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No, The Mandate Is Not About “Protecting Myself”

“This is not about freedom or personal choice…It’s about protecting yourself.” – Joe Biden

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Honestly, is anyone surprised at this point that the party of patronization once again declares that it knows what is best for the individual? Democrats have been campaigning for 60 years that black Americans require intensive government intervention in order to function in society, for example. This is the same party that says we should hand over our own hard-earned money because some bureaucrat knows how to spend it better than us. Every policy position declares that most people are stupid and that ruling elites know best. 

The only thing more tragic than people wanting to exert undue influence is the fact that many more want to have it exerted on them.

The latest abomination of government encroachment came from the speech that Joe Biden delivered last Thursday as he unveiled the next government solution to the Covid pandemic. (There has been no dearth of attempts already, and I get an uneasy feeling they will always have new countermeasures, each with increased “sacrifices” being asked of us.) Many unknowns will play out in the weeks and months ahead. Will the mandate hold up in the courts? Will companies largely adhere to it? Will citizens resist en masse? 

In the meantime, the idea that the government is concerned about my welfare is one of the emptiest talking points imaginable. It is as dishonest as could be. To be clear, the vaccine mandate arises from three core issues: 1) It offers a massive payout to pharmaceutical companies, 2) It maintains the fear-based Covid narrative, 3) It enables the consolidation of power at the top. It is not about citizens’ health in the least.

I will repeat myself: Nothing about the vaccine mandate is designed to protect or save lives. 

Three central observations support this claim. First, early in the pandemic, scientists quickly realized that the elderly and those with underlying conditions like obesity were most susceptible to severe reactions or death. None of the public health responses reacted to this reality. Rather than pinpoint the most at-risk populations for protection, scientifically-bereft and morally-dubious mandates were enacted that shut down entire economies, locked everyone up, and most egregiously, sent infected elderly patients back to institutions that could neither treat them nor keep other residents safe. When something like 40% of all Covid deaths have come from .5% of the population, that should be a clear indicator that we are being misled and mismanaged. If the government truly cared about saving lives, it would have initiated common-sense policies from the onset of the pandemic that shielded these vulnerable populations.

Relatedly, the public health response to two different citizen protests outed the medical establishment as fraudulent from the beginning. The spring of 2020 witnessed dozens of back-to-work protests. They were primarily white, conservative-leaning Americans whose actions were labeled as super spreader events. Contrast that to the rest of the summer of 2020, which endured nightly BLM riots under the guise of ending systemic racism. Despite a loud outcry for the former forms of protest, there was hardly a peep from the same talking heads about spreading Covid for the latter. To the contrary, even doctors said that racism was as much a public health crisis as Covid and demanded our action. Public health, indeed.

Second, there have been – and with each passing day are always more – preventative regimens and treatment plans available to Covid patients. President Trump name-dropped hydroxychloroquine early in the course of the pandemic. It was experimental at the time, but under the work of doctors like Vladimir Zelenko, it was used in conjunction with zinc, vitamin D, and an antibiotic. At the very least, it is an old generic that has a track record of safe use. It certainly couldn’t have made the pandemic worse or been worse than ventilating frail patients. Likewise, President Trump was later treated with monoclonal antibodies (like Joe Rogan) during his bout with Covid. Though hardly a figure of health and fitness, Trump recovered in a matter of days. 

Nothing shouts “lack of real concern” than the concerted effort to minimize and demonize Ivermectin. Again, as with other treatments, there is evidence it works when used early in infection and also has a proven safety record. In fact, there is a lot of anecdotal and clinical data of its efficacy. But even if it didn’t work 100% of the time, is that worse than the vaccine? Not only does the vaccine fail to deliver lasting protection, there are objective risks in taking it. If Joe Biden and the Democrats truly cared about us, the government should have been handing out Ivermectin kits like in other countries. $2 per person, multiplied bu 330 million people is a hell of a lot cheaper than myriad rounds of stimulus checks and trillion-dollar bailouts.

It cannot be overstated that the refusal to acknowledge the capabilities of cheap and/or alternative treatments was done wholly to enable the Emergency Use Authorization of experimental vaccines. If the FDA, CDC, or others allowed themselves to admit that such treatments were already available, it would have been illegal for them to otherwise authorize the novel and historically unsuccessful (and dangerous)  mRNA vaccines. Had the government’s position been that it would throw the kitchen sink at Covid – which should have been the only response if Covid were as awful as they claimed it to be – then we could believe that it desired to save lives. Instead, the government narrowly waited for and now focusing only on vaccination. 

Forgetting HCQ and IVT for a moment, even natural immunity isn’t discussed. The World Health Organization even wrote the whole concept out of its dictionary. I feel quite safe having had Covid, recovered, and developed antibodies. Joe Biden should, too. Paradoxically, however, he would prefer not to discuss it and instead inject a substance with unknown short- and long-term side effects.

Third, there have been too many instances of the government gladly ignoring real science or actual pandemics to believe in the slightest they are concerned about health. One of the most obvious and widespread examples is the adoption of the food pyramid in the 1970s. With generations of Americans growing up under the impression their diet should consist primarily of grains while also believing fats are inherently bad (basically, the opposite of what’s true), we can directly attribute our current crisis of chronic illnesses to the lies of “food science” from decades past. Heart disease, diabetes, and mental health, along with other debilitating and fatal maladies, are not avoidable entirely but their presence can surely be mitigated. Where is the outrage over fast foods? Sodas, fruit juices, and other sugary beverages? Entire processed food industries have cropped up that make mealtime a breeze; unfortunately, they also make proper diet impossible. Ironically, the very predispositions that make some people more vulnerable to Covid than others stems from the government’s acceptance of Big Ag and other lobbyists’ campaign contributions. Had all Americans eaten a healthier diet, Covid wouldn’t even be nearly as dire. 

Even assuming Joe Biden and his Bond-villain associates did have my best intentions at heart, so what? As soon as the government decides what is best for me, and takes away my free will, that is effectively the end of the individual and the American experiment. It’s certainly the end of personal liberties. We’re told guns are a health crisis; it doesn’t take a genius to follow that road map to its predetermined destination. We’re told home ownership has roots in white supremacy; if white supremacists are evil and home ownership is rooted in as much, it’s also quite easy to figure out that any excuse can be used for any destructive purpose.

I’ll pass on the vaccine, Joe. Now, if and when they make a vaccine to protect my daughter from creepy, hair-sniffing losers like you, then maybe I’ll consider rolling up my family’s sleeves. Until then, stay out of my business.

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  1. The Covid scamdemic is just one example of the toxic, abusive gaslighting psy-op that the left has perpetrated on the global public. The more energy we spend trying to get them to admit they are lying, the more we play the game on their terms. Change tactics. We need to start buying billboards, commercial advertising, and other communication venues to post EVIDENCE of the truth that has been shared with NUMEROUS whistleblowers from the pharmaceutical industry, FDA, CDC, and more about the truth of this bioweapon and Jim Jones Kool-aid jab.

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