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What Compels Modern Democrats To Not Just Be Wrong, But To Be Evil?

Policies on everything from Covid, immigration, economics, taxation, racial equity, abortion, policing, property rights, personal liberties, and foreign policy are demonstrably counterproductive, hurtful, and lethal under Democrat stewardship. With such dreadful outcomes and no proposed deviations, the only conclusion to be drawn is that they know full well what they’re doing, know the impact on human lives, and don’t care. To knowingly and willfully destroy the people and institutions of this country is not just wrong, it is evil.

It is difficult to describe the transformation of both individuals and our society at the hands of establishment leftists within the United States. The worst in human nature is now being celebrated and the authoritarian nanny state has grown to unprecedented size. While these concepts are nothing new – having played out in the bloody courtyards of guillotined France or the streets of Russia, to name but a few – the current iteration of American politics represents something worse, because our society has previously been so decent and fair. 

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The likes of Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the “Squad,” and too many more to name are willing to consign our liberty-oriented, constitutional republic to the historical scrapheap in the name of utopian progressivism. The fact that they are maligning and destroying systems that enabled a once-unimaginable bevy of medical, technological, societal, scientific, and governmental advances, as well as individual prosperity and independence, makes them not only wrong but evil in their motivations and outcomes. 

Human nature and human psychology can explain a lot about why people do what they do. For example, humans, men in particular, are inherently programmed to vie for power, wealth, and status. Of course, this is the general rule, and exceptions are made. Just as not all men seek to reach the hierarchical pinnacle, not all women wait for a rich and powerful man to come along. Hillary, Kamala, Nancy, and Alexandria are but a few examples. This last point is espcially true in the United States, where women can dream of and act on unlimited aspirations by being the beneficiaries of the most free and open society for the fairer sex in the history of bipedalism. 

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is low-hanging fruit because he attained that for which all men strive to the nth degree. As a result, in the wake of his recent space launch, Bezos faced renewed backlash for his overt display of wealth, prestige, power, and influence. His venture was neither wasteful nor anyone’s business, but here is the only response that matters: If his critics could, would they want to swap their lives with his, able to enjoy everything that comes with being the world’s richest man? The obvious answer is yes, and even the most avowed man-hating feminist would abandon her principles to switch sexes. Who wouldn’t want to vacation on this yacht or live in these homes? The hate for Bezos might ostensibly arise from concerns over wealth inequalities and climate abuse, but ultimately any criticism is most deeply rooted in covetousness and greed. Human nature propelled Bezos above the stratosphere and it also wrote those angry Tweets from a parent’s basement.

Still, while human nature can explain a lot, it still doesn’t explain why Democrat leadership – not its voting base – is intent on creating the worst possible outcomes for the people it claims to represent. It’s easy to understand why low-wage workers prefer to stay at home while getting free checks; it’s not so easy to explain at a deeper level why Democrats write those checks. Don’t they know dependency is tragic and unhealthy? It’s easy to understand why low-information citizens believe that police murder blacks; it’s not so easy to explain why Democrats push policies they know will result in greater gang violence and urban hopelessness. Do they care?

Democrat leaders supposedly represent the American people and each took an oath to serve them, yet the focus remains only on personal and party power, not individual and community wellbeing. It is therefore neither exaggerated nor hyperbolic to note that every single Democrat policy position is morally untenable. Distilled, then, it becomes clear that every position is crafted to sound good but whose workings produce an opposite effect. Indeed, no rational or honest thinker could form an argument as to why any single position is grounded in sound policy, let alone morality.

Take the issue of immigration, for example. No serious person has ever taken the stance that America should have absolutely no immigration. That’s as stupid as it is naive. People will always come here, and indeed need to come here, but there’s a difference between supporting immigration – as most sane and decent people do – and allowing for an unfettered, unchecked, and unmitigated flow of humans into our country. This one-way migratory pattern brings vast amounts of drugs, weapons, gangs, sexually-abused minors and women, and now Covid into our midst. Moreover, open borders encourage the dangerous desert crossing that inevitably leads to heatstroke and dehydration. On top of these significant issues, the majority of people arriving are unable to support themselves and require substantial tax-payer intervention. There is no national obligation to prioritize the needs of non-citizens over citizens, nor is it selfish to want a country to take care of its own; in fact, that is the most fundamental and basic function of a country. Unfortunately, under Democrat policies many illegals receive stimulus checks and welfare benefits while hard-working American families do not. 

At the same time, Democrats oppose any successful immigration from the murderous, oppressive Cuban regime. Boats by the hundreds attempt open-water crossings to the Florida coast, only to be turned away by vigilant Coast Guard cutters. Given everything we know, it is inescapable to conclude that Democrat immigration policy is grounded not in humanity, but in electoral considerations. Those crossing the Mexican border will likely produce future Democrat voters, while those crossing the water to Florida will likely produce future freedom-loving conservatives. Is the wellbeing of any single person considered, whether from Mexico or Cuba? Of course not; that’s why this is evil.

Why do Democrats do this? Are these people simply vying for power? Because they can? Are they sorely misguided? Are they too unintelligent to grapple with complex issues? Are they selfish? Are they immature? Have they been too spoiled by American prosperity to understand the harshness of human existence? Are they detached from reality? Do they think they’re better than everyone else?

Yes, come the short and quick answers. 

People do things because they can. People in power do things to consolidate additional power. America’s founders knew this, and tried to put as many mechanisms in place to limit the ability for abuses to arise in the fledgling country. They simply knew that history was full of awful people doing awful and evil things. 

Add Democrats to the list.

14 thoughts on “What Compels Modern Democrats To Not Just Be Wrong, But To Be Evil?”

  1. “Uradumone
    August 12, 2021 at 11:10 am

    It is a simple answer… Satan.”

    Uradumone got very close to the correct answer. The correct answer is even simpler.

    Satan’s Children. Take for example this recent brazen and vicious celebration of joyous and
    delirious glee by a member of The Tribe:

    Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin Celebrates Demographic Decline of White Americans as “Fabulous News”

    August 12, 2021

    Washington Post journalist Jennifer Rubin celebrated the fact that the white population in America has fallen for the first time since 1790 as “fabulous news.”

    Satan’s spawn are now not even making a token effort to hide that their #1 Prime Objective is to first orchestrate the race replacement of White Americans inside their own nation, facilitated by being maliciously reduced to a permanent minority status in the nation that they once comprised a 90 percent
    majority of in the early 1960s, and once reduced to minority status – whites will be subjugated to be ruled over by a motley collection of non-white third worlders who are not the least bit bashful about expressing how intensely they hate, resent and despise White Americans. First up on the Tribe’s agenda once Whites are minoritized will be to abolish the Second Amendment and mandate that all firearms owned by law abiding White men and women be surrendered to the new non-white controlled dictatorship. Once disarmed, Whites will then be vulnerable and defenseless from outright physical ethnic cleansing – that’s right, Mr. Joe Sixpack. Vulnerable to, and subject to, physical extermination by the non-whites who hate us and who will be our ruthless rulers.

    Even a pathetic RINO neocon Cuckservative as dumb as Newt Gingrich is finally starting to read the tea leaves. He appeared on the Fox News babe host Maria Baritromo recently and had this to say:

    “Speaking about Mexican immigrants coming to America during the pandemic, Gingrich said the “radical left” wants to “get rid of the rest of us” and would “love to drown traditional, classic Americans with as many people as they can who know nothing of American history, nothing of American tradition, nothing of the rule of law.”

  2. I am a true constitutional conservative and I had to stop reading this gratuitous assertion disguised as an opinion piece. Place everyone in a box according to what the author thinks and then wax about how people in this box or that are wrong….hogwash.

  3. Evil is contagious like a virulent disease but much worse. It began in the middle east, the modern emergence of pure evil upon the world, as it did in the 1940s. The only cure for it is for the individual to put God first in all they do. They world may still burn to ash but this place is only a temporary place for us, weeding out the wheat from the chaff. In the future, the dark evil future, now just around the corner for us all, religion and even the awareness that God exists and is real, will disappear as the human race turns into something unrecognizable. But once you accept God into your life & spend time with Him every single day, you can stand among the crash of burning worlds & have no fear. This life is the dream. What comes after is up to each of us individually. God speed!

  4. When the good people of France, found their government in the hands of Nazi Puppets, they did something, they formed the French resistance, with sabotage, spies, murder and mayhem, and even though that alone did not topple the illegitimate government totally, it sure made their lives miserable as well, and was effective. Where is our “Resistance” ? We cannot keep talking just about all the bad things Democrats do, we know it well, We need to talk amongst ourselves to actually do something about it…who is in agreement?

  5. Why are DemocRATS and our leftists not just wrong, but evil? They acknowledge no power higher than themselves, their desires and their egos rule them. There is no sin, no morality, but what they themselves define – and their definitions and standards are constantly being lowered so that no one can be condemned for almost any bad behavior. The worst behavior, for them, is denying the leftist ideology. THAT is justifiably punishable by literally anything, including torture and death, in their rule book.

    They make the rules for themselves without any true regard for others. What they want has the highest priority, and what they want is money and power, to rule us as if we were serfs in the Dark Ages under kings.

  6. Greed all around. Greed for power, more money which equals power, and greed for control. Control of other people and their actions. That’s ALWAYS driven the socialist/communist liberal and has bled into many that call themselves republican but are clearly progressives as well, just not conservative (ie: Romney, Swartzenegger).

    It gets worse though. These communazis also want the population reduced. Not because it’s good for the planet or any other environmental concern, it’s because a smaller amount of people is much easier to control….and enslave. We know how the leftists feel about slavery…they want it badly again, only it will not just be black people, it’ll be ALL people that aren’t in their defined circle of progressive elites.

    My warning to them, and I’m being generous here, is if they do not allow America to function as founded, they will reap the whirlwind and they will not survive. I don’t mean politically or socially either. It’s going to come to a head very soon, and all this evil will be remembered and regurgitated back in their faces. More than likely the experience will be fatal for them.

  7. Your arguments ignore two important considerations.

    If you believe (as I do) that the 2000 election was an attempt to Steal the Democracy by the Democrats, that the 2012 election for Obama had clear indicators of fraud in some key cities, and that the 2020 election has been a giant fraud, then two things become apparent. First, hell yes the Democrat party is evil. Second, the Democrat Party knows it does not represent the American people. It knows it is a corporate backed, media propaganda propped up dictatorship of sorts. And for that reason, considering that 18 states have changed election laws, and at least four states are now planning forensic analysis of the mail in ballots, the Democrats know that this is their moment.

    The other issue is that the immigration policy of the Democrats is identical to the immigration policy of the European Union. This is simply a global elite who has decided that either Western White Culture run by White People is a threat to their plans, or that the giant social states welfare infrastructure that they have built is a massive ponzi scheme that collapse in the next decade due to slow population growth, and the only hope of maintain the books is to flood these aging countries with young workers whose taxes are going to be used to finance the payouts to the current recipients of Social Security and Govt. Medical Care.

    Further, the obvious long term plan of these elites it to globalize health care / retirement / income distribution in the future.

  8. To expand on the statement, “People in power do things to consolidate additional power.”, for the majority of congress critters, every statement, every vote, every policy position they take is based on how that action will affect their re-election.

  9. Does it really matter “why”?

    Accept that the Left is what it is – unredeemable, and move on to those things one can control and that matter.

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