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The Immorality Of Ignoring Ivermectin

“While this court is sympathetic to the Plaintiff and understands the idea of wanting to do anything to help her loved one, public policy should not and does not support allowing a physician to try ‘any’ type of treatment on human beings.”

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This was the stated decision by an Ohio judge on September 6th in response to experimental Covid treatments being administered to a hospital patient. Now, someone waking up from a coma might interpret this pronouncement as an end to vaccine mandates, and indeed most messaging around Covid vaccination in general. They would have good reason to suspect as much. After all, by the judge’s own logic, “public policy should not and does not support allowing a physician to try any type of treatment on human beings.” If an experimental, gene-altering vaccine that was rushed through production and approval does not qualify as “any type of treatment,” then what would?

Tragically, the judge’s did not relate to experimental and unproven vaccines; instead, it referred to the denial of a fifty-year-old generic drug with a proven safety record as a potential Covid therapeutic. 

Judges in Ohio, unfortunately, are far from the only evil creatures wading into medical malpractice. Throughout the pandemic, mainstream media and political string-pullers have attempted to further discredit the phenomenal success of Ivermectin in places as diverse and far ranging as Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Peru, India, and elsewhere. Courageous doctors at America’s Frontline Doctors and Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance have developed successful treatment protocols,  who are at best are ignored, and at worst demonized, by the likes of corrupt individuals like Anthony Fauci and corrupt organizations like the CDC.

One of the most prominent fabrications came from Rolling Stone, which is apparently still a periodical despite making up a story about rape culture on college campuses a few years ago. On September 3rd, the already-disreputable magazine published a fake story on an Oklahoma hospital being so overwhelmed with Ivermectin-self-medicating patients that they had to turn away “real” patients like gunshot victims. The story was later so thoroughly discredited that both Rolling Stone and the hospital from the story had to come out and clarify that the quoted doctor didn’t even work there.

First, if Ivermectin were truly causing serious complications, then the news would not have to create bogus stories. Second, the fact that the media feels the need to create such bogus stories indicates a deeper and more nefarious motive to silence opposition. This is where honest thinkers have to migrate from thinking there is simply bad science happening to instead focusing on the intentional harm being done to millions of human beings in the name of profit, power, and who knows what else.

In addition to the Rolling Stone article, various state health departments and government agencies are likewise issuing both fake statistics and mendacious pleas. Typically, they portray Ivermectin as a horse paste or horse dewormer. In the case of Mississippi, they claimed that upwards of 70% of calls to poison control were for overdoses on horse-specific pills. In reality, that figure of 70% represented just 1.4% of all total calls. So they knowingly mislead readers by a factor of 50.

The FDA – the same agency responsible for issuing approval of Covid vaccines by giant pharmaceutical companies – sent out a tweet in late August that told its captive audience that they were not a horse, not a cow, and to stop it at once. True, Ivermectin is used on livestock. So is penicillin. Regardless, it won a Nobel Prize in 2015 for its use in humans and is on the WHO’s List of Essential Medicines

Most recently, anger towards the use of Ivermectin resurfaced after the world’s most popular podcast host shared that his recovery from Covid was enabled in part by a doctor-prescribed regimen of the infamous horse paste. Far-left loons, mainstream media, and ignoramuses everywhere joined in a chorus of wishing illness and death on another human being just for being open-minded about all available treatments to what is already a non-lethal virus.

While there is a lot of hysteria surrounding the use of Ivermectin for Americans, there is ultimately no viable argument against it. If the concern is that a prescription would be off label, then how does anyone reconcile the fact that a new vaccine operating under a questionable EUA is somehow more scientifically sound and safer? It’s simply impossible to take that position. At this point, they maintain opposition to Ivermectin because their cognitive dissonance is so tremendous that they have to convince themselves of the validity of their hysterics to Covid as far back as last March.

In the beginning, the intentional shunning of Ivermectin (like HCQ before it) persisted in order to clear a path for emergency vaccine use. As the linked articles and podcast below make abundantly clear, if alternative treatments existed to combat the pandemic, then the FDA would have been unable to authorize emergency use for Big Pharma’s novel vaccines. It is not difficult to see this connection and how ulterior motives created the scenario where millions of sick patients were denied basic healthcare. 

Now, there is the additional problem for opponents to Ivermectin on the grounds that they cannot admit to its efficacy after criticizing it for so long. Almost 200 million Americans have taken the vaccine, many against their will, and a reversal on policy vis-a-vis cheap generics is not a path they want to take. Can you imagine the anger and backlash? Not only that, but the government cannot accept fault for knowingly allowing the avoidable deaths of hundreds of thousands of citizens. The media, medical, and political bodies that foisted a sham narrative on the public already have blood on their hands; it would be ruinous to admit as much. For that reason, they will always and forever malign Ivermectin – which they continue to do at great personal cost to the ill and infirmed.

All told, the current narrative – having reached an outrageous crescendo of falsified horror stories after having nowhere else to go – is killing people en masse. Corporate profits and government control are directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of otherwise-treatable Americans. This is not a failure of science; it is a failure of morality.

Author’s Note: There is a lot of valuable information on Ivermectin, but two recent articles that summarize the totality of the problem can be found below. Another video serves as a vehicle for similar conversations. Anyone that is serious about combating the intentionally false media narratives would do well to read both. I receive no compensation for directing you to these sites; I only wish to spread awareness. God bless.

1) The Great Ivermectin Deworming Hoax, The Desert Review

2) The False Narrative on Ivermectin, American Thinker

3) Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization and Ivermectin, Darkhorse Podcast, Youtube

10 thoughts on “The Immorality Of Ignoring Ivermectin”

  1. to Anna Marie Arno–
    Sure, Ivermectin has been around for over 40 years, has been prescribed for human use, and yet you are the first to discover it causes human sterility. How did you do it?!?

  2. Apparently, they are deathly afraid of natural immunity taking hold. Too few profits for Big Pharma and fewer yet-to-be seen benefits for China.

  3. K.HorganYou don’t have to get the vax to use medicines like HCQ or Ivermectin,they can be used as a guard against it.One 200 mg tablet a day will cut your chances of getting Covid and will make it easier to get better quicker.
    You appear to have made your choice so I suppose that you think a known criminal like Fauci is giving you better advice than the string of topline virologists who have put their careers on the line just for people like you.By the look of it they will be dragging the unvaccinated out of their houses shortly to commit an unpleasant murder on them.Still,why should you bother yourself,these so called rags haven’t either.All they are interested in is gruesome stories but,believe me,I am 84 and took HCQ when attatched to the gurkhas for years in Asia,I saw no problems..Before you commit suicide wait for Reiner Fuellsmich to admit defeat.

  4. Ivermection certainly has successes… but you have to get COVID in order to use it. The vax doesn’t cure, either, but is proven to act as a prophylactic and lessen severe symptoms. i would rather not get the virus and have opted to get the vax.

  5. Love to see the conservatives take Ivermectin. Besides p**ping your brains out, I understand it makes 80% of the men impotent. Darwin is really working hard to clean out the morons.

  6. Spot on about their need to prevent their effectiveness from coming out in order to ensure that their vaccines could get EUA. In addition to the backlash they would receive by admitting their efficacy now it would kill their vaccine drive completely which seems to be their primary goal. 100% vax rate is the only acceptable option, which makes me wonder what the end goal is. Vax passports? Mass sterilization? Population control?

  7. My sentiments exactly, with regard to corporate insensitivity ‘ Profits over decency.
    I’m reminded of the Challenge disaster, where booster rockets exploded after launch, sending seven crew to their deaths (still alive when they hit the water). Charles S. Locke, CEO of Morton-Thiokol, makers of the rockets, remarked, ” This is going to hurt us in the stock market.”

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