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Thoughts And Observations On Three Big Headlines From The Week (Vol. 3)

The Senate jams down the latest trillion dollar waste, Andrew Cuomo resigns for the wrong reasons, and Democrats enable unthinkable tragedies on Afghanis.


  1. The Senate, with the participation of 17 Republicans, passes the second trillion dollar package of 2021.


  • Since the onset of the so-called pandemic, there have been three separate spending bills that have exceeded one trillion dollars. Trump passed the $2.3 trillion CARES ACT, and now Biden has added the $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” deal to his already-$1.9 trillion America Rescue Plan Act. This is three times more than in the history of wasteful government spending.
  • Amazingly, before the ink was dry Joe Biden was already touting a $3.5 budget that later rolled through the Senate as well.
  • Just for some perspective on the absolute recklessness of D.C. spending, Joe Biden has already passed nearly double the spending as Barack Obama in his first year as president. Just ten years ago, Obama spent $3.5 trillion for all federal expenditures; now Biden has his own $3.5 trillion budget, two massive plans at $3.1 trillion, and whatever happens in the next five months still. 
  • Despite being labeled an infrastructure package, apparently only 25% of it goes to actual infrastructure. The rest – hell, all of it – is merely government bloat, and anti-white bloat at that. 
  • This is a great time to ask: Why do I pay taxes anymore? If the Fed can simply dial up the printing press, then why don’t they let me keep what I earn and print the difference? Obviously, printing is insane, but so is the idea of paying taxes that mean a lot to my household budget but increasingly provide no value to the government other than control over my financial independence. Taxation is not about funding basic programs anymore, it’s just a lever of control and middle-class destruction.
  • Shame on Republicans for going along with this contrivance. America might be getting ruined by Democrats, but establishment Republicans are not much better. The conservative movement is getting screwed by its (alleged) own. How hard is it to stand up to tyranny? 
  • Each of the 17 sellout Republican Senators need to be primaried as soon as possible. 


  1. Andrew Cuomo jumps in front of Joe Biden’s bullet.


  • For all of the unadulterated joy in seeing a despicable narcissist like Andrew Cuomo go down, we need to remember two things:
    • Democrats neither care about women’s rights nor allegations of sexual misconduct.
    • Andrew Cuomo condemned 10,000 elderly patients to their deaths with his state’s Covid policies.
  • Not only did Cuomo write Covid policies that amounted to dropping lit matches onto dry tinder, but he openly admitted to covering up starting a massive forest fire of Covid spread in order to avoid an investigation by the Trump Department of Justice. (Conveniently, the Biden DoJ wasn’t concerned about the murders and have since dropped the investigation). Cuomo going away for sexual harassment or whatever he allegedly did are nothing more than getting ahead of more information.
  • Nothing is ever a coincidence in politics, and let’s not pretend that Cuomo finally gave in. This was all orchestrated in advance to drown out the conversations surrounding the continued border chaos, Afghanistan mayhem, vaccine troubles, and everything else Biden has done since inauguration. The Dems have nothing to run on in 2022, so they will hope to salvage some female voters by pretending to care about Cuomo’s victims.
  • Until Tara Reade (or any of the Biden accusers, for that matter) gets a scintilla of the coverage as Cuomo’s indiscretions have, then this is all political theater.
  • We can only speculate as to how Andrew’s downfall will loop in Fredo, but wouldn’t it be great to watch him disappear as well? After faking Covid sickness, insulting a citizen biker who caught him breaking quarantine, evading his apartment’s own Covid policies, allegedly mistreating women himself, and just for being a giant d-bag, I admit I would derive immense pleasure from witnessing his professional demise. 


  1. With American troops removed, the Taliban pillages, rapes, tortures, and murders without impediment.


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  • This is perhaps the least regarded, but one of the most important, stories of the Biden administration. A lot of news gets buried by daily reports of him ruining America through disastrous immigration, medical, fiscal, and regulatory policies, but the stories out of Afghanistan are equally troubling and tragic. A few recent headlines:
  • For the record, these headlines are being broadcast in left-wing outlets like NPR and the New York Times, not just on Tucker Carlson. In the fourth article on the list, the reporter says things are so horrific and awful that he couldn’t repeat them during an on-air interview. I don’t even want to imagine.
  • The next time a feminist or left-wing lunatic makes a comment that Trump or Republicans hate women, there are two layers of responses. The easier of the two would be to name something worse Trump’s done than Biden did to Tara Reade, which is already impossible. More powerfully, though, you could aso bring up the Biden administration’s apparent acceptance of the brutal rape and enslavement of young girls by Taliban monsters. Remember, you voted for this, Chad and Karen.
  • Also, for anyone saying a civilian population doesn’t need to be armed, think again. Do you think the fathers watching their sons mutilated and daughters gang raped wish they had an AK-47 of their own right about now? Will it really take the raping of Democrat men’s own daughters to change their tune?
  • For the life of me, I have never understood why Obama and Biden felt like giving subhuman animals a notice about their military withdrawal. If you were ISIS or the Taliban, wouldn’t you just wait for the U.S. to leave and spend a few months making horrific plans? Is Biden glad that illiterate monsters like Mohamed Akbar, Durkha bin Mohammud, Ahmed Muhamed or whoever were able to put an X on the calendar indicating plans to rape five young girls on August 12th?
  • When you really think about it, it makes perfect sense that Democrats don’t care about what’s happening in Afghanistan. There is no political gain to be had by maintaining a troop presence or assisting the people now. Politically, it’s just like the Cuban refugee crisis; the fleeing Cubans would eventually vote or procreate future Republican voters. It is absolutely disgusting to know that both the Afghanis and Cubans would get more help from the current White House if they held the “right” political viewpoints.
  • As with every other Democrat policy or ideation, the situation in Afghanistan once more reflects the innate evil of leftists. It is no longer enough to say they are foolish or ignorant. No, every move is calculated; if it results in death, torture, rape, and ruined lives, so be it, just as long as power and wealth are accumulated for The Party.

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