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The Data Is In – How Much Longer Will Americans Allow Themselves To Be So Mercilessly Duped?

What does someone have to do anymore to gain the attention of the majority of Americans who still have some remnants of a working rational mind? Does one have to streak naked through Congress? Self – immolate in front of the gates on Pennsylvania Avenue? Commit a criminal hostage-taking act to gain mainstream media broadcasting what one feels compelled to say? In today’s mass psychosis and mass hysteria cultural/political environment, this is a fair question.

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To be clear, this writer does not advocate self-harm, harming others, or breaking the law. But this writer is convinced all of the above would result in a 15 minute buried story at best with zero effect of reaching the population and sharing information.

Across the board, our governmental agencies and politicians are engaged in disinformation campaigns designed to elicit specific responses from the public. The complicit media cheerleads the known falsehoods, omits any challenging data points to the narratives, and indoctrinates the masses to believe so much that isn’t so. This is happening and pertains to many areas of our life and not just the pandemic.

Let us examine a few areas which point to my hypothesis as accurate:

School restrictions, mask mandates, and Covid vaccine mandates for those under age 18 are necessary:

Very early on in 2020, the data out of England pointed to little to no risk for children from the pathogen and insignificant rates of children infecting adults with Covid. Yet, we closed our schools anyway and when we did start allowing students to trickle back in certain regions we mandated masks and other extreme regulatory compliance. The CDC has been nothing short of incompetent in messaging on this issue and has flip-flopped and caved to teachers’ unions every step of the way. Meanwhile, suicide rates in those under age 18 are skyrocketing and academic performance is falling.

Dr. Walensky, Has been pushing that all parents should vaccinate their children, and Dr. Fauci is pushing boosters even – based on no scientific data to support such measures.

Now, last week, the CDC quietly releases their updated (MMWR) Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report  (August 2020 to August 2021). Surprise! It and previous data confirm what the CDC has known all along.

Read the rest HERE.

Story by Bekah Lyons.

2 thoughts on “The Data Is In – How Much Longer Will Americans Allow Themselves To Be So Mercilessly Duped?”

  1. We will be “duped” as long as there are commies and their puppets that we call Demonrats. 47% of “Americans” are simply stupid and will vote for Demonrats if they was smelling of sulphur, had horns and hooves. 39% are stupider than the other eight as far as I can tell (those who still indicate a positive view of the senile elder son of an unwed mother.

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