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Thoughts and Observations On Three Big Headlines From The Week (Vol. 4)

The country of Afghanistan returns to a terrorist-filled stone age, panic porn over the Delta variant reaches a crescendo with calls for booster shots, and a few Republicans embrace an exit strategy for Joe Biden.

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1. The fall of Kabul ignominiously concludes America’s twenty-year intervention and paves the way for a nightmarish Taliban to resume its reign of terror.

  • In 2012, Barack Obama labeled ISIS a “JV Team.” Not long after that, the same group tore through Iraq and Syria. Barely two weeks ago, Joe Biden said there was no way 75,000 Taliban could control the country, especially in just a few days. How do Obama and Biden get this stuff so wrong?
  • Call me geopolitically naive, but everyone else has an opinion on going, staying, and leaving, so here’s mine: America hastily invaded a country we had no business invading, we were there two decades too long, and yet it wasn’t in our best interest to leave right now. Both American spending and casualties were manageable (no service member deaths since February of 2020), and the upside is that Afghanistan was as stable as could ever be hoped. Anyone looking at the rape and murder, as well as increasing Chinese influence the region, cannot possibly suggest this is better.
  • Either we have the world’s dumbest generals and intel community, or we have some of the most compromised generals and intel community. It’s one thing to watch Afghanistan slowly erode back into 7th century rule, but it’s quite another to watch it unfold in a weekend against all expectations. You’re telling me no one saw this coming? My wishful thinking is that incompetence rules the day, but I know better. The only question worth asking when it comes to American leftists is how does the Afghan debacle benefit them politically?
  • Like Afghanistan, America is dealing with its own tribal issues. Balkanization is a word more often used, but that’s really just the whitewashed way of saying we are tribal. Regardless of the word, countries like the former Yugoslavia and now Afghanistan paint a complete picture of what happens when people without shared values and cultures are forced to coexist under one flag. I mention this because the inevitable divorce is never peaceful. Just saying.
  • Others have asked this, so I will too: Why are the images at the airport or around town only ever men of fighting age? The absence of women can be explained by 1) The rigid backwardness of Arab Muslim culture but also 2) The legitimate bodily and safety concerns of going out in public right now. That being said, why aren’t they making a stand for their country? It’s not like they weren’t willing to die for freedom; we have seen ghastly videos of several individuals plummeting to their deaths after the cargo planes’ rapid ascents. 
  • The photographs of Taliban insurgents sitting in the presidential palace need to be shown side by side photographs of Trump supporters in the U.S. Capitol. The former group are actually terrorists that did take over a country whereas the latter had no weapons, no plan, and left when asked. What happened in Afghanistan is an actual insurrection. It’s too bad AOC wasn’t in the Kabul Embassy waving the pride flag when Taliban animals arrived…that might have provided clarity on who the real bad guys are.
  • As if news can’t get worse, apparently Joe Biden doesn’t feel the need to prioritize American citizens’ evacuations from Afghanistan. The whole purpose of an organized nation is to protect its citizens. This isn’t a Joe Biden thing; this is a leftist Democrat thing. Is the border and illegal immigration situation any different? If you vote blue, you are voting for global citizens’ interests and wellbeing ahead of your own.

2. The Delta variant continues to be used as the tactic for implementing total control measures, with the Biden agencies now recommending a booster shot.

  • This move absolutely validates every skepticism voiced about the so-called vaccines. Any amount of real testing would have shown that the effects wear off over time. The fact that we’re surprised and are facing boosters proves how little we know about long-term effects and consequences. 
  • You know what doesn’t appear to be waning? Protection from natural exposure and immunity. 
  • Let’s also be perfectly clear about one thing: None of what’s happening is about Covid anymore, it’s about control. If we’re being honest, it seems likely none of this was ever about Covid. 
  • As a reminder, the survival rate from Covid for people under 45 is 99.98%. It basically goes to 100% with antibodies from previous infection. Do the injections offer that? Yeah right.
  • The more distance we get from the original outbreak, the more absurd current measures seem. We are still focusing on cases? We are still masking? We are still locking down? A year ago at this time it sounded crazy; that was a year ago! Everyone now has access to an injection if they want it – and for many people, they should get it – but that should be the end of it. 
  • The phoniest thing about Covid is the pretend concern for the unvaxxed. That’s saying a lot, because there have been a lot of shenanigans this whole time, but the talking point that Joe Biden and others just want to protect unvaccinated Americans is absolutely insane. How utterly patronizing and patriarchal. Look, if I want the injection, I’ll get it. I don’t need Joe’s faux concern for my life. It simply begs the question of what they’re really after – why are they so desperate to squeeze a syringe into my arm?
  • Did Democrats suddenly find compassion for deplorables? Where was Joe when the FDA constructed its murderous food pyramid that eschewed healthy fats and loaded up generations of American kids on simple carbs? Where was Joe when the FDA rescinded its authorization of HCQ early in the pandemic because of fears that it was untested and whose side effects were unknown? Where has the CDC been promoting therapeutics in general; are they really saying the two options for Covid are rest at home or get vaccinated? In case I wasn’t clear, I don’t buy Democrats’ pretend concern for my health.
  • After watching Israel, one of the world’s most vaccinated countries, experience its own Delta surge, methinks that the vaccination of the entire United States will prevent much, especially as additional variants crop up. Is it time for a Covid party, much like we used to have chicken pox parties?
  • We know this is about control because in a sane world life would be back to normal.  People can get experimental juice injected into their bodies (and risk the consequences) or they cannot (and risk another set of consequences). Every American has had access. That is all.
  • I think I’ve written this elsewhere, but the inescapable reality is that Covid responses are completely over the top and unnecessary, based on outright lies and blatant censorship of good ideas. We know governmental nutritional sciences are bunk, there is compelling evidence that TWA Flight 800 was a massive federal cover up, the Tonkin Incident faked our way into Vietnam, and January 6th has every hallmark indication of a false flag operation. Once you open this door, where does this leave UFOs, 9/11, JFK’s assasination, and the other big events of the 20th and 21st centuries? 

3. Multiple GOP politicians start the conversation of exiting Joe Biden; Donald Trump issues a statement calling for resignation, Rick Scott floats the 25th Amendment in the Senate, and Marjorie Taylor Green introduces articles of impeachment in the House.

  • Everyone knows Joe Biden is incompetent. He was unimpressive as a healthy adult, and now he’s absolutely worthless. I wouldn’t want him as my bridge partner at our long-term care facility – where he belongs – let alone making country-altering decisions. Too bad millions of Americans thought he was a healer, unifier, and nice Twitter user. I’m still less upset at Joe and more upset at my neighbors.
  • Dementia is not a net-positive for a sitting president, but aside from optics I am left wondering what would really be different in America if he were lucid? Like all Democrats, Joe Biden’s beliefs and values are shaped by the most vocal cultural forces of the day. A backbone is as important as a brain, and since Joe would go along with the BLM narrative anyways, for example, I don’t see any less border chaos, Middle East chaos, inflation chaos, Covid chaos, etc.
  • As crazy as this seems, Joe Biden is actually the Democrats’ best hope right now. If he were to resign, be impeached, slip into a coma, slip again on Air Force One, or face any other calamity, Kamala Harris would be the face of the Democratic Party. 
  • Remember when the female empowerment crowd was saying how monumental and amazing it was to watch her become the first female vice president? I haven’t heard “boo” in six months about that. You know why? Because even they don’t care that she’s a woman; she still needs to be good at her job.
  • There is lots of talk about Biden’s mental status, but can we also talk about Harris’s? She might not be demented, but she isn’t all there or entirely healthy. The ubiquitous cackle is worrisome that she’s a psychosis patient. As for her mental acuity, I don’t even think the media claims her to be a genius. She’s just…there. I can’t think of a less impressive human being in such a demanding position than her. What an absolute embarrassment the Biden-Harris ticket is.
  • As much as Biden deserves to go, it’s too bad that the GOP wastes its time promoting this garbage. Impeachment? 25th amendment? Ain’t gonna happen, folks. How about they stop voting for the Infrastructure deal and any other Biden agenda item? How about they put an end to the unconstitutionality of Democrat policies like eviction moratoriums and the jobless benefits that continue to wreak havoc on small business operations?

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