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Democrats Are The Abusive Partner In This Relationship

Author’s Note: The term Democrats encompasses not only the leftist political faction that currently dominates the legislative and executive branches in federal government, but its mainstream media allies, corporate backers (chief among them Big Tech), and global elites. Taken as a whole, they are the despotic ruling class that actively undermines liberty and freedom around the world.

Abusive relationships are no trivial matter, but this headline is neither a joke nor an exaggeration. Democrat leadership, which would have its acolytes believe murdering babies is a human right, whiteness is an original sin, and that boys can be girls is pure evil. As it relates to exerting control over the masses, their deep psychological manipulation makes it hard to escape the fact that continued support for such a philosophy will cause irreparable harm to everything and everyone it touches.

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According to WebMD, the signs of an emotionally abusive relationship are: verbal threats, manipulative behavior, humiliation in front of friends, name-calling and insults, silent treatment, isolation from others, and gaslighting. Are those not identical to what we see in the political and cultural arena every day? 

The term “gaslighting” was not in the country’s lexicon just a few years ago. A search on Google Trends shows that the rise in popularity of the word coincided with the Trump presidency. To be sure, it’s not that Democrats only just began distorting or outright fabricating the truth; it’s just that enough people finally understood the game. The Steele Dossier, Charlottesville Lie, Russian collusion narrative, impeachment, MAGA hat wearers attacking Jussie Smollett or elderly Indians, soldier bounties, the claims of a clean election, and January 6th insurrection are but a handful of examples that provided a red-pill moment. Nothing even close to resembling the truth was presented to viewers on television or in print. 

The same still holds true under the Biden presidency. We are led to believe the Afghanistan withdrawal was a magnificent, unparalleled achievement and that inflation isn’t real. At least the media finally acknowledged he is demented beyond salvation.

Simply put, gaslighting is the attempt to control others by making them question their thoughts, feelings, or sanity. Taken as a whole, is there any other way to view the patently false lies being pedaled by the media? The Covid narrative is the most deceitful of all; at every step of the way actual science has been perverted by intellectual gerrymandering. Speaking with common sense, asking basic questions, or even citing data is enough to warrant censorship and removal from Big Tech platforms or, worse yet, even lose one’s job.

The idea of isolation from others also appears prominently in the current iteration of Democrat stewardship. Locking down a society whose odds of survival are generally in the upper-99.9% is not only ludicrous, it’s pathologically insane. Given the severe and tragic rise in mental health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, and rates of obesity, it is increasingly harder to justify lockdowns against an endemic cough compared to the rise in other absolutely detrimental and fatal maladies. Again, though, through the lens of an abusive relationship, these outgrowths are not accidental; they are intentional. 

The issue of name-calling and insulting is similarly, all-too-easily detectable within the political leftists. The pejorative connotations of Trumpers, white supremacists, and anti-vaxxers purposefully evade debate on a topic and seek only to malign the character. Each has been so regularly associated with negative ideas that effectively half of the country has been brainwashed to recoil at the mere mention of Donald Trump, Ron De Santis, or conservative politics in general. It has gotten so out of hand that Larry Elder can simply be referred to as the “black face of white supremacy” and people go along with it.

Cancel culture fits into several categories, including social isolation and name-calling. It also finds a spot under the practice of humiliation. Ranging from pop culture influence like the Bachelor (Chris Harrison, Rachel Kirckconnel) and Jeopardy (Mike Richards), to the music industry (Morgan Wallen) and Hollywood (Gina Carrano), there is no shortage of concerted efforts to take down people that don’t look, act, or speak a certain way. The goal is never rehabilitation, though they pretend to help people see the errors of their ways. No apology ever settles the dust; it only provides a second opportunity to publicly embrasses and shame the target. (Not coincidentally, every person is white.) 

If you were in a partnership with another person that behaved this way, you would be speaking to friends and family looking for support. You would correctly describe this person as horrible and evil. You would get out. You would get out.


Why is it no different on the macro level? Democrats and their media allies hate you, but they will use you to feed their emptiness, narcissism, and quest for power.

Don’t let them.

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