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Vegan, Organic, Gluten-Free, And…Vaccine Mandators

There is a lot of incongruity when it comes to Covid responses. One of the greater ironies is the sudden shift of the “granola” camp. There are many ways to think of these people: Hippie, stoner, vegan, organic, crunchy, granola, etc. They’re all-natural junkies and in tune with the vibes of the universe. Typically, they have always felt superior to others as a result of this earthly existence.

In an up-meets-down twist, these same people are now also some of the most vocal proponents of mRNA lab juice. They’re better than you, not only because of previous lifestyle choices, but now because they did something for the “common good” as well. Despite not ingesting corn syrup or animal fat, they apparently have no issue with injecting nano-lipid particles and foreign genetic materials with no known long-term consequences, good or bad. 

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As one such example, a small Minneapolis establishment called Hark! Cafe became the first restaurant in the local area to require personal medical records in order to eat their niche, overpriced food. Minnesota’s Star Tribune reported that:

The owners of a downtown Minneapolis vegan and gluten-free cafe are asking patrons to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test for anyone over 12 years old wishing to dine indoors.”

As a believer in free market principles, let me be clear that I have no problem with a private business deciding various benchmarks of who may or may not be a consumer of their product. Here’s the thing, whether it’s by race or by private healthcare choices, the demand side of the market will respond. Store owners are racists and bigots? Those places won’t stay open for very long in our decent society. Likewise, with a ban on the unvaxxed, then the market will decide if those decisions should be rewarded or not. 

It is interesting, however, that the same folks who were presumably against exclusion by race now have no problem whatsoever with exclusion by any other consideration. Here’s the thing: If separate but equal was bad when the breakdown was between whites and blacks, it is entirely inconsistent to suddenly demand delineation by any other measure, such as health choices. In the era of racialized Jim Crow, at least dining was in the back for “undesirables.” Now, they can’t even get in.

The absurdities continue.

Hark! Cafe advertises itself as “a plant-based eatery and gluten-free bakery.” Ostensibly, these menu choices reflect a desire to stay away from genetically-modified organisms and pesticides, which reflect the tampering of natural, organic matter and the infusion of chemicals. Among other things, the benefits of a plant-based diet also include reducing the risk for heart disease and fostering greater empathy and compassion for all living things, humans included. 

You can see where I am going with this.

Not only was a naturally-occuring virus tampered with, but so too are our very genes now being tampered with artificially through messenger RNA commands. The body’s creation of spike proteins occurs as a direct result of laboratory manipulation. Moreover, one of the most significant side effects among vaccinated young people are myocarditis and periodities – heart diseases. For all of the consumption of plants, one might think these same risks would be weighed more evenly. The notion that there is compassion toward the unvaxxed by either the owners or diners at this restaurant is risible.

Finally, it is one thing to demand certain actions of adults, but it is another thing entirely to make demands of children too young to fully grasp the consequences of their decisions. The larger rot of leftism vis-a-vis children says that they should be allowed to declare their own gender identity, receive an experimental injection for a disease that does not afflict them, and be involved in homosexual relationships with grown adults. Even if parents are too gullible to resist the leftist indoctrination efforts themselves, couldn’t they at least draw the line on perverse child-damaging movements and experimentation? 

It goes without saying that the push for Covid safety measures is selective in its outrage. Among the state’s 1.3 million young people, Minnesota has witnessed just three deaths of minors between the ages of 0-18 since January 2020 (a full 20 months of Covid exposure and none, importantly, between the ages of 10-18, despite the push for vaccination in this exact age group). 

In the same time period, tragic losses have occurred among this same population with nary a peep from those purporting to be defenders of the sanctity of life. A few examples of many will suffice.


Was anyone bothered when a jet ski crash killed a young person on the ritzy Lake Minnetonka? Is anyone clamoring to ban jet skis? 

Does anyone want to engage in a serious conversation about institutionalizing dangerous and mentally ill people that murder innocent young people for being too insane to function in society? 

Where was the outrage and paranoia when severe flu seasons ravaged everyone, including children who tragically died from flu complications? 

I earlier wrote about the uncomfortable fact that gang-related shootings annually take the lives of more young people than Covid in Minnesota. Can you say Black Live Matter [Only When Killed By White Police Officers]?

Of course, this all pales in comparison to the number of abortions performed in the state of Minnesota. Each year, there are around 9,000 babies murdered while in utero. There is no greater hypocrisy than the blowhards who demand “reproductive freedom” while simultaneously demanding endless masking of children and forced vaccination in the name of their supposed safety. While demanding societal and cultural norms be restructured to protect young people from an innocuous disease, there is silence around the fact that children are thousands of times more likely to be killed during gestation by their mothers than they are from Covid. 


There is only incongruence in leftism. In the absence of logic, what else could there be?

4 thoughts on “Vegan, Organic, Gluten-Free, And…Vaccine Mandators”

  1. I am vegan, gluten free because of a medical condition, anti-abortion, and a life long committed conservative. I have no intention of taking the jab or encouraging my family to take it. I do not support making the whole country vegan because certain Democrats say so, and seek to impose the Green New Deal. I think this whole COVID response was an excuse to further the liberal Democrat cause. Maybe to see how far the American people can be taken in blind obedience to the Democrat party. We had several serious infections doing the rounds in the last couple of decades, but acquired immunity lessened their impact. The insane fear mongering, election cheating, sickening Afghanistan betrayal exposes just how dictatorial and power crazed the left really is.

  2. The baker is Jack Phillips he just published “The Cost of My Faith.” There is a C-Span 2 BookTV program online where he discusses his case with his attorney and an interviewer.

  3. Does anyone remember the baker who did not want to make cakes for homosexual weddings? I seem to remember he was sued for deciding not to work for them. How does this conflate with not serving non stuck people?

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