Who’s Really at Fault for the Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal?

In the aftermath of the Afghanistan fiasco and the senseless death of 13 young servicemen and women from a Taliban suicide bomber, fingers are being pointed and blame ascribed.  Aside from the deranged bomber himself, a growing majority of people, myself included, assign responsibility for this calamity to our senile president.  After all, he’s the one who, due to his arrogance, scrapped President Trump’s “conditioned” withdrawal plan in favor of his own plan; he or his proxy set the date and gave the order. 

President Trump had previously made clear to the Taliban what would happen to them should they take advantage of our “conditioned” withdrawal by doing harm to any Americans or U.S. service personnel.  He had previously established his and the U.S.’s credibility in this regard by ordering the April 2018 missile strike against Syria (even while dining with Chinese President Xi Jinping) in response to  Syria’s chemical attack against their own people, the October 2019 killing of Iraqi terrorist, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and the January 2020 drone strike “disassembling” of the Iranian General, and terrorist, Qassem Soleimani.  That credibility has now been shattered and lost. 

Responsibility should also be assigned to the upper levels of the Chain of Command: Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin; Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley; and the CENTCOM Commander, General Kenneth McKenzie, Jr.  If they had any honor, they all should resign.

It has been reported that Secretary Austin and General Milley had supposedly objected to the expedited overnight withdrawal that would leave thousands of U.S. citizens and Afghani interpreters behind.  But whether they objected or not, they relayed the order to CENTCOM General McKenzie, Jr. to proceed and thus began the disaster and horror now being visited upon Afghanistan and witnessed by the whole world.

At what point does a presidential order that results in the leaving behind enemy lines thousands of US citizens, untold numbers of Afghani translators who were promised protection for their service to the U.S. military, and $85 billion in U.S. equipment, weapons, ammunition, Humvees, and aircraft, become an unlawful order?  If the report of Austin’s and Milley’s objections are true, then they are either grossly incompetent and unconvincing, or they didn’t object very strenuously and are equally guilty.

But, as easy as it is to level responsibility to the commanders beginning with President Biden, I have to wonder: should not the blame for this fiasco extend further down?  During the presidential primaries in the spring of 2020, the Democratic Party Convention in August 2020, and the ensuing presidential campaign season, we saw an “empty suit” put forward by the Democrat Party as their best hope to defeat the most effective president in memory.  Even back during the primaries, it was becoming increasingly apparent that good ol’ Joe wasn’t even the ineffective former Senator and Vice-President he had been.

Robert M. Gates, former Secretary of Defense under both the George W. Bush and Barrack Obama administrations, said of Biden, in May 2019, that he “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”  Even President Obama tried to dissuade Biden from running for president telling him, “You don’t have to do this, Joe, you really don’t” and he went so far trying to warn us about Biden’s dangerous incompetence by telling a fellow Democrat, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”  Those words have grave meaning for us today!

So, just how did such an incompetent “empty suit” make it all the way to the Oval Office?  Several reasons come to mind: 

1)  Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) blinded almost half the population, about 95% of the media, Republican “Never-Trumpers”, all congressional Democrats, and the so-called intelligentsia, of the multitude of accomplishments that Trump achieved in four short years.

2)  The political establishment, deep state bureaucrats, and many voters made a conscious decision to not see beyond his tweets –  they just weren’t accustomed to having a President who says what he really thinks and believes, and not just mouth what other politicians and “talking heads” think the people should hear.  Apparently, they preferred a president who can’t form a coherent sentence or thought and has accomplished nothing in his over 40 years of public life over one who is the opposite of a “career politician” and who speaks bluntly, candidly, and has accomplished so much, both as a private citizen and as President.

3)  A compliant dishonest mainstream media refused to do any due diligence on “the suit” and provided cover for his numerous gaffes and corrupt activities.  This would be the same media that heralded the headline, “The Campaign to Impeach President Trump has Begun” just 17 minutes after Trump was sworn in as President on January 20, 2017.  They repeatedly parroted the Democrat lies of reprobates such as Adam Schiff (D-CA), Eric Swalwell (D-CA), Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and others of their political ilk.  And, when the “empty suit” moved into the Oval Office, the media in unison chortled “Now we have an adult in the room.”  They just failed to inform us the “adult” was an incompetent, senile buffoon.

4)  When the FBI was handed the abandoned laptop belonging to “the suit’s” coke-snorting son, the hard drive of which contained emails reflecting the corrupt practices of the Biden family vis-a-vie Ukraine and China, they ignored it and did nothing since crazy ol’ Joe was running for President.  This would be the same FBI that feloniously changed the wording of an email from the CIA in 2016 that verified Carter Page’s assistance to that agency, then lied to the FISA Court in order to conduct electronic surveillance on Page, in their vain attempt to find something, anything, with which to undermine Trump.

5)  A virus unleashed by China upon the world at the beginning of the 2020 presidential election year resulted in the shutdown of the most vibrant economy in decades and sowed seeds of fear throughout the land.  It didn’t matter to the anti-Trumpers that he replenished a depleted inventory of ventilators, dispatched Navy medical ships to New York Harbor and the Port of Los Angeles to ease the expected overcrowding of hospitals, and, whether for good or ill, cut through the red tape to bring vaccines online to combat the virus, all in record time.

6)  State election laws were unconstitutionally changed in key states supposedly due to the virus in the days, weeks, and months leading up to the election.  For years, Democrats have fought against voter identification requirements and have pushed for same-day registration, extended mail-in voting, even the counting of votes received post-election, all of which provide fertile ground for election fraud.  The pandemic provided them a golden opportunity and, for Democrats, “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”

7)  The refusal of the U.S. Supreme Court to test credible allegations and evidence of election fraud in a lawsuit filed by the State of Texas vs. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the States of Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin challenging their unconstitutional changing of their respective state election laws.  It seems a majority of the Justices had difficulty understanding Article I, Section 4 of the US Constitution.   

But, as we point fingers of blame, let’s not forget there is one last group who shares culpability and who needs to be mentioned: it is all of those people who voted last November, whether legitimately or illegitimately, for congressional Democrats and for President “Empty Suit.”  They knew, or should have known, what and whom they were voting for and all of them bear some responsibility for our current state of affairs and the tragic loss of life in Afghanistan.  Let’s hope they do better in the next election.

By Quentin Smith

Quentin L. Smith is a retired Special Agent with the FBI, a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative, and a true American patriot.

Photo is a screengrab from ABC News.

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1 thought on “Who’s Really at Fault for the Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal?”

  1. Stolen elections have consequences. Across the globe. Little is heard about the fifteen wounded Marines in the attack , being treated at Walter Reed. Limbs and eyes lost. All for criminal stupidity.

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