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After a half-century-long political life of corruption, double dealing, amorality, personal betrayals, taking credit not his, selling out, and in every way failing to be who he presented himself as, Joe Biden now gets to welcome the cows coming home. Even the MSM, which has backed him up 100% until now, is appalled at the unbelievably botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that Biden hails as some sort of great success.

All this could not have been planned to work out better for the Taliban than it has. Yet it’s the predictable end result of utter, total incompetence. Joe has lived his entire life skating on the surface, making silly comments on the side like a mouthy teenage punk forever trying to prove that nothing fazes him. It’s true that nothing fazes Joe Biden because he never really gets into anything. His has been the mile-wide, half-inch-deep life. No depth of any kind, hence no real understanding of any kind. About anything.

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The important thing to Joe was always the wise crack, the clever put-down, to look self-assured and in command, cool and cocky, easily dealing with responsibilities that would bend other men under their forbidding weight. Responsibility never bent Joe because he never took responsibility for anything. It’s tempting to say he was following in Obama’s footsteps, but Joe was doing this act when Barack was in junior high in Indonesia. If Joe modeled on anyone, it was Peter Keating out of Atlas Shrugged.

Now the whole world sees this fraud for what he is. Along about now Dr Jill must be choking on the lemonade she helped squeeze from this lemon. Perhaps thinking herself Cleopatra to his Anthony, she turned out to be Imelda to his Ferdinand Marcos, as fake as he. Two useless phonies, finally at the apex of attention and power, bewildered that nobody buys their shtick anymore.

What next?

You’ll be the first one he calls.

By Jack Rail

Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat.

Photo by DonkeyHotey at Flickr.

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