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30,000 Lies

I sometimes think that the least self-aware people in the entire country are reporters on the major news media. A few days ago, I read an

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Knucklehead Of The Week: You Know Nothing About “A Menstruating Person’s Body”

The congresswoman, who likes to portray herself as a staunch feminist, apparently misses the irony of her statement. If you’re trying to defend a woman’s so-called right to an abortion AOC, it would probably help if you actually called that person a woman. And if there is indeed no such thing as gender, and if we must pretend that anyone can menstruate, how do you know that Governor Abbott can’t menstruate?

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Making Sense Of Covid Confusion, Part Two: Delta And Demographics

There is one positive aspect of vaccines that seems consistent in that they tend to reduce the severity of symptoms. This is somewhat difficult to quantify, however. With unvaccinated people, as many as about 65% will exhibit symptoms of an infection, and will have an untreated survival rate of around 99+%.

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