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I’ll See Your Ivermectin And Raise You An HCQ

The AMA wants to end the use of ivermectin in the treatment of Covid, saying calls to poison control centers report a fivefold increase in cases related to ivermectin. This despite that doctor we saw months ago testifying before Congress about the efficacy of the drug in treating live, infected patients with Covid.

There’s a problem with AMA cred that’s illustrated by the way the AMA handled hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Probably everybody’s seen the short video of the Nigerian-born female doctor in Houston coming out loudly in favor of HCQ. She had treated 351 patients for Covid, many with serious comorbidities such as diabetes and extreme age, and none had died. I asked a Nigerian friend in Lagos about the progress of Covid in his country. He said he seldom hears anything about it because HCQ is readily available and has long been used to treat other diseases.

Too, I have long suspected that the AMA is in the pockets of Big Pharma and crooked politicians and will say what the crooks want said. We’re not privy and therefore can’t trust the buggers. Nor am I alone in suspecting that for them, our health takes a backseat to making money. Along with tools like Fauci and Dr Scarf, they have thoroughly and totally ruined the medical establishment’s reputation.

After I battled Covid in January, one doctor was good enough to write me prescriptions that I then used to order both HCQ and ivermectin from Canada. Another doctor in the same hospital said neither of those treatments was any good, but by then I was already convinced. I simply don’t believe the naysayers, and the AMA piling on now simply reassures me that I’m on the side of the angels.

By Jack Rail

Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat.

Photo by Domenic Misurka at Flickr.

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3 thoughts on “I’ll See Your Ivermectin And Raise You An HCQ

  1. most of the public is terrified of just about anything and if a doctor says this or that they latch onto it. Just as many get their “news” from the major media who are all in for anything that would block something Trump said or supported. At the top of the criminal enterprise is Big Pharma. I didn’t want to believe it, but this last year has totally proven it to me.

    When I see healthcare folks wearing masks and some with the big plastic masks over the face diaper I know that my healthcare it NOT being run by knowledgeable medical people but by lawyers and administrators. We are screwed.

  2. When you hear doctors extolling the virtues of masking, you know that it has NOTHING to do with medical science. If you can breathe through a mask then viruses have an open path in and out. Masks worn in the operating rooms of hospitals were only designed to arrest bacteria from infecting the patient. NOT FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE! They are all lying about drugs if they are lying about masks.

  3. Bless you Jack. I’m afraid that your sense of outrage is going to get worse. You are not alone, but, the general public is starting to wake up and realize they’ve been lied to all along. The Hippocratic Oath of First, Do No Harm, has been amended to, unless they can make a huge amount of money. HCL and Ivermectin both work, have 50 plus years of working with ZERO negative side effects and both are very cheap. This is a huge scandal and sadly millions of people will die because of it.


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