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Making Sense Of Covid Confusion, Part Three: Solutions And What’s Next?

What Works?

If vaccines aren’t the answer, what should we do?

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Natural Immunity

There are at least two alternatives to vaccination.  The first of these is natural immunity.  People who have had a prior Covid infection are over 13 times more resistant to Covid than those who have received vaccinations.  This is not to encourage people to go out and deliberately get infected.  The intent is to point out that a naturally acquired immunity is far better than anything provided by the current vaccines. 

As of right now, it appears that over thirty percent of the US population have had Covid and acquired natural immunity.  Many of these people are currently disinclined to get a vaccine they don’t need.  If vaccination confers immunity as officials claim, then with over 60% of the population vaccinated, we should actually have achieved herd immunity and Covid should not be spreading.


Too many governments have focused on vaccines as a “magic bullet” to stop Covid.  Prevention is good, but Covid seems to be good at evading vaccines, and getting better at it.  On the other end are therapeutic measures that work to keep people from dying or even having bad symptoms.  Drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin  have demonstrated great effectiveness against Covid in studies across the world.  There have been claims that over 80% of Covid deaths could have been prevented by early use of appropriate therapeutic measures.  The US, though, has been particularly resistant to approving use of these drugs, despite their long history of safety and widespread use.  The fact that if a therapeutic were to be approved then use of the vaccines would have to stop might be a factor.  A primary condition of the EUA for vaccines  is that there must be no available therapeutic. (21 CFR 360bbb-3(c)(3))

Recently, there have been attempts to ridicule ivermectin as a “horse wormer” and only the ignorant would take such a compound.  Actually, it is used for that purpose, and a tube of paste containing 6 grams of ivermectin is readily available over the counter for veterinary use with horses and cows.  Ivermectin is also widely available for human use to combat malaria and a variety of other parasites, and is one of the world’s most widely used human drugs.  Ivermectin doses are based on weight, with adult doses typically in the 20 to 40 milligram range, so someone consuming a tube of the veterinary paste would be getting about a 150 to 200x overdose, but it would be the same substance (with apple flavoring).

Hydroxychloroquine has been disparaged because Donald Trump suggested it might be effective.  He was right, but great harm was done by all the media and others who worked to eliminate it from consideration and to eliminate therapeutic measures in general.  Doctors have been sanctioned and had their licenses revoked for trying these therapies with consent of their patients.  Both the CDC and the FDA have militated against therapies in favor of vaccines, despite the thousands of reports of successful therapies from the rest of the world.  For organizations that are supposedly charged with promoting public health, their unwillingness to consider measures that have widely been reported to be effective is difficult to understand.

The Bottom Line – Bringing It All Together

Based on the data, vaccination is not recommended for the following:

  • children under 12
  • pregnant women or women who are working to get pregnant
  • people who have recovered from a Covid infection
  • people who have allergies to any of the components of the vaccine

For those who contract Covid

  • early treatment offers the best chance for full recovery
  • A Covid diagnosis is far from a death sentence.  The vast majority of people will have few or even no symptoms, and early treatment can greatly improve outcomes.

Open questions:

  • What effect do the vaccines have on fertility?  We know that the spike proteins, instead of remaining at the injection site will circulate in the bloodstream, and there is some evidence that they may concentrate in reproductive organs.  The vaccines have not been in use long enough to determine what effects there may be on fertility and reproductive competence.

  • miscarriages – early evidence suggests that miscarriage rates may be higher in vaccinated women.  Again, it is too early to tell, and there is little data available.

  • autoimmune disease – given the way that mRNA vaccines work by “training” the body’s own cells to produce spike proteins, there is a chance for development of long term autoimmune effects.  Such effects can take years to develop, and the vaccines have not been in use long enough to be able to make a good assessment.

  • ADE – Antibody Dependent Enhancement is triggered when a vaccinated individual is exposed to a particular antigen, much like in an extreme allergic reaction.  Given the early problems with ADE and mRNA vaccines, this must be considered a real possibility for some indefinite time in the future.  Developers believe they have correctly tailored the vaccines to avoid an ADE response, but it is possible that the “correct” trigger has not yet been encountered.  Some researchers believe they have seen early indications of potential ADE from some of the new Covid variants.

  • juvenile myocarditis – several cases of myocarditis have been reported in males 16-19 years of age following vaccination.  Normally, this is a very rare condition with serious consequences later in life.  It is not yet clear why this should be a result of vaccination.

  • blood clotting – numerous reports of thrombosis (blood clotting) have been reported following vaccination.  In some cases, the results can be severe or even lethal.  This is a poorly understood effect of the Covid vaccines

  • transmission through breastfeeding – there are a few anecdotal reports of spike proteins produced by vaccinated mothers being passed to infants in breast milk.  At least one infant death has been reported.

  • high death rates and adverse effects – as of this date there have been 650,075 VAERS reported adverse events and 13,911 deaths resulting from Covid vaccines.  These numbers are far greater than for any previous vaccine, and even for all vaccines together over the last thirty years.  Due to the voluntary reporting nature of the VAERS system, the actual numbers are likely five times or more greater, and may be as much as a hundred times greater.  Any other vaccine generating this many adverse events and deaths would have been halted long before.

  • long term disabilities – 18,098 people have been reported as permanently disabled as a result of the Covid vaccines.

Even though this article/series has grown lengthy, there is still much more that can be said and much to be clarified.  The available information is increasing exponentially, and what was true just a month or two ago is often obsolete today.  The rapid spread of variant forms, many with increased resistance to vaccines is of growing concern, and compounded by the growing understanding of the adverse consequences of the vaccines themselves.

A final comment on the recent FDA vaccine approval is warranted.

Vaccine Approval

FDA approval was granted to a vaccine that is not available in the US, but was deceptively represented as fully equivalent to the one subject to EUA conditions.  The approval was granted after only eight months of clinical trials when the trials were supposed to last for two years.  Approval was granted using data that does not reflect current conditions, especially the reduced effectiveness of the vaccine against the Delta variant. 

The approval was given by the FDA administrators without holding a public pre approval review – a review held in almost every other drug and vaccine approval process.  At least two top level FDA administrators have resigned in protest of the process.  We can only speculate as to why approval was granted.  Was there political pressure from above?  Did money change hands?  Did they sincerely believe they were doing the right thing?  We may never know. 

In any case, given all the open questions, the vaccine should never have been approved.  This misleading approval has lent support to numerous vaccine mandates by officials who think that the approval means that the FDA considers the vaccine safe and effective, just like other approved vaccines.  Even our military is now requiring vaccination of all members, despite the evidence that they will lose a number of people to death or disability from the vaccine, not even counting the unknown risk of future ADE.

Clearly, the FDA approval should be withdrawn at least until the original clinical trials are complete and the significant questions have been answered.  No approval for “booster” doses should be granted.  Unfortunately, the subject has become intensely political with several political figures having staked positions on vaccination.  As we well know, almost no politician is willing to admit error, and will continue in a wrong direction until they are removed from power.

By David Robb

David Robb is regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a practicing scientist who has been working in industry for over 50 years. One of his specialties is asking awkward questions. A large part of his work over the years has involved making complex scientific issues clear and understandable to non-specialists. Sometimes he even succeeds.

Image by Ajay kumar Singh from Pixabay

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