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ANALYSIS: Breaking Down Three Big Headlines From The Week (Vol. 5)

Michael Byrd’s identity as Ashli Babbitt’s killer is revealed, the House passes H.R.4 – The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, and new Israeli Covid data shows that natural immunity provides better protection from reinfection by 1,300%.

1. Though lurking on the internet for some time, we officially learn that black Capitol Police officer, Lieutenant Michael Byrd, was responsible for firing the single, fatal shot at Ashli Babbitt.

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  • Much of the American public has been clamoring for this story since January 6th. After all, we know the identity of every other police officer involved in a fatal shooting faster than families can be notified of a death. As much as we should be glad the news is out, nothing is ever coincidental. Why are we learning about it now?
  • For over a week, most major media stories have honed in on Biden’s bungling of the American retreat from Afghanistan. Stories like this, which was gaining traction in conservative circles (Byrd’s name has been floated online for months and the Babbitt family indicated a lawsuit would soon divulge more information), are cause for a legitimate backdrop for such monumentally stupid policy choices. Did Biden lose Afghanistan on purpose to cover for other big stories, or are other big stories just using the cover of Afghanistan?
  • Byrd’s race absolutely matters here. For those of us that believe there is more to this story than meets the eye, it is highly suspect that a black BLM police officer shot and killed a white Trump-supporting woman. It is the perfect narrative flip of politics, race, and gender. Essentially, our lives don’t matter, and the globalists are flaunting it.
  • The politics of the Trump era, revealed most by the abject abuse of truth of Covid and BLM responses, has caused me to overreact with conspiratorial motives. In this case, I don’t leave it out of the realm of possibility that Byrd was a CIA or FBI plant. We all saw the video. This shooting has absolutely no justification, but it does allow leftists to remind everyone that a heroic officer saved democracy by shooting assailants. (Just ignore every other fact that no other officers resorted to discharging their weapons, that no insurrectionists were armed, no police near Babbitt were fighting with police, and a colleague of Byrd’s was lain in honor for completely fabricated reasons.)
  • I alluded to Brian Sicknick’s story, the F.B.I leaked some news that there was no evidence of a large-scale plot to overthrow the government, and then after months of stonewalling this articulate officer calmly explains his victimhood and heroism in the Babbitt killing. Something stinks. Big time.

2. The politically motivated, historically ignorant and morally bankrupt Democrat House of Representatives passed another “unifying” piece of country-ruining legislation.

  • Confused yet about the voting rights bills? You could be forgiven for thinking that this was the same thing as H.R 1, which was dubbed the For The People Act. It just goes to show that these evil criminals will stop at nothing from stealing democracy from folks in the pursuit of ruining this free country. How is this one different? Does it matter?
  • Like with my Michael Byrd comment, I will add that this vote also coincides with the Afghanistan debacle. Every newscast, opinion piece, and most emotional energy is spent on analyzing Biden’s withdrawal. This blackhole conveniently allows for other major stories to fly under the radar.
  • I am old enough to remember that Donald Trump was a dividing figure. Anyone that still believes Democrats are unifying are just stupid. On its face, this bill would also federalize elections and destroy states’ rights to develop protocols for establishing greater integrity in elections. It flies in the face of common sense, absolutely violates the 10th amendment, and is only designed to entrench the theft of future elections. It’s not an exaggeration to say that bills like this effectively kill the democratic process. 
  • I have seen memes circulating that we should use vaccine passports as voter IDs. It’s a humorous approach to dealing with the insanity of requiring identification in one realm of life and abhorring it in another. Democrat leaders are evil and Democrat voters are stupid. It is what it is. (For the record, it was a meme! Anyone that actually wants to see vaccine passports is a kook at best and globalist acolyte at worst.)
  • While we diametrically disagree on measures, I too support amending our current voting practices. In short, I think voting is too easy and it needs to be clamped down. Voter IDs? That’s a starting point, not the end point. All citizens who wish to vote should have to pass a test on the Constitution and founding American principles, and also demonstrate their understanding of the impact of their voting habits. Voting is a right, not a privilege. You should also only be able to vote where you have skin in the game. For 61% of Americans that pay zero dollars in federal income tax, they should not be allowed to vote in federal elections. The same logic could be used at the state and local levels. Does this sound like only land-owning men get to vote in 1776? Sure does. 
  • John Lewis, the namesake of this bill, should go down in history along the lines of John McCain. McCain, who endured years of horrific torture – that could have been avoided – in Vietnam, later embarked on a damaging political career that destroyed a generation of support for the Repulican Party. He was a horrible 2008 presidential candidate who picked one of the dumbest GOP vice presidential candidates (on second thought, outside of Cheney and Pence, they’ve all been dumb), and later voted to keep Obamacare out of personal spite, not national interests. Much the same way, John Lewis deserves endless commendation for his heroic efforts to desegregate 1960s America. However, that battle was won long ago and Lewis nonetheless paraded as civil rights advocate for another fifty years. He enriched himself while his district was worse than a third-world country. This bill, like Lewis’s political legacy, is a disgrace.

3. The Covid “vaccine” narrative continues to unravel as real-world data drops irrefutable truth bombs.

  • From the onset of incessant and illogical “vaccine” mandates, no one really wanted to distinguish between immunity conferred from natural immunity (i.e. survival from prior infection) and artificial immunity (i.e. getting the poke). An interesting article appeared on Tuesday at American Thinker that outlines why natural immunity has been so roundly ignored. It’s worth reading in its entirety.
  • On top of that, the World Health Organization went so far as to redefine what herd immunity was, erasing all former allusions to immunity from natural causes and referencing only immunity conferred by vaccination. 
  • Throughout the alleged pandemic, cheap and available generic drugs, which seem to be effective not only as prophylactics but double as viable treatments against early-onset Covid symptoms,  were not just ignored but vilified. The argument was that they were unknown in the battle for Covid; at the same time, we had unknown vaccines foisted upon us. Which is it? Are we scared of Ivermectin because we don’t know how it will respond to Covid or are we excited about novel vaccines because we hope the new technology will respond well to Covid?
  • Taken together, these are three – but not exclusive – not-so-small events that portray the extreme policy responses to Covid as less about the actual health of citizenry and more about dictatorial control over the masses.
  • With each passing day, new evidence emerges that “the science” about Covid was wrong, and yet evildoers insist on doubling down. The latest evidence from Israel, one of the world’s most “vaccinated” countries, calls into question everything the sheeple have been told since the beginning of Joe Biden’s presidency. 
  • There is a psychological mechanism that prevents “vaccinated” individuals from accepting they were wrong. In order to wake up and function every day, they have to bury any cognitive dissonance created by the existence of so much overwhelming data on Covid. 
  • Here is the bottom line: We were misled and mismanaged the entire time. Covid has real consequences to a select minority of American citizens; namely the elderly and the obese, but nothing justiufies what this nation (or world) has had to endure. Early treatments should have and could have included a combination of HCQ, IVT, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and antibiotics. The fact that these did not happen are a combination of ensuring massive payouts to Big Pharma and a tightening grip over a mindless public by corrupt, egomaniacal leaders.

1 thought on “ANALYSIS: Breaking Down Three Big Headlines From The Week (Vol. 5)”

  1. Except for the part where only people who are paying taxes get to vote, I agree with you. We are retired, paid payroll taxes and also taxes on investments per the IRS tax code for many, many years. We are not technically paying taxes anymore due to wise savings and investments. We have a vested interest in our country and locality, and we vote. Please give this more thought. A deep dive into the IRS tax code would be warranted, but you will probably scream and pull your hair out in short order. The U.S. IRS code is ridiculous, complicated, and convoluted, but here we are.

    And BTW, we have to pay taxes on our house where we have lived for 40 years, never really owning it, even tho we paid off the mortgage years ago. What gives about that? There should be a lilmit to how many years you have to pay property taxes.

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