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Democrats Have Failed At The Most Basic Role Of Government: Protecting Its Citizens

Intellectually it is obvious that the country is now in the hands of the incompetent and pension grubber class and their paymasters.  However, the horrible scenes from Afghanistan over the past week struck an emotional blow as to the direction and identity of our country.  Those that are emotionally dependent on being protected were the most shocked.  Their white knight of government has been shown to be totally inept.


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The info blurbs that were spewing from Kabul last week were actually uncensored by our own media!  That is unheard of in today’s United States.  Enjoy it because it will probably never happen again.  We heard that Americans were to be charged $2,000 for a plane ride away from Kabul!  We heard that U.S. troops were not allowed to go into a city to rescue American citizens from the clutches of the savages.


At the same time, British troops were rescuing their citizens as were the French and others.  For the first time, NATO members were castigating their protectors publicly!  That is, in itself, interesting as it shows there was no consultation with them before the situation arose and there was no fear of U.S. retribution from the European side of the water.  How long will the alliance now continue?  Will the eastern countries of Japan, Taiwan and Korea now bow to Peking?  The Australians must be a bit nervous as well.


People were being beaten and killed on the streets trying to escape from the “religion of peace.” Billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment was abandoned.  The secret technology was left to the Chinese to appropriate for fifty cents.  Where were our leaders and their plans?


By allowing the socialist/progressive type of people to dominate our society, we have become spectators that are ruled instead of rulers.  Biden is of course a pathetic petty criminal.  Everyone that took the time to research him and his brood realized that. But he is only the tip of the iceberg indicating the problem.  Rule over our disparate society requires an unlikely alliance of interests.


We have an oddly shaped political structure that has been coordinated to dominate our country.  We have bankers, consultants, minorities, college children and bureaucrats to name a few.  These are unnatural political alliances that come under strain as various outside events must be manipulated or recategorized for this dissimilar group to remain united.  The real talent here is the politician who can keep this tent from being engulfed in self-righteous flames.


A good example is in the past few weeks we have seen the leader of the “believe women” group support Governor Cuomo in his desperate attempts to cling to power, even though he was accused of sexual assault.  These types of confrontations between constituencies appear frequently but are ignored by the media as insignificant and not newsworthy, thus keeping the illusion of unity intact.  A conservative would never survive.


The shock of the Afghanistan debacle for the left is rocking their sense of security. The confusion and lack of direction of their benefactors in political palaces has added greatly to the problem.  The loss of international auctoritas of the U.S. has also shaken the conservative group to the core.


It will take a great deal of time for us as a country to regain our self-confidence and self-respect.  The current regime has lost the trust of the left and confirmed the insight of the right.  A new low has been revealed.


The Madame


Still Knitting


Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.


Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay 

6 thoughts on “Democrats Have Failed At The Most Basic Role Of Government: Protecting Its Citizens”

  1. I feel a little like an ancient Trojan. We also took in a “gift from the gods”. His name was Barrack Hussein Obama! Much like the Horse of legend, he too had enemy troops within his “belly”. Bureaucrats! They moved through for 8 years tearing at every wall and gate of America. They thought they were going to take us down in the next four years through Hillary, but we caught a temporary reprieve – Donald J Trump! But the enemy are persistent and intent on the destruction of America, as founded. We have been and are the only people on Earth that stand in their way of Global Governance. That governance is to be in the format of the CCP. The billionaire “oligarchs” are very desirous of holding the same power over the populace as their comrades in China! They are just as evil and just as vile. How a human can enslave and control and destroy the freedoms of other human beings is an ABOMINATION!

  2. It’s not the government’s job to protect citizens. It’s their job to protect liberty and the constitution, which empowers citizens to protect themselves and make their own decisions.

  3. The Dimocrat party has morphed into the Communist Party USA. They don’t give a flying anything about the individual. It’s all about power. Watch and learn, boys and girls.

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