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A Left-Of-Center Magazine Published The Best Analysis Of Conservatives’ Disillusions

I had never heard of Tablet Magazine. It’s a left-leaning, online publication with the purported mission of disseminating “Jewish news, ideas, and culture.” None of what was just said captures any of my infinite identities. 

I discovered a post of theirs dated August 11th and titled “Why Don’t They Don’t Believe Us?” the other night after staying up too late and letting the YouTube algorithm select my next video. The video recorded a gentleman reading from the post, which is to say I found the article only indirectly. Whatever; it doesn’t matter how I stumbled upon an obscure digital platform. I believe this is one of the most important pieces written in some time. 

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In a clear and unemotional retelling, this article is able to recapture the myriad reasons, stretching back to the onset of the Trump presidency, for both our distrust of modern media and politics as well as our contempt for  these ever-growing and ever-more-present monstrosities. 

In chronological fashion, the post reminds the reader of the lies about Brexit, which we were promised would never happen. The same was said of Donald Trump’s likelihood of winning the presidency. Despite pollsters, experts, pundits, and the rest all proclaiming one thing, the opposite happened.

That was just the beginning.

In order to explain the unpredicted and, indeed, inexplicable losses, these same people concocted the Russian meddling narrative. Russia infiltrated the Brexit vote; Trump colluded with them. For nearly an entire presidency, Americans bathed in daily promises to reveal a fatal blow to the Trump legacy, only to discover it was only another empty head selling more empty promises. The Mueller Report came and went. A story that dominated the airwaves for three years simply evaporated. It never happened. The brainwashed masses simply waited for the next hysteria onto which they could cling.

Many more in leftist circles have likely forgotten that Jussie Smollet made up the entire story about being accosted by two white, MAGA-cheering racist homophobes on a cold Chicago night. He was in front of every camera until too much evidence came out against him. Then, like the other hoaxes, he too disappeared. The same occurred when CNN and the rest of the media attempted to frame an encounter of white teenage boys and an elderly Native American man in Washington, D.C.  Another outrage brewed before becoming just another conveniently forgotten narrative.

The article concludes with two of the most red-pilling moments of the past year: Covid and the BLM protests. In just a few paragraphs, the reader is treated to countless tales of leaders saying one thing about Covid while doing another. 

The article ends with election shenanigans as it pertains to the censorship of the New York Post’s article on Hunter Biden. Again deemed propaganda of Russian origin, Twitter and Facebook prevented anyone from sharing the damning allegations (which seem mostly to be corroborated).

The entire piece is worth a read, not because it covers content that most conservatives are already aware of, but because of how well it lays out a chronology for the friends and families of conservatives. Upon asking those around us to read it, we could use the ideas presented to ask the question: Now do you understand why I am the way I am? For further digging, the question could be asked of our left-leaning friends, family, and acquaintances: After reading this, how and why do you still have faith in deceitful organizations?

If I could add anything to this myself, the Charlottesville Lie and January 6th “Insurrection” are perhaps the most obvious of all manufactured narratives in the entire Trump presidency. In essence, they provide a certain bookend to the manufactured narratives of Trump’s white supremacist ways. 

As to the events at Charlottesville, despite being recorded on multiple outlets and condemning white supremacy three times in the same speech, media outlets spun the entire day as Trump saying both sides have good people. That could have been debunked in five seconds but their hatred towards, and brain melting as a result of, Trump prevented that from happening. As to the second, among other things, the FBI is now admitting out loud that what happened wasn’t premeditated nor an insurrection. People didn’t even have weapons or attack anyone. The recent interview of Michael Byrd and the recorded video of Ashli Babbitt’s shooting death prove that the entire narrative was a gigantic hoax.

The amazing thing is, the lies of our media and establishment classes are only scratched in this article. No doubt readers of this post could recount their own red-pill moment or another major media lie that, unfortunately, too many people around us believed (and somehow, in spite of refutations, still do).


At the end of the day, if this article doesn’t help the indoctrinated people around us better understand what’s happening, then I am afraid nothing will.

5 thoughts on “A Left-Of-Center Magazine Published The Best Analysis Of Conservatives’ Disillusions”

  1. At least nine out of ten items on conservative sites are enormously long and for no good reason. Many shouldn’t even go beyond the headline. If there are “Five Reason Why…” the article should be five sentences. Then, “Full story follows. I am not willing to take a meandering scenic route to a point.

  2. Well, it’s a start. The best comment I heard was a Kabbalah teacher from B’Nai Baruch, pointing out how these times have errors going uncorrected, problems not being addressed. And then Dennis Prager said that it’s in the Talmud: Those who are kind to evil people will do evil to kind people.” I’m not a Jew but I admire the snippets of wisdom I get.

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