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BREAKING! The January 6th Commission Is In Session… And Nobody Cares

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The Democrats are throwing a party, and everyone is invited. And they would very much like all of you to come. They’ve spared no expense. This party is supposed to be the highfalutin shindig against which all future highfalutin shindigs are measured. There’s only one problem. The only ones at their party are a collection of desperate Democrats and few delusional Republicans… and everyone keeps looking at their watch like Joe Biden at a dignified transfer.

The party the Democrats are throwing is the “Select” January 6th Commission, and they want you to embrace the hype and join in with the festivities which actually began over a month ago. Contrary to Democrat talking points, the purpose of their get-together is to highlight the evils of Orange-Man-Bad, aka former President Donald Trump. The only real questions remaining about the Capitol riot on January 6th is 1) what really happened regarding the death of Ashli Babbitt, and 2) how could there have been such a failure in fundamental security by the Capitol Police? Neither of these questions will be answered – at least not by this farce of a commission – because they don’t care about answers, they only care about politics and perception.

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So, you say you haven’t heard much about these proceedings? The heroic deeds of that top-notch team of Congressional crusaders have totally missed your radar? Don’t feel bad, you’re not alone.

Worthy news items that have come from the January 6th Commission have been virtually non-existent. Perhaps the biggest story has been House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent decision to name soon-to-be-former three-term Congresswoman Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) as Vice-Chair of the commission. Republicans threw in the towel on Cheney providing any value to anyone long ago, and Democrats continue to work towards holding her up as the model Republican. But Americans are just yawning. Liz Cheney is old news.

A lot of words can be used to describe what happened on January 6th. The riot was embarrassing, and irresponsible, and in some cases even criminal. We can even describe the riot as noteworthy. But there are other words that absolutely don’t apply. The riot wasn’t unprecedented, or monumentally historic, or a threat to our democracy. And it certainly wasn’t an insurrection. What happened on January 6th was this: a bunch of justifiably pissed off Donald Trump supporters went overboard; way overboard. And some of them deserve time behind bars. But we already have the facts we need regarding the January 6th riot and everything coming out of the commission is redundant. We all know that the only reason the commission exists is to keep Trump on everyone’s mind and hopefully enable Democrats to hold onto their tenuous grip on power. It’s nothing more, nothing less.

Democrats have been talking about January 6th as much as possible since… well, since January 6th. Whether it’s Joe Biden or Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer or Kamala Harris, January 6th is the cornerstone of their immediate political strategy, and they’ve been planning on Americans’ anger over the riots propelling them to victory during next year’s midterm elections. In poker parlance, the Dems are all-in on January 6th, and so is their media. They’ve put all their chips on that hand, but they’re only holding a pair of threes. They’ve put all their money into this revelry, but Americans are uninterested. Americans simply don’t care about the Democrats stupid commission and aren’t remotely captivated by their merrymaking. No one gives a damn.

And why don’t American’s care? Because the country is falling apart everywhere we look, which is to say that the consequences of Democratic policies are starting to come to fruition. Americans are largely ignoring the January 6th Commission because Democrats have been doing what Democrats do, and the results have been catastrophic. The shenanigans perpetrated by a handful of yahoos last winter in D.C. is the least of our worries.

Joe Biden has pulled us out of Afghanistan in one of the most breathtaking examples of government incompetence in American history. He handed over billions of dollars of arms and technology to terrorists who want to kill us, he’s alienated us from our allies worldwide, and he’s responsible for the deaths of thirteen American servicemen. President Biden has made us imminently less safe with his handling of Afghanistan, which is why we couldn’t care less about the January 6th Commission.

Democrats have been preaching “Defund the Police” for over a year, and violent crime is spiking around the country as a result. Murder rates are up in almost every major city, almost all of which are run by Democrats, and the Dems can try and turn it around as much as they want, but they are the party of “Defund the Police.” Democrats are responsible for the blood gushing down American streets, which is why we couldn’t care less about the January 6th Commission.

Biden and Pelosi and the rest of them have been preaching open borders, and we now have a colossal failure at our southern border. We’ve had record numbers of illegal immigrants pouring in, and the problem is due entirely to Democratic rhetoric and policy. Our national security is under serious threat  because of Democratic immigration policy, which is why we couldn’t care less about the January 6th Commission.

President Biden and his cronies are spending more money than we ever dreamed possible, and inflation is skyrocketing as a result. The cost of everything is going up, and it seems likely to just get worse. Joe Biden and the Democrats are destroying our economy, which is why we couldn’t care less about the January 6th Commission.

And finally, the biggest challenges surrounding a viral pandemic stopped being about public health long ago, and the most concerning aspect of COVID is government tyranny… by far. Democrats are doing everything possible to scare us with COVID and to seize our rights, which is why we couldn’t care less about the January 6th Commission.

Democrats want so badly for their ridiculous commission to have an impact, but think about it. Have you heard any of your coworkers discussing the January 6th Commission over the water cooler? Have you seen a lot of posts on social media detailing the goings-on? Have you read any news articles about the commission that made you think to yourself, “Wow, there’s something I didn’t know?” Of course you haven’t, none of us have, and we’re ignoring it as a result. That’s because we don’t have time to participate in the Democrats’ dinner party known as the January 6th Commission. We’ve got a lot more important things with which to be concerned.

PF Whalen

P.F. Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including Human Events, the Western Journal, and American Thinker. Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen.

Featured photo is a screengrab from CNN.