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You Have Covid? So What?

At this point in time, it should be obvious to everyone that the ruling class will not let the Covid narrative go away. Having fully drunk from the goblet of power, it would be easier for Colin Kaepernick to stand for the national anthem than for the likes of mayors, governors, and elected representatives of all kinds to return stolen freedoms to the American people. Covid will not go away as a result of the human condition’s innate drive for, and desire to retain, power and control.

More pertinent is the fact that Covid cannot go away. After two years of political gamesmanship (I say two years intentionally; the House GOP report suggests the lab leak goes as far back as August/September), any recalibrated conversation immediately brands our rulers as lying, murderous traitors. Our media and political class have dug too deep a hole; from here on out, they will double down on their own malfeasance and nefariousness out of sheer self-preservation.

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Facing these two mutually-damning realities, the outlook is admittedly bleak. Not so long ago, we were asked to stay home for two weeks to give hospitals a chance to deal with the predicted surge in cases. I’m not even sure a surge occurred, even though the novel virus would have been at its most lethal. Fast forward to now, and two weeks has turned into eighteen months, various mask recommendation, arbitrary social distance measures, two pokes, a likely booster shot, a passport designed around compliance and not science (i.e. vaccine passport versus immunity passport), and the vast censorship and silencing of scientific inquiry along the lines of Covid origins, Covid treatments, and Covid survival rates. We might not be getting sick, but we are getting played.

Allow me to indulge in a short story.

I have a vaccinated friend who, having returned from interstate travel, subjected himself and his family to the flawed PCR tests. They were all asymptomatic but tested nonetheless. Amazingly, his results came back positive for Covid, even though no one else in his immediate household can say the same. When the CDC announces a rise in cases, it’s often because of people like my friend. 

Our fellow brothers, sisters, and compatriots have been taught to fear a virus that requires a faulty test to let them know if they are sick or not. It’s highly contagious, we’re told, except that my friend’s own wife – with whom he shares a nightly bed, circulated air conditioning, and most recently, a long car ride – did not acquire it. We have all been lied to about the need for a vaccine, with the World Health Organization having gone so far as to change the definition of herd immunity to include only immunity conferred through inoculation. 

This about sums up the insanity of the mindset of our average compatriots. I fully expect political narcissists to continue playing their game of thrones with peons; however, until people like my friend accept that Covid won’t go away until he ceases to live with it, then we are truly in a world of hurt.

Does this mean we knowingly infect our fellow Americans? Of course not, but it’s not like the days of yore witnessed febrile hordes of school children or workers ravaging entire organizations. Back when, even if parents did send their influenza-shedding kids to school, it’s not like anyone cared. It’s just the flu, we all said, ignoring the clinical and anecdotal data that said kids can die from the flu. We certainly don’t need the state of Mississippi threatening Americans with extended prison sentences for merely engaging in public life. 

The formula going forward is quite simple: I will live my life as I want, taking acceptable risks but responsibly negotiating public life. If I am unwell, I don’t want to go out anymore than you want me to. When I’m sick – truly sick, not PCR sick – I prefer to stay in bed. Hell, I’m reaching the point where on a good day I don’t even want to hang out with most people anymore. 

If you have additional concerns, take the level of precautions you’re comfortable with. Get the jab, wear an N95, self-isolate, and worship at the altar of Tony Fauci. As for me, I’m good. I invite as many Americans as possible to move on. 

To combat the hostility the elites have over everyday Americans, enough of us have to shrug our shoulders and accept that Covid is both endemic and also not particularly dangerous to them or their children. It will require Australian-style protests. It will require turning off the television. It will require businesses – like those in New York City – to band together and resist the totalitarian tendencies of their unworthy and incapable leaders. It will require those around us to unlearn eighteen months of fear porn and targeted manipulation. Easier said than done, to be sure. But what choice do they have?

There are two fights ahead: One externally against evil forces; the other internally against programmed emotions. Both present existential threats.

In terms of the former, the elites’ perceived power is only as great as we allow Covid paranoia to remain entrenched. If we get sick, all we need to ask is: “So what?” 

Covid could go away tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “You Have Covid? So What?”

  1. Totally agree with another comment that the Reset is the goal. A shorter timeframe goal is getting everyone connected to A.I which is why a digital chip will start to be part of the discussion, probably sooner than later.

    Things seem to be lining up for a glorious week that follows the Passiver early 2022. I believe that week is the Feast of Unleavened Bread. That is a week worth watching. Christian’s know what Iean, maybe…

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