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Promoting Experts Without Expertise In The Name Of Diversity

The Soundbite Intellectuals undermine our country.

These creatures have infiltrated every area of our lives with ruinous results.  Accuracy is not relevant or of interest to these individuals.  Money and momentary celebrity drown personal integrity.

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The audience for these media prostitutes describing their expertise are the new generation of Old Maids with purple hair watching PMSNBC.  As we have seen over the past year, with enough repetition most any outrageous  program can be promulgated with the ordinary citizen too immersed in survival to understand the facts of the situation.

Many well-known organizations have knuckled under to political or financial pressure and have their PR departments use a well-rehearsed clown to represent their new politically correct positions.  What do these social policies trumpeted forth by these simpletons really accomplish in our society?  Are there any standards for the title of “expert” in the fields under discussion?  Three well-known professions that should require personal integrity provide a quick insight to our problem. 

The American Medical Association is an interesting place to start.  They now have opened medical accreditation to diversity politics. A number of interest to the discussion is the total estimated death rate by medical error or negligence in the U.S. annually, which is over 400,000. That number is the result of treatment from the finest system in the world. It is frightening, to say the least.  Lowering the intellectual standards for medical staff will increase this terrible toll.

Would you want your child to be operated on by a “doctor” who could not pass the tests necessary to get a degree?  How many more unnecessary deaths will occur because of the lower IQ of the diverse group?  On the other hand, would you want Tony Fauci to be your physician?

Tony has shown the weaknesses inherent within our reliance on governmental approaches to problem-solving.  He has clung to his bureaucracy for decades.  His first failure began in 1984 when he declared that AIDS would be heterosexually transmitted and would depopulate the earth.  His plan was to pad his bank account.  

Billions of dollars and 35 years later, we are still waiting for a positive result.  Fauci floats on the political winds from D.C.  He has no personal integrity.

The decrees by Big Pharma and the CDC have made it quite difficult for an honest MD to survive. Hospitals have done quite well with their $12,000 per Wu-Flu admission. We have all seen the story of the motorcycle wreck victim being classified as COVID.  Is there any integrity left in that profession?

Teachers have created a political/educational complex as well. The schoolteacher was once a highly respected member of the community. Now they are members of the educational financial rewards system. Their members recite dogma for a doughnut.

The NEA has been at the forefront of eliminating standards of teachers for decades.  In New York, the union contracts are designed to assist everyone but the students.  In Baltimore, many students graduate that are illiterate.  The CDC and the NEA collaborate on keeping schools closed to extend their power while providing a paid vacation to members. It is another political complex that is designed to use federal tax dollars to scam the citizen.

By lowering standards for the entrance examination, colleges can admit students that would have never qualified thirty years ago.  This practice has been a cash cow for these schools. It provides jobs for more administrators than professors, whic creates more experts to prop up the system.

Engineering is the latest profession to succumb to the trendy diversity babble.  The NSPE engineering society has its own program.  It is incredible to consider that the group that builds and designs everything in our world has fallen into this trap.  New building projects, new equipment, and new automobiles and airplanes all fall into this group.  Do you want your safety depending on people who failed mathematics? New products or buildings require topflight individuals to assure our health and safety, not a minority female face sitting there to meet a diversity quota.

Trust of teachers and doctors has fallen through the floor as their professions have lost any semblance of standards amid the recent flu scandals.  Physicians have little choice in their place of practice as their small business model has been eliminated by the hospital megalith and research funding system.  What doctor has the moral gumption to say no with huge school loans staring them in the face?  Pharma and the hospitals control your health because of the money spread by the government. 

Teachers are past the point of redemption as well because their job depends on accepting the union propaganda of the day.

These three professions are essential to our future but have currently allied themselves to political propaganda undermining our societal structure.  Funding members of these groups who will appear to support political experts on media indoctrination programs is a combination that has delivered us into a great societal unknown.

The Madame

Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

Photo by Ellis Nadler at Flickr.

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