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If A 12 Year Old Can Make The Decision To Have Sex, Take Gender Changing Drugs, Or Murder Their Unborn Child…

“If a 12-year-old can make the decision to have sex, take gender-changing drugs, or murder their unborn child, then why can they not make their own choice about wearing a mask?

And why then are the schools not forced to respect that choice?

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A reader sent me that, and it’s a good question. A great question. One of those “we’ve cut parents out of the loop deliberately” public-school-culture questions to which, sadly, I have an answer.


One of the beauties of Marxism in America is that the ultimate goal is to deny these same children individual rights as soon as they have power. Sexualization of children, normalizing deviancy and pedophilia, validating mental illness, and deconstructing the value of life are checkboxes not in the interest of expanding rights or reducing discrimination; it’s quite the opposite.

These things undermine the foundations of a moral people without which the American Experiment is likely to fail, and failure is the goal.

Embracing riots as protests, releasing criminals into the population, reframing the foundations of faith in America are a few more. And none of this has anything to do with choices or human rights or protecting anyone else.

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Article by Steve Macdonald.

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