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30,000 Lies

I sometimes think that the least self-aware people in the entire country are reporters on the major news media.

A few days ago, I read an article from CNN politics claiming that Donald Trump’s most lasting, damaging, legacy was his attack on the major news media. The money line was this: “His six years in public life are littered with just that sort of over-the-top rhetoric, with few actual facts to back his wild claims up.”

Read that again, “with few actual facts to back it up”. Does CNN have any self-awareness at all?  The list of documented and proven lies by CNN, NPR, MSNBC, etc. is longer than the flight from Washington to Kabul. Here are six things CNN lied about, and this was with only about 10 seconds thought:

  1.             Russia Collusion.
  2.             Michael Flynn.
  3.             Quid-pro-Quo/Ukraine/impeachment number one.
  4.             Kavanaugh accusations.
  5.             Hunter Biden.
  6.             Brian Sicknick

CNN not only had few “actual facts”, they reported outright lies as “actual facts”. It wasn’t Trump that was short on facts, it was CNN.

After reading the above article, I decided to do a little research. I decided to look at the oft reported claim that Trump told 30,000 lies while in office. I strongly suspect this is vastly exaggerated, so let’s examine the “actual facts” to back up our “wild claim” of vast exaggeration.

Read the rest HERE.

Story by Silas Dogood.

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