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Back To Covid For Just A Minute

Headline: Landmark mass study finds vaccinated people 13 times more likely to catch COVID-19 than those who have recovered and have natural immunity. American Thinker, 28 Aug 21

Friend: Most of the people I know with the rona are fully vaccinated.

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Jack Rail: I ain’t and don’t plan to be vaccinated. They’ll have to force me. Similarly, I carry a mask around. They can force me to wear it once I’m inside the store, but they can’t make me have it on when I first come in, short of paying a gang of toughs to hang out at the entrance, ambushing unmasked old codgers.

There never was a good reason for so many rona deaths. I had it at age 72. I’m overweight with emphysema plus high blood pressure. That’s four comorbidities, yet they whupped the disease in three days (the pneumonia took another seven days). They said they got to it early in my case. If that’s so, it’s because when I’m bad sick I get help: Prayer, doctor, hospital.

I knew two guys, both in their fifties, who croaked of rona because they kept saying it was just a bad cold and so they wouldn’t get help. By letting it go too long they basically committed suicide. In America, with our health system, there’s no good reason to die of Covid. The many others I know with Covid, including my wife and two of our grown daughters, had mild symptoms but never missed work.


Coronavirus Cases: 39,591,680           Deaths: 653,990                     Recovered: 30,809,309

According to Worldometers, whatever that is, America has lost 653,990 people to covid. That’s 1.65% of the 39,591,680 who had it. Nearly 31m recovered from it, or 77.8%. That still leaves just over 20% of the population unaccounted for. That surprises no one since we all know by now that deaths from other causes were routinely attributed to covid for an unknown period. Given the proven liars in our government who can’t talk straight about Covid, that period may still be in effect.

You and I, using common sense and proven reliable sources, can come much closer to what’s probably the truth than any government agent, agency, mouthpiece, or spokesliar. Whatever the “official” numbers of American Covid dead are, you can bet they’re grotesquely inflated. I’d wager not more than maybe 25k actually died of Covid, maybe twice that, maybe thrice that. That’s not counting the tens of thousands Cuomo coldly murdered in New York. It’s bad enough counting car wreck deaths as Covid victims, but out-and-out murder is taking it too far.

The point is that Covid, while needing to be taken seriously, isn’t all that dangerous. Like an acute minor illness, it can cause real problems for those vulnerable to it; but in my judgment this vulnerability is more analogous to a bad allergy than a killer disease. The vaccine may be more dangerous than the disease. We all know, or suspect, that our government has evil plans for us that involve Covid and masks. I suggest that vaccines are the real thing to fear.

By Jack Rail

Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat.

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

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