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Biden + Afghanistan = TaliBiden: The Best President For A Terrorist

By guest author Jack Hinson

The Taliban gotta love joe.  As president, Biden is doing great things for the Taliban.  Biden has guaranteed constitutional rights for the Taliban.  Biden has sealed a prosperous future for the Taliban.  

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The Biden-“led” record of serving the American People defies the worst of expectations by simply getting worse.  Just when the Biden administration appears to have nosedived, crashed, and burned, they discover or even create a new level of failure.  Biden robs our wealth and gives to the terrorists.  Then he robs our rights. An establishment puppet version of Robin Hood.  

While conspiring and acting to remove 2nd Amendment rights here at home, Biden and the Democrat-totalitarian-lemming-dictators have now actively guaranteed those rights for America’s terrorist enemies.  According to the New York Post, “The Taliban has seized US weapons left in Afghanistan worth billions — possibly including 600,000 assault rifles, some 2,000 armored vehicles, and 40 aircraft, including Black Hawks, according to reports.  The US gave the Afghan military an estimated $28 billion in weaponry between 2002 and 2017 — including seven brand new helicopters delivered to Kabul just a month ago.”

A report from CNN detailed the following, “Photographs and videos showing Taliban fighters carrying US-supplied M4 carbines and M16 rifles are fueling questions about how much American firepower the militant group now has at its disposal.”.  Try to push aside the surprisingly implied disappointment from CNN’s too-little-too-late attempt at reporting the facts, and grasp that American taxpayer-purchased M4s and M16s  are now in the hands of terrorists and terrorists only.  These arms will not go to the Afghan people to be used for their freedom but to tyrants to be used for their enslavement, due to the free land and military-grade goodies being handed over from Biden to a growing terrorist power in Afghanistan.  This debacle is so disgusting that even CNN is putting a little truth out there after decades of pro-establishment mainstream propaganda and over five years of anti-Trump propaganda.  

Unsatisfied with one historical international debacle, the cognitively deficient Biden has also seized the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms from the American people and expanded it for the terrorist Taliban.  Apparently, Biden thinks the right to American taxpayer-funded arms is not enough for our enemies to accomplish their blood-soaked objectives.  So, Biden has guaranteed their rights to ammunition!  Over twenty years’ worth of M4s, M16s, and AKs can’t be mere props for the terrorists.  How could they successfully terrorize?  They need to have decades’ worth of ammunition, again at taxpayer expense.  

“In the last two years alone, the US has also given the Afghan military more than eighteen million rounds of 7.62mm and .50-caliber ammunition…” states the same CNN article.  That’s nine million rounds per year for two years.  But we were there for twenty ..hmm…it’d be a safe and sickening logical conclusion that Afghanistan has been receiving a minimum of five million rounds each year for the past twenty years. 

Now when it comes to government, what they are prepared to publicly admit to is the crafted, palatable lie and not the disturbing, angering truth.  They misinform, disinform, and distract in order to divide.   This leads me to conclude it’s likely more, especially when the war was particularly hot in the early-2000s.  That equals an under-estimated 100 million rounds.  Plus, or minus what’s been shot off by terrorists, sold off by terrorists, and/or distributed to our so-called allies that later turn out to be terrorists (ISIS).  

Yes, the American government funded by the American taxpayer has guaranteed an armed and loaded terrorist organization to be fully armed and fully loaded for years of fully-auto capable terrorism. (Side note: Americans in 1934 lost their right to full-auto.   Unless you pay the extra $$$ for a permit/tax from the government that allows you to exercise your “right”.  Hence, it’s no longer a right).  Shall Not Be Infringed, huh.  

Now apply critical thinking to the abandoned small arms, vehicles, heavy artillery, military-grade technology (think drones), body armor, and aircraft.  Yes, aircraft.  Search the internet for the footage of the equipment, arms, aircraft, and ammo we left for the communists in Vietnam after Americans bled and died there just like in Afghanistan. Biden can groan “come on man” at such comparisons.  The images and video speak for themselves.  A Huey dumped overboard yesterday is the Taliban joyriding in a Blackhawk today.  Yogi Berra said it right: “Deja Vu all over again”.  

Okay, Joe, I’ll call your “come on man”.  

Just like the Democrat “rules for thee but not for me” credo that they live out daily, the Taliban is also going door to door disarming their own people, informing them they are on lists to be punished and/or killed, and subjugating their people by force.  With abuse.  With brutality.  A totalitarian terrorist dream comes true in Afghanistan.  This is the stuff the totalitarian Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and the RINOs froth over.  A nightmare come true for the people and a dream come true for the power.  

CNN’s article also admits: “We are also concerned that some may end up in the hands of others who support the Taliban’s cause,” the congressional source told CNN. “My biggest fear is that the sophisticated weaponry will be sold to our adversaries and other non-state actors who intend to use it against us and our allies.”  Gee.  You think so?  Pity no leader thought-out this basic possible conclusion before the flat-out dumb decision was made and the even dumber lack of execution took place. 

How can anyone see this incompetence on such a grand, international scale and not at least ponder the possibility that this is by design?  These are the fruits of the poisonous D.C. tree and the elite who not only plant the seeds and prune its branches but control the expansive and seemingly ever-expanding orchards.  

By Jack Hinson

Jack Hinson is a patriot and concerned American who calls out the government when needed. 

Image by Amber Clay from Pixabay

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