Governor Abbott Stands Up To Democrats And For The Unborn

Governor Greg Abbott has vowed that the new Texas Abortion law SB8 will stand, despite efforts by Democrats to block it in court. He stated that the bill was not unconstitutional and that he looked forward to standing up to the Democrats who are fighting to make abortion legal in all 50 states even late-term abortions when the baby can feel pain. The governor also said he expected other governors in red states would follow his lead and make their own pro-life bills when they met in December to discuss state legislation coming up in 2018.

Governor Greg Abbott stood up for life at a Texas Republican Convention on Saturday, vowing that he would fight any effort by Democrat state lawmakers to overturn Senate Bill 8. We will not tolerate, under any circumstances, disrespecting life, he told his fellow Republicans. We will continue to value life in Texas; we won’t be bullied; we won’t be pushed around; we won’t be intimidated by anyone! Not now. Not ever! I made you a promise that I am going to work with every ounce of energy, every moment of my time as governor, as attorney general before that, to protect pre-born babies from being aborted by their own mothers.

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Story by Michael Cavalier.

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One thought on “Governor Abbott Stands Up To Democrats And For The Unborn

  1. Good on ya’ mate! Patriots stand with you against Satan and the DemonicRat Party! God be with us and may he protect you from harm.


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