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Six Stories From The Week You May Have Missed

In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative highlight six stories from this past week that may have been overshadowed by the barrage of news coming out of Afghanistan.

#6: Liz Cheney chosen by Speaker Pelosi to be Committee Vice-Chair of January 6th Committee.

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PF:  It was a crazy news cycle this week. Between the seemingly never-ending debacle in Afghanistan and the devastation from Hurricane Ida, there were a lot of critical news items that went relatively unnoticed. This story was certainly one of them and should outrage Republicans everywhere.

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is such a disappointment. She hasn’t even been in Congress five years yet, and she started out with so much promise. She took office only a few weeks before President Trump did in January 2017, but it seems like so much longer because of the rollercoaster that has become her career and credibility. When she arrived on the national scene, she had name recognition due to her father, former Vice-President Dick Cheney. She’s smart, polished, and tends to be conservative on many issues, which is why she rose to the third highest position within the Republican House Caucus within only a few years. But Cheney became infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS), and her ailment has only gotten worse.

I don’t have a problem with a Republican opposing Donald Trump, or anyone else for that matter. Trump isn’t the GOP, and Trump isn’t conservatism. It’s OK to oppose Trump, just like it was OK to have issues with George W. Bush and John McCain. That’s politics. But Liz Cheney has taken such opposition to a whole new level.

Cheney was removed from her leadership position earlier this year, but now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has elevated her to the Vice-Chair of this witch hunt committee. The whole thing is a farce, and Cheney is playing right along with it.

Consider that Liz Cheney is now aligning herself with House Democrats and remember what that means. Cheney is now on the same side as Rep Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and the Green New Deal, Shifty Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and all of his nonsense, and the other racists in The Squad like Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). You may not like Trump Liz, but you’re selling your soul to the devil, along with that punk Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL). For those Republicans seeking to kick you out of the party, let’s hope they’re successful. You’re outta there after 2022 anyway. 

#5: Larry Elder is accused of being the black face of white supremacy.

Parker: In one of the most absurd headlines I’ve ever seen this year (and that’s saying a lot), the Los Angeles Times published a sincere article addressing the idea that Elder might be “skinfolk” but not “kinfolk” when it comes to his black identity. Say what?

Though risible and despicable that the idea of an intelligent and free-thinking black man is off the Democrat plantation, let’s just pause for a moment to unpack the logic here. Blacks have to think a certain way to be black. If ideas determine whether a person is black or not, doesn’t that disprove the entire notion of skin color-based racism? CRT pushes the idea that darker pigmentation is the cause for oppression and hatred, but author Erika D. Smith takes the approach that blackness is more about ways of thinking than ways of looking. If that’s the case, then presumably leftists can’t be racist toward Elder – or others like Candance Owens and Dr. Ben Carson, to name a few – because they aren’t authentic blacks. And if that’s the case, then it isn’t being black in and of itself that is the issue. Unless I am missing something, this argument of trying to somehow portray the very black Larry Elder as a white supremacist basically undermines their whole premise of race-based prejudices.

Of course, everything in the leftist world is untenable logically, so I don’t pretend to be shocked that another theory doesn’t hold up. For a good laugh, check out the Babylon Bee’s headline – Scandal As Newsom Campaign Produces Old Yearbook Photo Showing Larry Elder In Blackface. It gets harder and harder to parodize these people.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day this idea of black groupthink is also not new; after all, Joe Biden claimed that blacks are not truly black unless they voted for him in 2020. This is a real idea circulating among leftists and Democrats – blacks have to think and behave a certain way to be part of the tribe. I can honestly think of very few things more degrading and hostile than this cult-like approach. Given that leftism is a prescription for government control in the face of individuals’ inability to make decisions for themselves, though, this approach by the Times is right on cue for continued patronization. Honest people would call this what it is – racist.

#4: Afghan interpreter who helped save Senator Biden in 2008 begging for President’s help   

PF: I’m not aware of any mainstream news outlet which has given this story significant coverage, but can you imagine the nonstop attention it would have gotten if it had been about President Trump or some other Republican? Hollywood would already be writing screenplays and Billie Eilish would be in the studio right now recording some type of inane song.

Good ole’ Joe (aka Ensign Empathy), who was then a Senator from Delaware, was bopping around Afghanistan in 2008 in the months leading up to being elected as Vice-President on Barack Obama’s ticket, and was undoubtedly focused on the photo-op aspect of the visit. That is, after all, the only thing Biden cares about: getting elected and staying in power. The interpreter, known simply as Mohammed for the moment, got stranded in the Afghan mountains miles from safety due to a blizzard… though it’s likely Press Secretary Jen Psaki would once again object to using the word ‘stranded’ in this instance.

Mohammed was part of a team sent from Bagram Air Base to save Biden and others, and they were successful. Now, thirteen years later, that same interpreter just got abandoned by Biden’s haphazard, incompetent, and utterly immoral withdrawal from Afghanistan, and Mohammed is asking Biden to return the favor.

We can’t blame Mohammed for trying, but he should know better by now. All we can do is pray for Mohammed and his family, what is likely thousands of Americans still stuck there, thousands of American green card holders, and millions of Afghanis who are in mortal danger because of Biden. Sorry Mohammed, but Ensign Empathy doesn’t care that you saved his ass, and he doesn’t care about anyone else who is in a similar situation. He only cares about his own political fortunes, and your life doesn’t align with that goal.

#3: So much Covid hypocrisy – Joe Rogan survives against the wishes of our enemies and Candace Owens is denied a PCR test!

Parker: Leftists self-identify as tolerant and empathetic. They represent and vote for the party of peace and unity. Joe Biden promised to bring us back together as a country after four divisive years under Donald Trump. He also promised to beat Covid – together.

In case you missed it, all of these attributes and promises were sorely missing this past week when the eponymous host of the world’s largest podcast series, The Show Rogan Experience, released news of a positive Covid test and the eponymous host of a Daily Wire production, The Candace Owens Show, was turned away for attempting to follow CDC guidance on getting regularly tested for Covid. It’s almost as if they don’t really believe what they say…about anything.

In the case of Joe Rogan, the leftist pleasure in watching him contract Covid mostly stems from his open mindedness toward science and healthy living. It is actually insane to see that people wished him a horrible experience or death from this viral contraction. Then again, these people are angry that Texas is mandating that babies be allowed to live, so I suppose rooting for someone’s death is not a new phenomenon. Why the hype? Rogan had previously made the innocuous observation that young people largely don’t need the vaccine. He was merely citing relevant data, which has shown for over a year that nearly every single human being will survive having Covid (and retain long-lasting natural immunity), especially those in their twenties and thirties. For that, he was accused of being an anti-vax sympathizer and straight up anti-vaxxer himself. The real sin, however, was Rogan’s admission to being treated with, among other things, Ivermectin during his recent bout with the CCP Flu. This just isn’t allowed. Ivermectin is only for horses, you rubes! 

In the case of Candance Owens, she was in swanky Aspen, Colorado – a little place called Aspen! – for a speaking event, and in accordance with recommendations and general decency went to make sure she was negative before being around a bunch of people. Recognizing her name, the local testing center declined to provide her service on account of Owens being on record against forced vaccination and remarking her general skepticism on many of the provably unscientific stances taken by the supposed medical community. 

As if we needed more proof, those rooting for someone’s premature death simply for not thinking the same way or declining someone’s testing when at the same time everyone screams about being vaccinated and tested is the height of ignorant hypocrisy and downright evil. 

#2: China’s ambassador to the U.N. shows the direction our international credibility is heading.

PF:  A Chinese diplomat named Qin Gang has only been in the position of U.N. Ambassador since July, but he’s wasting no time in trying to capitalize on the recent displays of weakness by our pathetic president. On Tuesday, Qin scolded the U.S. for our “wrong beliefs,” warned us against stepping over China’s “red line” regarding Taiwan and their One China policy, and threatened “disastrous consequences” if we attempt to apply pressure on China similar to what we did during the Cold War. In short, Qin Gang essentially flipped Joe Biden the bird and smacked him upside the head.

The polls on Biden’s Afghan fiasco are splintered. On one hand, a majority of Americans approve of the overall idea of leaving Afghanistan, though the method in which it was done is monumentally unpopular. Yet when asked if they approve of keeping a minor presence there to protect America against terrorists, a majority also agree with that sentiment. Most Americans at least recognize the need to protect ourselves from threats of terrorism, but few see the long-term problems with Biden’s policy, and this rhetoric from China’s ambassador is just the beginning.

Biden not only decided to run with his tail between his legs from Afghanistan, he also put his utter incompetence on full display. Not only does America lack any resolve under the Biden Administration, but we’re also horrible at devising and implementing even a slightly complex plan. Having a leader of our nation who is both spineless and inept is a bad combination; really, really bad.

As scary as the prospect of renewed terrorism threats from Afghanistan may be, the long-term impact to our international standing due to Biden’s cowardice is even worse. Biden created a major void of leadership in the region, and geopolitical adversaries such as China, Iran, and Russia are already stepping in to fill it. Second-tier actors such as Pakistan and Iraq have taken note, and will undoubtedly shift to a more affable approach to the new kids on the block, if for no other reason than self-preservation. And longtime allies such as Taiwan, India, and Saudi Arabia are now between a rock and hard place. Biden’s pitiful softness is changing the global power structure in ways which will be felt for decades, and we won’t know the full extent of its damage for years to come. 

#1: Australians preview the desired globalist tyranny.

Parker: After eighteen months, the American media establishment has a pretty good idea of how to use Covid to maximum effect. When there is no hysteria to frighten and control the masses they roll out a new goal post or variant. This is how we ended up going from two weeks of preventative containment to booster shots and mandates. Arriving at a destination (i.e. surviving a pandemic just) won’t work for ratings or dictatorial passions. Likewise, rumor has it the scary Mu variant is just about to replace Delta, which itself came out of nowhere as Biden was fumbling along.

When required, Covid isn’t the center story because something “better” comes along. The best and most vivid example of this was witnessed throughout June and July of 2020. Despite raging against back-to-work and anti-lockdown protests as grandma-nuking events, somehow racism was a deadlier pandemic than an actual – albeit still a manufactured – pandemic. Blacks and their allies could march, riot, and loot, sans masks and vaccines, through entire city streets without opprobrium. Remember when doctors and nurses marched in solidarity with their oppressed brothers and sisters?

It’s all a scam, and now Afghanistan has sucked the oxygen out of the room – rightfully so, I might add. It’s a monumental disaster whose results will play out for years. This is to say nothing of the needless and immediate deaths engendered from the worst possible withdrawal. With that being said, the coverage of Afghanistan coincided with some truly horrific news coming out of the former penal colony of Australia. The entire continent has now become a giant prison for its once-free citizens. 

This week, news came out that interstate travel had been effectively shut down and the government was asking (forcing?) people to download an app that would run geotracking on it. After a random text to confirm location and identity, users would have just fifteen minutes to reply or face a visit from the police. As bad as Americans have it here, it is frightening to think how quickly it could go even further awry. Australians, and their Kiwi neighbors, are up against the most tyrannical and freedom-crushing regimes in modern democracies. Aided by new technologies, the whims of dictatorial overlords are easily amused and efficiently operated. The news out of Australia should be a wakeup call to all lovers of liberty.

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