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The Department Of Homeland Security Just Labeled Me A Terror Threat

In a Friday afternoon release, the Department of Homeland Security communicated that concerns over the election, Covid measures, and general anti-government sentiment was enough to be considered a terror threat. We are quickly reaching the point of no return.

If you’re like me, then you have concerns over the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. How could you not? Michael Flynn wrote eloquently and concisely about ten big issues surrounding as much in The Western Journal. The My Pillow guy hosted an entire symposium. Steve Bannon fills hours of talk on election recounts in Arizona and elsewhere. We all saw the lead Trump had at midnight and remember seeing the counts mind-bogglingly change by 4:00am. 

Given all we know, I am pretty sure you’re crazier if you don’t question the outcomes at this point.

Now, even if we’re merely wishfully thinking along partisan lines, questioning the integrity of an election is obviously nothing new; just look at how the media and political elites responded to Donald Trump’s surprise win in 2016. Hillary Clinton must have said the word “illegitimate” with regard to her election loss more than her own marriage. Russian collusion investigations tied up our legislative body for two years. That’s a lot of election concern from the left.

If you’re like me, then you also have major concerns over the government’s response to Covid. Masks have been proven to not work, lockdowns have done nothing but prolong people’s eventual exposure, the FDA refuses to acknowledge alternative prophylactics and treatments exist (thus paving the way for Big Pharma’s EUAs), and the injections are not preventing people from getting sick nor transmitting the disease. There is real concern now that the injections are actually creating the conditions necessary for continued variants like Delta. That’s probably best-case scenario at this point – what else are they doing to people’s insides?

The craziest thing about Covid is that what is understood as “fact” or “misinformation” is changed as frequently as Biden’s Depends. The lab leak theory was idea non grata until it wasn’t; Fauci went from saying we didn’t need masks in March of 2020, to saying we did (and then multiples), and a few weeks ago key figures at the NIH were declaring cloth masks ineffective. The powers that be are allegedly so terrified we might harm ourselves by ingesting a decades-old (and Pultizer-winning) generic like Ivermectin they’ve censored it completely. At the same time, somehow, a brand-new concoction is perfectly fine to inject into our limbs and be allowed to deposit throughout our body, even though they promised it’d only stay in our arms. Words are evolving, too. Since Covid began, the definition of “case” and “herd immunity” was changed right under our noses by the World Health Organization. 

Many things that began as conspiracy have later been deemed mainstream, so excuse me for questioning the Covid narrative and subsequent government interventions.

If you’re like me, you were never fringe before. You probably weren’t even red-pilled until last summer, when the Covid insanities and BLM riots hit the streets. Life was good under Trump but we didn’t dwell on politics. At most, we laughed or shook our heads as friends and relatives slowly succumbed to media-induced Trump Derangement Syndrome. We accepted a Democrat would eventually be in the White House again, because politics is played out on a pendulum, but we never expected this to all happen.

In just a few months, it’s incredible how quickly and drastically everything has changed.

Rather than be just another neighbor on the street, suddenly my house, car, hobbies, and family are emblematic of the benefits of a white supremacist society. I can’t turn on television anymore without seeing CIA psyop operations that infuse white supremacist narratives into every commercial and network program. 

Likewise, my refusal to buy into government lies and coercion are not merely a libertarian stance; no, no. I am now a known terrorist under the Department of Homeland Security’s recently published bulletin “Summary of Terrorism Threat to the U.S. Homeland.” In 2005, dissent was patriotic, or so the left would have us believe; in 2021, both the notion of dissent and patriotism are akin to hijacking airplanes and flying them into buildings.

Despite the fact that white supremacists are nowhere to be found, the DHS believes them to be the most credible threat to the entire nation. What’s that? January 6th? You mean the most serious threat to democracy, worse even than the Civil War or 9/11, has resulted in charges equating to trespassing? Got it. There needs to be a stronger term than just “gaslighting,” because while Democrats and the media pretend that a few Trump flags and God only knows how many FBI provocateurs stormed the steps and breached the gates, Joe Biden is on record saying that the eviction moratorium is unconstitutional, but f*** it anyways. 

In six months, we have lost basic first amendment rights, are on our way to losing second amendment rights, and the 10th amendment might as well not even exist at this point. But – and this is a big but – they have the gall to tell us Donald Trump was a threat to democracy.

I used to wish everyone well, but it’s hard not to hope for the existence of Hell at this point. I can think of several Americans who are intentionally destroying this country and trying to make life as hard as possible. It’s not just political at this point; it’s pure evil what is happening.

I know what the U.S. does to terrorists. They ship them off to blacksites without habeus corpus. People are tortured and disappeared. Yep, I supported doing that to bad guys that blew up buildings and beheaded innocents. Big difference.

If I am considered a terrorist, what’s stopping them from going after me the same way? For the political left, there is never a destination. They might promise that two weeks is all we need to fight Covid, then comfort us with the thought of a vaccine, and then ask for us to wait for vaccines to be distributed, but notice how nothing fundamentally ever changes? The grip only tightens, one squeeze at a time.

Just a generation ago, 49 states carried Ronald Reagan. The majority of this country understood what American exceptionalism meant. Now, thanks largely due to our nation’s prosperity, comforts, and education system, we have gone from recognizing and appreciating to self-loathing. Many of the same people voted for Trump that voted for Reagan, and look at how they are vilified. Did they change as people? Or did the elites change how they’re meant to be perceived?

The Democrats and media got what they wanted out of our American Reichstag this past January. With a political ruling class, media establishment, and brainwashed general populace, it is not hard to see how initiatives like this out of the DHS magnify. If Americans are considered a risk because they refuse to wear a mask, get an injection, or accept Biden as my overlord, there is no telling what next steps these villains will take. 

In the macroview of events, there is a known variable and an unknown. We know that the Biden administration will not cease in their totalitarian efforts. We do not know how the general American populace will accept continued incursions into freedom and liberty. Labeling half this country a terror threat will clarify things, though.

If you’re like me, you won’t go out without a fight.

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