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Whose Side You On, Joe?

With Joe Biden literally turning his back on us at press briefings, bursting into laughter when told his ratings are underwater, and wise-cracking when asked about possible changes in Afghan policy (“you’ll be the first one I call”), it’s clear Biden no longer cares what America thinks of him. Dems and Pubs both are heaving bricks and he doesn’t even bother to shrug anymore. Where once he hid from the slings and arrows, now he sneers and stalks off as if to say he’s gonna do what he pleases and there’s not a darn thing we can do about it.

This attitude tells us several things. First, that he feels secure in his position, whatever it may be, which means it’s insulated from us, the voters. Second, whatever shield role Afghanistan has played until now, Joe Biden no longer needs it. Third, whatever he has cooked up for us won’t be pleasant. And fourth, if he’s so far beyond accountability that he doesn’t care about how he comes across, democracy has died and anybody still in Afghanistan on 31 August 2021 is scrood.

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This is far beyond incompetence. Biden, like Obama before him, is playing for the other side. He thinks America’s the bad guy who must go, and he’s acting in accordance with that thinking. Come 31 August, he’ll shrug and say, “Hey, man, it’s all up to the Tollybahn now, they’re the government over there, my hands are tied by international law.”

What he should do, of course, is put the Tollybahn on notice that we are returning in force to Bagram and Karzai International to ensure all our people get out. That would be Americans and anybody who helped us, plus their families. The armed forces should immediately mount kinetic rescue operations to that effect.

If the Tollybahn don’t like them apples, that’s just offal.

But we know and Joe knows that he won’t do that. He’ll wait around to see if anybody plans on impeaching him. He’ll fight that because Dr. Jill just did have new drapes installed in the West Wing and leaving at this juncture just wouldn’t be fair to the First Lady and Joe’d never hear the end of it and he knows it. Whatever, Joe Biden will eventually be bodily removed from the Oval Office by Kammy’s Nation of Islam bodyguards, who will glare menacingly at onlookers. These fellers practice that glare until it raises the hackles on their own police dogs at Calypso Louie’s congregation every Sunday morning.

The Republicans have blown it. They blew it by lamely and tamely accepting the 2020 election results. The whole country and the entire world watched as the Democrats stole it before our eyes. We all knew what was happening, ample evidence showed that we were right, and nothing serious happened to make it right. That was when Pubs should have been ready and they just let the farce happen, as Joe Biden is lamely and tamely letting the Taliban tell us what we can do now.

We hear from Pubs that the Dems will pay a price for Joe Biden’s fecklessness in next year’s elections. Why would they think that? The whole country has tolerated open electoral theft in several states and nothing significant has changed in electoral mechanics. The machines remain in place, the same people are still there. They’ll steal elections next year the same way they stole it last year. Whom are these Republicans fooling but themselves?

Nay, I suspect this whole thing is a show to usher in Giggles as people gratefully sigh, “ANYTHING but Biden!” She of course will promptly disabuse them of any such notions.

It ain’t getting better. If you want to know what’s coming, there’s a real Good Book out that’ll tip you off. The last chapter has it all – blood, guts, fear, excitement, love, hate, fantasy, and the world’s greatest villain and superhero in a fight to the finish. It’s good stuff; I highly recommend it. 

By Jack Rail

Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat.

1 thought on “Whose Side You On, Joe?”

  1. Thank you for saying it out loud sir!!! I’m tired of reading and hearing from every R talking head and news source about 2022! When you get away with THE BIG LIE in front of the world, what is going to stop you from repeating it FOREVER.

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