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Stupidest Story Of The Week: Dems’ And Leftwing Media’s Damage Control On Cuomo

Fortunately, logic overtook stupidity with our friends on the left regarding soon-to-be-former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, as their continued pressure on the Democratic Governor forced the Luv Guv this week to announce his resignation effective August 24th. And before anyone objects to this assertion by claiming the left wasn’t responsible, ask yourself: Is there any way possible that Cuomo would be out if the pressure had only been from the right? But the left’s attempts to spin the news as anything other than what it is – a remarkable ending to a devastating and ridiculous scandal, of which fellow Democrats and the media themselves were complicit in enabling – has been downright laughable.

Winner: Democrats and Their Media Try To Spin Cuomo Scandal

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In less than two weeks, Andrew Cuomo will no longer be governor of the Great State of New York. But three significant questions remain: 1) Will Cuomo’s accusers continue to press for legal action against Cuomo for the allegations of sexual shenanigans which brought him down? 2) Will anyone pursue the criminality of the obvious mishandling and subsequent cover-up by Cuomo and his minions regarding his actions with COVID and New York nursing homes? And 3) Can we go back to calling the Tappan Zee Bridge by its real name and stop with The Mario Cuomo Bridge nonsense?

But there is another, perhaps less significant question to be answered: Will Democrats and their media ever be forthright about Cuomo’s scandals and their absurd coverage of them? Regarding all these queries, however, there is little reason for optimism.

A year ago, Democrats and their Communications Department (aka the mainstream media), along with various leftwing celebrities, were tripping over themselves in their efforts to heap praise on Cuomo. Worship for Cuomo’s daily, dishonest press briefings became so effusive, Cuomo was actually given an Emmy Award last November. But now that eleven women have accused Cuomo of egregious misbehavior, there are apparently three approaches being used by the left.

The first approach, which is the most appropriate and proper, is to stick to their principles and adamantly condemn the governor for his executive ineptitude and predatory conduct. Virtually no one on the left dares mentions Cuomo’s incompetence regarding COVID and nursing homes, which has resulted in New York ranking second in the statistic of COVID-deaths-per-million among the fifty states. And there have only been a handful of noteworthy leftists who have called out his sexual aggressions, including actresses/activists Rose McGowan and Cynthia Nixon.  

The second tactic is to just pretend the situation doesn’t exist. Last year as Cuomo basked in the adoration of his fans, we witnessed knuckleheads such as Cher, Chelsea Handler, and Sarah Silverman profess their “love” for the governor, sometimes categorizing their affections as a “crush,” and none of whom have said boo since Cuomo’s announcement. Additionally, prominent Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Vice-President Kamala Harris have issued brief, tepid scoldings of Cuomo, but move on from the topic as soon as their compatriot questioners will allow. Considering the media’s complicity in the whole affair and their lack of journalistic inquisitiveness, this second option is clearly the most prudent to take if you’re a member of the Cuomo Choir.

The third and most outrageous strategy is to defend the governor and continue heaping praise on him, and not surprisingly we find our estimable president topping this list.

After hearing of the resignation news on Tuesday, President Joe Biden explained that Cuomo had done “a hell of a job” as governor on a “whole range of things,” while simultaneously lamenting the governor’s unfortunate personal behavior. Biden stayed away from speaking directly about the accusations of sexual misconduct, and he naturally didn’t mention Cuomo’s utter botchery of nursing homes during COVID, missteps that resulted in the deaths of thousands of New Yorkers. Imagine the size and intensity of the pitchfork Biden would have been wielding if the governor in question wasn’t the Democratic Cuomo, but was instead a prominent Republican such as Florida’s Ron DeSantis or Texas’ Greg Abbott.

Various leftist celebrities took a similar approach to Biden. The ever-buffoonish Alec Baldwin blamed cancel culture for Cuomo’s predicament, and then waxed poetic about Cuomo’s “shortcomings [being] exposed and magnified.” Wrong you are, sir. An example of cancel culture, Alec, would be when someone like Chris Harrison of The Bachelor loses his job for the sin of requesting “grace” for someone who clearly deserved it. An example of what is not cancel culture would be when an elected public official such as Andrew Cuomo is finally held accountable for being a serial sexual aggressor and harasser, after 165 pages of documentation is published by a Democratic Attorney General detailing testimony from eleven different women.

And perhaps the most glaring example of the incestuous relationship between Democrats and their media came from CNN’s Brian Stelter. During an unpredicted moment of clarity and reason from talk show host Stephen Colbert who pressed Stelter on the obvious journalistic malpractice by the network. CNN not only continued to employ Governor Cuomo’s brother Fredo throughout the whole ordeal, which is ethically questionable in its own right, but they also allowed Fredo to cover Andrew’s perceived triumphs throughout the darkest days of the pandemic.

Though Stelter stopped short of openly defending the governor, he was staunch in his effort to protect CNN. When Stelter stated, “[Fredo] didn’t talk about his brother once the trouble started,” Colbert pushed back with, “Then why didn’t they rule that way when his brother was on pretty much every night during the COVID crisis?” Stelter’s reply was priceless. It’s “really complicated,” Stelter explained. Holy crap! No… no, it’s not. It’s not complicated at all, and anyone paying attention understands the reality of the situation. When so-called journalists are nothing more than cheerleaders for a specific political party, they become exposed when prominent members of that party misstep and end up with egg on their faces. It’s pretty simple, really.

This week’s stupidest story also has a distinct element of sadness. It’s truly sad to witness a situation that would have had bipartisan agreement not long ago. An inept government executive totally drops the ball during an unprecedented health crisis, then gets caught with his pants down (figuratively speaking of course), with widespread abuse of his power for carnal purposes. “Thanks for nothing, you need to go now,” would have been the refrain. But in today’s America, we get situations like this one. All we can do is marvel and laugh at the inanity of it all.

Honorable Mention #1: President Biden Confuses Michigan Governor With Energy Secretary

Presidents, no matter who they are, have much to remember and work with a lot of people on a daily basis. But the regularity with which our current president forgets names, places, and numbers is ridiculous. For future reference, Mr. President, your Secretary of Energy is named Jennifer Granholm, and the governor of Michigan is Gretchen Whitmer. And let’s not kid ourselves: confusing the governor of a key swing state and a member of your own Cabinet is not exactly like forgetting the name of a member of your Secret Service detail. Several years ago, there was a story about a bewildered family taking a demented, elderly family member to a nearby dog track and just leaving him there for others to deal with. We have to wonder if this is the fate that awaits Creepy Joe.

Honorable Mention #2: Virginia School Board Goes Full Woke With Transgender 


Raise your hand if prior to six months ago you’d never heard of Loudon County Virginia… yeah, me too. But now, Loudon County, thanks exclusively to the Loudon County School Board, has become a national, political hotspot. The school board first came to prominence earlier this year for their promotion of Critical Race Theory in their schools, and the monumental blowback from residents. But now they’re at it again. On Wednesday evening the board voted in favor of sweeping, so-called ‘Transgender Rights,’ requiring teachers and students to use preferred pronouns and allowing students to choose which gendered bathrooms to use and sports teams to join. Another idiotic solution in search of a problem. Post pubescent teenagers with raging hormones being given such free reign… what could go wrong?

PF Whalen

P.F. Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including Human Events, the Western Journal, and American Thinker. Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen.

Photo by Chauncey I. Brown III at Flickr.

3 thoughts on “Stupidest Story Of The Week: Dems’ And Leftwing Media’s Damage Control On Cuomo”

  1. the Cuomo story has been goin on now how long over a year and the creep still claims he did nothing wrong come on everyone knows they have something more on him .If it were just the women thing he would still be the love gov na there is something else besides killing all the old people in the homes dem/communists have wanted to do that for years .Odumbo talked about giving Grandma a pill. Someone has something bad on this jerk .

  2. LOVE this! Just drop old creepy Joe off at the dog track, but make sure there aren’t any young girls around for him to grope.


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