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Democrat Ignorance Hurts America

{Headline: Gateway Pundit, 12 Aug 21: US media goes full Pravda: Not one single mainstream outlet reports on president’s naked son with hooker complaining about Russians stealing his Laptop for blackmail.}

The MSM doesn’t even refer to Hunter Biden’s second laptop full of X-rated material starring himself doing dope and playing with a hooker. We understand there’s even a third. This on top of the MSM’s refusal to report on the crisis at the southern border, where tens of thousands of migrants are flooding across every day, overwhelming the Customs and Border Patrol.

Democrats are blissfully unaware of these issues. They don’t monitor any of the normal “rightwing” sites. Some watch Fox and congratulate themselves that they know what the idiot Right is thinking, totally ignorant that Fox long ago went much nearer the MSM than anything slanted even barely conservative.

From conversations I see that Democrats think the political divide in America is still Republican vs Democrat.  It isn’t. It’s conservative vs the Left. Many conservatives do as I do and vote Republican while registering as Independent, such that (R) no longer means “conservative.” In fact, one suspects that as many Republicans are McCain RINO’s as true Republicans.

In my own case I call myself a Classic (Classical) Liberal, which emphasizes the Constitution as written and the values outlined in the founding documents. I’m a theist as opposed to a Deist, but in either case belief in God is firmly there. 

In today’s political environment, it ultimately comes down to this: You can say what you think around a classic liberal. You may get an argument but he won’t try to shut you down. Anyone who claims to love America or be an American patriot is kidding himself if he wants to shut up different thinking. That’s not adult behavior, and the American ethos requires adults to work.

By Jack Rail

Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat.

Photo by American Justice at Flickr.

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