Socialism Is Superficial Intellectualism Lusting After Gold

Many rational people are asking about the reasons the financial/industrial class is trying to bring down our republic.  The reasons have not deviated throughout history and probably never will.  Control of your wealth is the basis of socialism.  They are willing to sacrifice your freedoms for their prosperity.  The serf system of Diocletian never evaporates, only the headline changes to keep citizens in line.  There is less overall wealth in the system, but they control a higher percentage, so the math works to their benefit.

There is no underlying philosophy to socialism, only a continual struggle for control.  Our current societal upheavals are an extension of 125 years of struggle to dominate world finance.  The basis of this power began with the creation of the Federal Reserve system in 1913 which controls the largest and strongest world economy.

The international extensions of this political and economic power began with the Russian Socialist revolution.   The German National Socialist movement began soon after with America’s New Deal Socialist system following closely in line.  Whatever you call the structure, the guy on the street pays the bill while losing.  Unfortunately, these early systemic connections are ignored or denied by the people and companies involved.

Alexander Kerensky was a minor noble before he went back to Saint Petersburg for the first stage of the Russian revolution.  He stayed in power for about 8 months. Leon Trotsky lived in the US before being sent back to Russia with $10 million from Wall Street to help finance the overthrow of the czar and an economic takeover of the country.

Interestingly, when the Bolsheviks threw Kerensky out with their revolution, he returned to a petty noble lifestyle with a nice pension in New York and spent decades lecturing at colleges around the country until his death in 1970.  Usually, failed revolutionaries get the chop, especially when overthrown by communists.  I wonder why he was allowed to leave Russia?  Lenin must have been given assurances of a nice amount of investment support. to allow him to leave unmolested.

The usual international industrial groups, Standard Oil, Ford, and Dupont, and the bankers made agreements with the Russians.  The Bolsheviks desperately needed funds to survive and made deals with anyone that could help.  The guise was the New Economic Policy as socialism had already failed in two years.  These agreements allowed the revolution to survive with a healthy contribution from Wall Street. 

The Ford plants in Russia paid great dividends by providing many of the trucks and engines necessary for repelling the Germans in WW2. The odd thing is that Stalin actually paid Ford off instead of just stealing the technology as usual.  Standard Oil got screwed, but other companies such as Occidental Petroleum led by Armand Hammer kept business relations for decades. For some reason we allow the Chinese to steal everything today.  This was the beginning of what we now call the New World Order.

National Socialism was supported by, you guessed it, Ford, GM, ITT, Standard Oil, Dupont, and JP Morgan.  You may remember these names from a previous paragraph.  The connections between Mr. Hitler and Mr, Roosevelt are quite well known.  Their mutual friend and facilitator was Putzi Hanfstaengl, a Harvard classmate of FDR and an intimate of Hitler.  General Electric had offices at 120 Broadway in Manhattan.  Also at that same address was Franklin D. Roosevelt when he worked on Wall Street.  It was also the headquarters of the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation.  A prominent backer of the foundation was Gerald Swope of General Electric who also was a big financial backer of Adolph Hitler.  By chance he had offices there as well.  Coincidentally, he was author of the New Deal. Hmmm.

The bankers, Chase National Bank and National City Bank among others, created a system that sold bonds to pay the German reparations required by the Versailles Treaty.  The payments were funneled through Swiss banks in the form of gold.  The international banks met in Basel Switzerland monthly to divide up the spoils and created the Bank of International Settlements as a front organization.  In 1940 artillery duels between the French and German armies were heard at their meeting but they continued to divide the pot. 

The technology and production methods for the expansion of German military power were imported from the US to support the war efforts and profits were siphoned off to BIS.  The Ford method of mass production of trucks and tanks in their Cologne factory helped the blitzkrieg advance across Europe.  The coal gasification technology provided by Standard Oil helped fuel the tanks and bombers used to kill Russian and American troops.  This was a dream come true for the military industrial complex.  Being paid by both sides in a war is the ultimate income source.  The gold kept rolling into Basel throughout the conflict.

New Deal Socialism and Franklin Roosevelt’s corporate banking connections make the current Occupy Wall  Street whiners an even bigger historical laughingstock.  FDR and his old Wall Street financial buddies were corporate socialists.  The idea was/is creating monopolies by means of political influence.  The basic idea is to make society work for the banks’ interests.  The New Deal was a disaster for everyone but the Wall Street club.  Small business was destroyed, and people walked the streets hungry.  Over 20% of the young men that were drafted during WW2 did not meet the physical requirements for service.  The medical reasons were tied to conditions resultant from malnutrition issues.  The view from the penthouse never changed but the gold stores sure did.

The party affiliation of those in power has been quite variable over the decades and makes no difference.  The global elite only require someone who will follow orders. It is an insignificant point as the usual suspects above now operate the media-propaganda ministry.  They have learned their lessons well from Mr. Goebbels’ information system and Mr. Stalin’s citizen elimination programs. Electronic book burning and personal attack are a new resource of extending the tyrannous ideas from the previous regimes.

The law is purely arbitrary in Joe Bribe’em’s USA.  The same people are in charge and again wanting to expand their power into Ukraine, Russia, and China.  This makes old Joe a perfect foil.  He has had a low intellect since birth and now dementia makes him far easier to manipulate.  The corporate world has lined up for the mask mandate instructing the socialist government once again.  Have we learned yet where these actions lead?

The technology and ability to control your life through corporate informants is rapidly becoming normal in our society.  This is the last step before a total immersion in Russian, National, New Deal or Green New Deal socialist system control or whatever the current label is.

The Madame

Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

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