of moral shortcomings. In a just world, those actions would come to light.

#2: A transgender man competed but didn’t win a medal.

One of the more surprising aspects of the Olympics has been the absolutely brutal viewership ratings they’ve received. Overall ratings are down 45% compared to the Rio Olympics only five years ago, and primetime viewership is down by 51%. In just five years, less than half the number of people are watching the games during primetime. Wow. The left will make excuses for the ratings – just like they do for the NFL, NBA, and MLB – but we all know the reason; or at least the primary reason. We’ve had enough of wokeness, and the Olympics are just as woke as the rest, if not more so.

Perhaps the best example of Olympic wokeness is Lauren Hubbard. The Olympics decided to allow Hubbard (a New Zealand man who thinks he’s a woman) to compete at the games as a woman, becoming the first ‘trans’ athlete to compete at the Olympics. The criteria the IOC used to determine Hubbard’s eligibility was his chemical, hormonal make-up. Hubbard’s blood tests met the IOC’s criteria, and they thereby allowed him to compete as a woman weightlifter. In reality, all the IOC needed to do was to conduct a single blood test to examine his chromosomal characteristics, and they’d have seen that Hubbard has both an X and Y chromosome, which means he’s a man. Mystery solved, end of story.

Fortunately Hubbard didn’t win a medal, because it would have been a travesty if he had. Men are physically stronger than women. We have denser muscle mass and bone structures, which makes us, on average, stronger and faster than women. That’s just nature. Men and women are built differently, and those differences are beautiful. And while I empathize with Lauren Hubbard’s struggles with Gender Dysphoria, previously known as Gender Identity Disorder which is a more accurate description, he’s still a man, and he should not be competing against women.

The more they try to throw woke nonsense like transgenderism down our throats, the more backlash they’re going to see. We’re not buying their crap. If they continue down this path, in three more years their ratings are going to go even lower. Go woke, go broke, indeed. 

#1: An Algerian Muslim forfeited rather than fight an Israeli judoka.

Parker: What do The Squad, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, and Fethi Nourine have in common? They all refuse to accept that the country of Israel has a right to exist. Far too many people have been allowed to get away with far too much anti-Semitism (any amount is too much) for far too long. In the case of the latter mention, it cost a world-class athlete his ability to compete in Tokyo. 

A story out of the New York Post quotes the brainwashed zealot as saying “My position is consistent on the Palestinian issue, and I reject normalization, and if it cost me that absence from the Olympic Games, God will compensate.” Enough has been written about how the current narrative of Israeli occupation is historically and politically bogus, so I won’t dwell on his willful ignorance of the subject. Instead, it’;s enough to simply point out that this intense hatred continues toward Israel specifically and the West in general.

Interestingly, the Post article also concludes by saying that the country of Algeria does not recognize the state of Israel. I should have known better, and it makes sense that backwards religions produce backwards policies, but I admit this spawned new research. A quick visit to Wikipedia produced this map:

Essentially, countries grayed out or in purple do not recognize Israel as its own sovereign nation. They share one common trait. 

I’ll share just two final thoughts on this matter, though this final topic alone deserves much more than a few paragraphs: 1) When objectively and abjectly miserable s***hole countries like Somalia and Yemen prefer to keep their populace mired in war, poverty, and famine in favor of promoting murderous anti-Semitism, at what point do average Westerners realize the totality of the ingrained moral failings of both Islam and a rejection of traditional Western values? We have clueless kids and adults that side with Palestine. Do they not see what corruption and evil lies behind this movement? 2) Can you imagine the outrage that would ensue if the United States ever attempted anything close to the complete dis-recognition of another country? (I’m not saying we should explore these restrictive ideas – how about not letting any more illegal nationals of any country cross the border?) The fact that Israel singularly prompts evil responses reflects not on Israel, but on the people and nations that foist it.

By The BSC Team

3 thoughts on “Six Woke And Embarrassing Stories From The Tokyo Olympics”

  1. Ironic that the writers support Israel, yet decry transgenderism. wokeness, et al. Who do you think it is that creates these problems in the first place? At least Fethi stood by principles he wasn’t willing to cross.

  2. There is evil in this world, it is Satan’s playground. The left has neutering the West from one direction, while Islam is attacking from others.

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