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Reagan Made A Mistake Selecting H.W. Bush As VP

As we witness the mess created by Biden in executing the withdrawal from Afghanistan, it is clear that since Ronald Reagan we have had only one good president: Donald Trump.   Since Reagan, every president except for Trump, contributed to our misguided involvement in the Middle East.

Trump was the first president to deal effectively with securing the southern border, adopted policies that made our country energy independent, reduced tax rates, reduced government regulations to spur the economy, and developed the covid vaccine in record time. 

 He did all this with a hostile press that attacked him daily, a weak Republican congress led by the worthless Paul Ryan and a bumbling Mitch McConnell, and a far-left “Democratic Party” led by Nancy Pelosi whose only mission was to twice impeach President Trump with no evidence of impeachable offenses. The never-Trump “Republicans” aided the Democrats to attack President Trump.

How did we end up with the likes of Bill/Hillary Clinton, the two Bushes, Barack Obama, and now the senile Biden?

An unfortunate decision by Ronald Reagan to select Bush 41 as his VP contributed.

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Story by J Marsolo.

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