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Minnesota Covid Hypocrisy On Full Display As They Host 2 MIllion Visitors To The State Fair

In the span of a few weeks, the Minneapolis area will have hosted an estimated 2 million maskless and – gasp! – potentially unvaccinated visitors into the crowded venue that hosts the annual state fair, otherwise known as the Great Minnesota Get Together. Likewise, news recently broke that another popular gathering, what’s known as the Basilica Block Party, would present in full force as well. 

The overarching rule about Covid is that everyone makes up their own rules that best suit their own wants. Like all elements of leftism, selfishness is a driving force behind Covid reactions. They want the United States to go full Aussie on noncompliance, yet at the same time they want their deep-fried Snickers bar and Sweet Martha’s cookies.

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Masks in school, for example, have an easy solution: Send your kid if you want them to supposedly be safer. If they work, your kid will be fine, right? Rather than make things easy, though, selfish leftists demand every kid wear a mask, science be damned. This past holiday season, we were all supposed to celebrate alone at home, but we all know someone who made an exception to visit a friend or family member. They probably flew on an airplane to do it, too. This says nothing of every violation made by Democrat mayors and governors, who made, and subsequently broke, more rules than ever before. 

Ah, but yes, Covid is scary! Don’t forget it!

The State Fair and Basilica Block Party are reminiscent of countless other gatherings during Covid that, because of the types of people in attendance, are no-go zones for media backlash and are embraced by the same people that would have no problem running from behind you and ramming a needle into your unvaccinated arm. 

A few examples of sophisticated Covid gatherings include:

  • Every BLM protest and riot in 2020
  • Every Antifa campground and riot
  • Biden voters’ post-election day celebrations
  • Lori Lightfoot’s Lollapalooza
  • Barack Obama’s 60th birthday bash
  • Professional sporting events, both in terms of playing and attending
  • The monthly total of 200,000 new illegal aliens pouring into the border. On a good day, they stay crammed into detention facilities and on a bad day they get bused and flown across the country.

A few examples of the bad kind of super spreader events include:

  • Sturgis rallies in both 2020 and 2021
  • Anti-lockdown protests in April of 2020
  • Maskless kids in schools throughout the country

Minnesota is a solidly blue state. It infamously provided Walter Mondale his only electoral votes in the 1984 re-election campaign of Ronald Reagan. Nothing has really changed. The people here are nice, but underneath the niceness is basic stupidity and ignorance. Seriously, talk to a Minnesotan. They’re usually A) Nice, and B) Underwhelming. Sorry, not sorry, everybody.

The allowance of the State Fair to proceed fully unclothed and without a medical passport is both the right thing to do but also undercuts every argument made about “protecting” us from the dastardly Chinese Flu. Covid can’t be an existential threat if so many people are all willing to stand next to a stranger while watching a cow give birth.

It’s the same with the Minnesota Vikings and their recent firing of a coach who refused to get jabbed by lab juice. To be certain, he had to go, but their unvaxxed multi-million dollar quarterback gets to stay. Are they really worried about Covid?

There is an obvious pattern. The Minnesota State Fair rakes in millions of dollars. Professional sports rake in millions of dollars. Untested vaccines rake in millions of dollars. Indeed, just follow the money. The powers that be don’t worry about Covid. They never have. Why should you?

As a truth-oriented human being, I look forward to the Minnesota State Fair coming and going without a rise in Covid numbers, which it will. It will be the latest in a long line of realities that Covid is not worrisome. (Or real? But that’s a different conversation.)

Too bad the same won’t be true for the rest of the nincompoops in Minnesota, who will cheer on Governor Tim Walz’s inane public health measures and their own children’s school mask mandates. Like I said, though, these people aren’t impressive. Of course, they are perfect lever pullers for the Democrat party.

*As with every article about Minnesota, everyone needs to be reminded that just three children have died after testing positive for Covid in the state, nonetheless causing every school and parent to lose their collective minds. At the same time, these people accept the 9,000 annual abortions that occur. Do they really care about protecting children? You decide.

4 thoughts on “Minnesota Covid Hypocrisy On Full Display As They Host 2 MIllion Visitors To The State Fair”

  1. “A few examples of the bad kind of super spreader events include:” Democrats would say you forgot every Trump rally.

  2. I have absoutely no idea where you get the ‘full on Aussie’ comment from, I’ve worn a mask once, for a viisit to A&E in the local hospital, lasted all of a 30 second walk through. Tell me, how are your ‘Blue States’ handling things?

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