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Knucklehead Of The Week: Vote For Me Or People Will Die

Not only is California still the land of fruits and nuts, the Golden State is fruitier and nuttier than ever, which makes the fact that Gruesome Newsom faces the distinct possibility of being recalled with the September 14th special election even that much more remarkable than it would be otherwise. In a country with some extreme leftists in positions of power, the Democrat Newsom ranks near, if not at the top of that list.

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COVID’s Next Phase: The Oopsilon Variant

A little man jumped up from his seat, Dr. Antonio Ouchy, the Director of the National Institute of Adverse and Ineffective Drugs. “Are you crazy?” he shouted. He hurried over to a white board and picked up a red marker. He wrote Upsilon on the board. “What do you think the press is going to make of this when they get ahold of it?” He wrote Oopsilon on the board. “Did any of you think about the optics here?

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I’ll See Your Ivermectin And Raise You An HCQ

Too, I have long suspected that the AMA is in the pockets of Big Pharma and crooked politicians and will say what the crooks want said. We’re not privy and therefore can’t trust the buggers. Nor am I alone in suspecting that for them, our health takes a backseat to making money. Along with tools like Fauci and Dr Scarf, they have thoroughly and totally ruined the medical establishment’s reputation.

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