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Who Can Explain This?

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve seen several people who I think of as sober minded and well-informed observers of the political sphere post articles and commentary in which they opine that the unfolding disaster that is the Biden administration is a purposeful planned agenda of actions to destroy America. Afghanistan is another part of that same plan. Aside from the shocking implications of that conclusion, the thing that really amazing is that the folks saying this have yet to offer a single theory as to why that would benefit anyone.

When Benedict Arnold betrayed his country, he plainly did it for money, power, and prestige in the British empire. Unless the people implementing this supposed agenda are getting paid by some sort of foreign power, how do they benefit from taking the actions that they are? At the same time, it is hard to understand how an administration can be so incompetent unless it is literally trying to be.  So, we are left trying to answer the question, is Joe Biden a traitor, or just a senile old fool elevated by corruption to a position of responsibility that he is completely incapable of executing?

When confronted with actions by an individual that seem inexplicable, it is typically instructive to go back and look at his past behavior to see if there’s any suggestion that his current behavior was presaged by past actions. It is not often that one gets the opportunity to see an individual’s actions in a past situation that is almost directly analogous to the one being investigated. However, in Joe Biden’s case we do have that, and his actions on Vietnam are very similar to those he is directing now in Afghanistan. It is likely that his motives are the same as well, he wants to gain a political advantage by losing in Afghanistan. 

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