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Democrat Covid Measures Prove They Hate Black Americans

Black Americans, like all Americans, have suffered from the effects of illegal, immoral, and unscientific Covid-related policies. However, their racial plight is ignored, which is surprising in the age of confining white grandmothers to solitary D.C. jail cells, hunting down white supremacists in the military during extremist stand downs, and reading children’s books in grade school whose messages can only be described as psychological abuse.

According to Joe Biden, asking for photo identification at the voting booth in 2021 is not just Jim Crow, but Jim Eagle. How many speechwriters did it take to come up with that one again? Never mind the fact that all blacks know where the local DMV is and overwhelmingly favor the measure. In an honest world, the Democrat’s approach to ID laws would be considered racist (for assuming blacks are helpless idiots) and patronizing (for assuming blacks don’t know what’s good for them), except Democrats can pretty much do whatever they want with the general black population and get away with it, abetting murder included. 

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Even though it is disingenuous and intended only for rigging future elections, the Democrats nevertheless have firmly staked a position against any voter identification measures. After all, they’re racist! Fact: Voter ID laws are not racist nor do they inhibit anyone from voting. As one such example, the state of Indiana enacted its “tougher” voter identification requirements ahead of the 2008 presidential election, and state residents not only carried Barack Obama in a historically rare blue shift, but witnessed record turnout among black voters. 

Naturally, then, the ostensible concern for black rights and agency quickly falls apart when viewed through the ever-growing lens of Covid-related responses by Democrats. Through vaccine passports, lockdowns, and medical messaging, it is clear that the best interests of black Amercians are being routinely ignored. Indeed, both their interests and rights are being trampled on. To be certain, it’s the same playbook as the hate-filled and victim-focused narrative of CRT, the apathy towards black-on-black gang violence, open borders that allow low-skilled workers to compete in the job market, and everything else Democrats do or say. Democrats consistently ruin black lives, even as they wave BLM flags in marches and at embassies.

If vaccine passports had come out in 1930, they would have been messaged as just one more scientific way to preclude the co-mingling of blacks and whites. “Look, we have proof, these negroes are unclean!” Whites-only and blacks-only establishments would only have made sense – “We can’t have negroes spreading their African variant!” 

You want Jim Crow? This is Jim Crow. 

In the exact same vein, the vaccine passport is a legitimate exercise in the same exclusionary practices of racialized Jim Crow. The idea of a medical Jim Crow has been used in general, but it aptly describes the specific impact on black populations. New York City, for example, is one of the first major metro areas to adopt a show-me-your-papers approach to participating in society. This is bad enough, but when viewed through a racial lens (as Critical Race Theory teaches us to do), it quickly becomes apparent that fully two-thirds of New York blacks are now barred from the city’s hustle and bustle. There was no mention of gang leaders having to compel their foot soldiers to show proof of vaccination status, so at least that outlet still exists. 

We have to ask ourselves, though: In what other context would the exclusion of such a large proportion of blacks be allowed? The irony is that most urban public schools, especially those in the Big Apple, can’t even suspend a black kid anymore lest they be seen as dropping an evil white hammer on an oppressed black nail. All these fools in academia preach are “restorative” practices, yet when it comes to vaccination status suddenly it’s both acceptable and imperative to legislate exclusion from the rest of the group.

Lockdowns have been another disaster altogether, and especially for the black entrepreneurial class. Of all the blacks to harm – the ones that believe in the American dream, contribute to society, and produce adjusted children – Democrats went after them most fiercely. So, instead of locking up gangbangers, thugs, and criminals, who now have bail-free excuses to commit more crimes, Dems decided to foreclose on black-owned small businesses. By June of 2020, just a few months into the madness, 41% of black-owned businesses had already been closed permanently. All told, the effects of the mandatory shutdowns and closures have immeasurable short- and long-term consequences for black-owned businesses.

Comparatively, this rate of closure is more than double the rate of whites. Despite Henry Rogers’ proclamation that any disparity in outcomes or disproportionality in a data set equates to klansmen galloping atop a racist steed, there has been little outcry over the destruction of the aspiring, self-sufficient black middle class. Donald Trump lowered black unemployment to historic lows; Joe Biden lowered black business ownership to historic lows. 

Perhaps the most unconscionable aspect of Covid has been the fact that Covid is most lethal for people with underlying health conditions and comorbidities, most of which can be controlled, managed, or reduced by a proper diet. For decades, the American medical establishment has allowed itself to be made by Big Ag, Big Pharma, and all Big Business in general. The corn and wheat industries are huge, so rather than construct a food pyramid around healthy fats, meats, and vegetables, the American public have accepted that grains and other carbohydrates should comprise a bulk of their diet. In much the same way, pharmaceutical companies have developed supplements and pills that treat the effects of poor diet, rather than honestly assess that proper diet is, in fact, the best remedy. Instead, they rake in billions upon billions of dollars as doctors prescribe their way into pharmaceutical dependency.

Because it fits into a pre-existing narrative, there has been plenty of airtime dedicated to the fact that black Americans are disproportionately (there’s that word!) impacted by the ravages of Covid. They claim lack of access to healthcare and medical systems rooted in white supremacy are somehow to blame. Access or choice? As it turns out, black Americans are the most likely racial group to consume a wholly inadequate and unhealthy diet, with the youngest blacks consuming upwards of 70% of their calories from processed foods. This is a literal recipe for disaster. Not only does brain chemistry become altered by the sugars, additives, and preservatives, but basic bodily functions become distorted. Taken together, some of the greatest indicators of predisposition to Covid mortality – obesity, high cholesterol, heart issues, and anxiety – all present in greater numbers for black America as a direct result of their consumption.

Without a doubt, a proper diet or improper diet rests on the dietary considerations of the individual. However, given that the CDC, NIH, FDA, and the monolith medical establishment have had decades to educate Americans on healthy eating and living and not done so, their sudden alarmist approach to saving lives falls entirely flat. Unquestionably, the very same government entities that so vigorously push an untested and wholly unnecessary injection also silence the less costly and less invasive option of good eating. They long ago sold out to Big Pharma, who would rather prescribe an expensive cholesterol pill than suggest eating more leafy greens. Likewise, they would rather keep fast food restaurants open during lockdowns than urge Americans to focus on their health. Speaking of lockdowns, the anxiety that arose from social isolation leads to the very fatal outcomes they were intended to stave off. 

So again, the decisions enacted by Democrats as they pertain specifically to Covid are in direct conflict with their purported solidarity with black America. How else can this be interpreted? Vaccine passports prevent blacks from participating in society, lockdowns ruined a growing black entrepreneurial middle class, and disregard for basic diet and exercise messaging has culminated in preventable excess deaths. 

Blacks are dying and suffering. The CDC might as well be offering free handguns to the urban youth for each poke.

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