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Despite Problems, The FDA Was Sure To Approve Pfizer’s Shot

The guy posing as POTUS just went on national television to announce the Pfizer “vaccine” has now received full approval by the FDA. He assured us for the umpteenth time that it was safe and effective, and don’t forget, free.  Of course, he also told big business, school boards, and hospital administrators that this was the news they were waiting for to demand everyone in their employ, or their customers get the shot or else! President Asterisk will handle the military and federal employees himself.

Based on a scan of the websites I read every day, there is just a tad of opposition to such a mandate as well as amazement that the FDA went ahead with approval. 

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 Is it not a fact that approval of a vaccine takes 5 – 10 years? So how can they issue an approval after only 6 months of data? It has been only 4 months since Pfizer applied for licensing on May 7th. Just last year, the FDA said it was “committed to use an advisory committee composed of independent experts to ensure deliberations about authorization or licensure are transparent for the public.” But in a statement to the BMJ, the British Medical Journal, the FDA said it did not believe a meeting was necessary ahead of the expected full FDA approval. And who are we or the BMJ to question such a reversal of policy?

Did the FDA choose to ignore this study from the U.K. that showed the Pfizer shot actually weakens the immune system.  Should this study have at least raised a few eyebrows in the FDA? Or are we to believe the Francis Crick Institute in the UK is “spreading disinformation”?

Let’s not leave out Moderna and their Covid shot. Fear not! The CDC and FDA are on the case  for this one! Here’s a quote from the article, “The U.S. health authorities are examining data from Canada that suggests the Moderna shot may be more dangerous for young people than the Pfizer protocol, particularly among men aged 30 and younger. The figures, provided by the Canadian government, purportedly show that there might be a 2.5-times higher incidence of myocarditis in those who get the Moderna vaccine compared with the Pfizer shot.” The article also noted that the “FDA and CDC are poring over U.S. data to see if similar conclusions can be made about the vaccine’s effect on young Americans, WaPo said: “Yeah, what are the odds that American young men can suffer the same symptoms as Canadian young men?”

An article posted on American Thinker by Patricia McCarthy references Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, and his doubts about using this technology in vaccines for the general public. His interviews have been removed and he now gets death threats. A writer for The Atlantic has even accused him of spreading misinformation – about his own technology. It is helpful to note that the writer is not a doctor, but he probably stayed at a Holiday Inn one night. Additionally, the article provides a list of several other doctors with impeccable credentials who all share doubts about the safety and efficacy of the shots. Somehow, CNN does not have them on any prime-time broadcasts.

You also must search to find information by medical professionals on effective treatments for Covid-19 that do not include vaccines. That is not because they don’t exist, it is because they go against the pronouncements by government health “experts” like Fauci. Social and network media think the guy is a god. However, check out this article about a group called Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC), a team of critical care physicians and pulmonologists who have developed successful treatments, including one called MATH+ protocol for hospitalized Covid-19 patients. You won’t see them on the networks either. I guess they have been categorized as spreading more disinformation.

As noted, Biden also tells us that the shot is effective, based on his own definition of the word. As told in this article, Israel was a country determined to defeat the virus by dramatically accelerating their vaccine program in late December. In 3 ½ months, they had over 80% of the eligible population fully vaccinated.  At about 4 months, though, they determined the vaccine was only about 39% effective at preventing infection, while at the same time hospitalizations continue to rapidly climb among the fully vaccinated. Meanwhile, researchers investigated an extraordinary surge in excess mortality among 20-49-year-olds at the same time as the vaccine program rollout. Is this just a coincidence? Should the CDC and FDA be at least a little interested in this investigation? Wouldn’t it be prudent to pause full approval until more is known?

In this country, the Constitution forbids government intrusion in free speech. The free flow of ideas is necessary to fully understand all the issues in a crisis, with this pandemic as a prime example. How, then, can our government leaders and the highest-ranking public health officials ignore so much data and other facts presented by experts as pointed out here? One possibility is they are more concerned with exerting and maintaining control over we the people than they are about protecting us.

The FDA has chosen to ignore or ridicule all of the objective evidence that has been presented over the months past. There was never a doubt that Pfizer’s shot would get full approval and licensing. After all, with every effort to convince millions of Americans through television ads, public service announcements, bribes, endorsements on social media by celebrities, and most egregious of all, condemnation of the unvaccinated by the president, how could they not approve the shot?

3 thoughts on “Despite Problems, The FDA Was Sure To Approve Pfizer’s Shot”

  1. The Comirnaty vaccine is the one approved, but it is NOT available here in the U.S. The OTHER vaccine, Pfizer/BioNTech’s BNT162xxx (I believe that is what it is) is still under EUA, and THAT IS THE ONE they are falsely (deliberately misleading the Public) leading the Public to take.
    They (media, public officials, gov’t officials, etc) obscure this fact by just saying the vaccine is “now approved by the FDA”.
    This is nothing more than gaslighting the Public, the Public who has been scared into submission, who have been psychologically “nudged” into believing their gov’t, into falsely trusting their Gov’t to tell them the truth.

  2. What does this mean? : “authorize use of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA for certain uses that are not included in the approved BLA.”

  3. Never in my 73 years have I ever seen such a concerted push by people in power to take a shot that everyone admits is experimental. I may have been born at night, but not last night.

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