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Six Stories From The Tokyo Olympics That Made Us Proud

In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative look back on the recently-completed Tokyo Olympics, getting away from the negative coverage and celebrating the positives.

#6: Chipotle makes a non-political gesture celebrating America.

Parker: It’s safe to say that most companies would rather celebrate at the altar of wokeness than at the altar of America. It’s gross, ungrateful, and bad business, evidenced by the very real “go woke, go broke” cause and effect. Chipotle is no different, shelling out BLM donations and affixing itself to the transgender movement. Still, as it pertains to the Olympics, they made an effort to promote America by wrapping their burritos in gold tinfoil. Not huge, I know, but it’s something. They easily could have wrapped their burritos in BLM flags, but they didn’t. They went with gold because America was competing in the Olympics. That’s it. 

Do I give Chipotle a gold medal for effort? No, not in the slightest. They have a long way to go in my eyes, and I am not even promoting their food here. Personally, I like Qdoba more. 

I mentioned go woke, go broke before. Is it real? Is it wishful thinking? I don’t know. I do know that viewership dropped so much in the NBA that they walked back their on-court displays of “Black Lives Matter” and pretended those insane jersey names never existed. It stands to reason that the owners and advertisers had enough of reduced fan interest. Still, so many businesses do it that there must be some calculation; they lose X amount of business but gain Y amount of positive media coverage. After all, conservatives are generally not the boycotting type; as much as we revile Amazon and Netflix, how many have actually cut the cord? At the end of the day, we like Prime shipping and streamable content. 

I don’t really have a larger lesson to be gleaned from this, and Chipotle certainly wasn’t the only one to make a small gesture. Perhaps in the drudgery of incessant woke messaging I was finally happy to just see something happen in tandem that didn’t remind me of my white privilege in dining out or the lurking dangers of white supremacy in pulled pork. It was enough that the Olympics were happening, American athletes were competing there, and Chipotle had their wrappings reflect the aspirations of those athletes with gold tinfoil. In today’s climate, I’ll take it.

#5  America won more medals than any other country… again.

PF: The United States won more medals in Tokyo than any other country, and it wasn’t even close. We won 113 total medals, while China came in second with 88. We also won the most of each placement: we won the most gold, the most silver, and the most bronze medals. America truly dominated the Olympics once again.

There are two items with this topic that are easy to forget. The first is that the Olympics is ultimately about sport, not politics. It’s about competition, sportsmanship, and patriotism, but more than anything else the Olympics are about athletic excellence. And the second point that many dismiss is the fact that it wasn’t always this way. Prior to the fall of the Iron Curtain and the IOC’s decision to allow professional athletes to compete, we didn’t dominate like this. The Soviet Union, East Germany, and the other Eastern Bloc countries exploited their communist forms of government to have their athletes categorized as amateurs when they were anything but that. We competed on an uneven playing field, and we often struggled as a result.

There’s no doubt that the U.S. has an advantage over countries such as Japan and Great Britain, who came in third and fourth respectively. With over 335 million people, we have a much wider pool of athletes from which to pull. However, that’s not the case with China or even India, who have populations that quadruple our own.

I’m a firm believer in American exceptionalism; not just with our military, or our history, or our economy, but with virtually all aspects of society. We’re the best fu**ing country on earth no matter how you look at it. Our culture recognizes and acknowledges greatness. We embrace challenges. We’re ambitious, hard-working capitalists, and we want to be successful. America is truly a remarkable place, and the greatest country that has ever existed, no matter how hard our friends on the left try to demean and destroy it. 

#4: A few NBA stars call out the American media.

Parker: If you had asked me in early July if two prominent black NBA athletes would use their Olympic platform to “clap back” – as the manchildren of leftism say – at the media establishment for their anti-American messaging, I would have sooner expected Lebron James to thank a police officer for his service. Color me shocked!

After their gold-medal winning performance, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green had some words for the woke sports analysts who never played at their elite level and who were sitting comfortably in their American-enabled broadcast booths at the time the comments were made. I am going to take this quote out of context a little bit, but Green said these exact words to the stateside media: “You’re an American. Act like it.”

Now, the nature of clapping back is more a result of the street mindset, where not even the slightest hint of “disrespect” can be tolerated. The entire exchange had less to do with a pro-America stance and more to do with chest-pumping, but again, as I said in my Chipotle piece, a win’s a win. Chipping away at narratives is better than not chipping away at them at all. 

One ESPN analyst in particular, Kendrick Perkins, had previously made some comments in the early-goings of Olympic competition after seeing the men’s team take some losses. He specifically named Green and Durant as being “cute” players and not old-school down and dirty. Ergo, in the post-win jubilee, the aforementioned players made sure to resurface those digs and pronounce their utterance as affronts to their beings. In essence, the media should be blind supporters of the American cause. In Green’s eyes, lack of lockstep allegiance translated into anti-Americanism. Rather than make Red America proud, the players’ comments simply asked the U.S. media to be supportive of their playersThat’s not asking much. 

At the same time, entire sports programming has been built around having obnoxious, usually ignorant, bloviators go on monologues not so much as to inform but as to entertain. If there is no controversial statement made, then there is no slot for a milquetoast host. But, while Green shows his selective ignorance of how the media operate, kudos to him for even saying that America is worth preserving in some way.

#3: Hurdler Sydney McLaughlin’s “Face of a woman who is in awe of God.” 

PF: After winning the gold medal in the 400-meter hurdles, New Jersey track star Sydney McLaughlin posted the following on Instagram: “Let me start off by saying, what an honor it is to be able to represent not only my country, but also the kingdom of God. What I have in Christ is far greater than what I have or don’t have in life.” Her post was a lengthy one and continued with a religious vein throughout.

The fact that her first sentence calls out her pride in her country was fantastic, but I also loved the way she unabashedly embraced her faith and thanked God. 

Considering that McLaughlin is a woman, and a racial minority must have irked many of the godless America-haters on the left. She checks multiple intersectional boxes for the race-baiters, but she’s a religious patriot at the same time. Then consider that she broke her own world record in Tokyo and is one of the all-time great athletes in her sport, and Sydney McLaughlin is the left’s worst nightmare.

In Europe, Canada, and elsewhere, America is often viewed as home to religious fanatics. Europeans’ religiousness has been fading for years, and they often scoff at our devoutness. So, when an athlete like McLaughlin destroys her competition like she did and then heaps profuse praise and thanks on God, we know they look down on her words, which is why I love that she said them.

America was founded on Christian ideals and values. Yes, we have millions who belong to other faiths, and that’s fine. It’s one of the aspects of America that make us great. But we are still, and hopefully always will be, a Christian nation, and we should embrace that fact; the rest of the world be damned. Islamic countries aren’t bashful about their beliefs, and neither are Israel or the Buddhist countries. And they shouldn’t be… and we shouldn’t be shy about your religiosity either. 

#2: Carli Loyd stands tall and proud against the tidal wave of anti-American hate from Megan Rapinoe and teammates.

Parker: Megan Rapinoe epitomizes the selfishness, narcissism, and hate found within leftism. She is an ungrateful human being who makes everything she touches worse. The American soccer team? We all boo for them now and cheer their losses. In what other context would Americans root for Iran except in women’s soccer now? The same goes for Victoria’s Secret, which once delivered mailers to the mothers of every adolescent boy in America. I would want to burn my eyeballs if I saw the latest “models” in lingerie. 

This is what makes the Carli Loyd story even more profound and amazing. Despite finding herself in the midst of intense lunacy and hatred, she nevertheless remained stalwart in her convictions. In what is likely going to be her final competitive international match, Loyd refused to bend a knee while the rest of her teammates made fools of themselves.

Bravo, Carli Loyd. She is accomplished on the field, but as she retires from the sport, she will be best remembered as a courageous patriot and defender of liberty. 

#1: Tamyra Mensah-Stock wins gold and professes love for America.

PF: This story was the most satisfying of any that I saw come from the Olympics. I probably watched less than an hour of the entire Olympic Games and didn’t see this competition until videos of it came across social media. There was so much wokeness, and so much America-hating by our own athletes, so that this story about the American female wrestler was refreshing. It was a story we could have expected to see forty years ago.

Tamyra Mensah-Stock won the gold medal in the 68-kg women’s freestyle wrestling, and in years past this would have been enough to celebrate. But it is what Mensah-Stock had to say afterwards that really warmed our hearts. “It feels amazing,” she said. “I love representing the U.S. I freaking love living there, I love it, and I’m so happy I get to represent U-S-A!”

While the mainstream media did everything they could to divert attention from that comment by focusing on the fact that Mensah-Stock is the first black woman wrestler to win an Olympic gold medal, her open love for her country is what endeared her to most Americans. She’s obviously a brilliant athlete, and she’s been blessed. But Mensah-Stock didn’t take advantage of those blessings with self-promotion and America-bashing like so many others, she acknowledged what a gift it is to live in our great country. 

And the story just continued to get better. Once she returned to the U.S., Mensah-Stock revealed her plan to buy her mother a food truck with her Olympic winnings; a “dream come true” for her mom. America is plagued by so many narcissistic, unappreciative, and ignorant athletes and celebrities – then we meet a new star like Tamyra Mensah-Stock and realize that there are still plenty of wonderful Americans like this young woman. God bless you, Tamyra, and thank you for reminding us all what a true American hero looks like.

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One thought on “Six Stories From The Tokyo Olympics That Made Us Proud

  1. While I strongly endorse this article, I want to add that American patriotism was on proud display by so many more athletes than the few you highlight. I had covid and was in self-quarantine for the two weeks of the Olympics. As a result, I watched far more events than I usually would. The vast majority of US athletes proudly displayed our flag over their shoulders or evidenced their patriotism in other very clear and public ways. I was thrilled to see this broad, positive display by the majority of our athletes of their genuine love of country.


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