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Richard Grenell Tells us Who’s Really Pulling the Strings in Afghanistan

We’ve wondered in the week since the Taliban marched into Kabul and declared victory over the standing Afghan government if perhaps Joe Biden really was calling the shots for the administration. A scary thought, I know, but what else could explain the poor judgment behind the decision to give up Bagram Airfield and evacuate the military before American citizens and our Afghan allies had left the country.

In a Sunday morning tweet, former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell tells us who he believes is in charge. Although you might be relieved to find out it’s not Biden, his answer will provide little comfort.

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Susan Rice.

You’re forgiven if your mind just made a beeline to that busy Sunday morning she had following the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi which left four Americans dead.

Rice threw her credibility out the window when she agreed to peddle the Obama administration’s lies about the Benghazi attacks on five talk shows.

In her book “Tough Love: My Story of the Things Worth Fighting For,” Rice said she was frustrated and had confided to her mother before making those appearances.

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Story by Elizabeth Vaughn.

1 thought on “Richard Grenell Tells us Who’s Really Pulling the Strings in Afghanistan”

  1. While I tend to believe that, I have a theory:
    A spider’s web has many silk lines that stretch out from the center.
    With that, this is who I believe is actually running things (including Susan Rice):

    Of course, there are a few names left out (I can’t remember the rest of their names), but the point is clear.
    I honestly believe these people, this administration, has deeply entrenched Beaurocrats that are staunchly loyal to the Obama administration. Just look at how the current state of affairs went into overdrive the moment Biden was “declared” the winner and was promptly “installed”, be Damned the Citizens.

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