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Biden: “This Is Not About Freedom”… And Here Come Vaccine Passports To Prove It

Passports instead of freedom

If the flu prevention injection program is about health, why are the illegal immigrants not being given the injection when they cross the border?

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This crisis in our way of life has shown a true spotlight on our different perceptions and personal inadequacies.  The differing levels of intellectual acuity are magnified by true insecurities of the beholder.  It has shown how easily the simple people can be duped by those in control of the repetitious media mouthpiece.  They believe the government can save us from an attack on our republic.

We know that the death rate of people with this flu is about one-tenth of one percent.  This is approximately the same as a normal seasonal flu.  We also know that the mask does not prevent transmission of the virus because the filter medium is too large to inhibit the particle flow.  

1. The reason I feel that this is part of a program is that all the markers are evident.  The great scare tactic of “it will kill you “ has been repeated countless times throughout the 18 months of this charade.  This approach is designed to acquire your attention.

2. The next step in the program is learning about the fatalities or serious incapacity attributed to the virus. This accents the previous warnings about the seriousness of the matter. The gathering of medical information nationally is beyond the capability of the average citizen, therefore he/she must rely on the statistics that have been massaged by the governmental media and for financial gain by the medical complex.  In this case we have all seen the self-contradictory materials sent our way through the media by the CDC.

3. The mRNA injection has been shown to be possibly effective.  Unfortunately thousands of people have been killed or maimed by this untested quick fix.  The downstream effects on the body are unknown as there was no time allowed for the usual  tests for safety or efficacy.  A normal vaccine would have been pulled at ten deaths.

4. Lastly the propaganda was expertly manufactured to enhance the social fears inherent in portions of the populace.  Instituting the mask plan gave this type of citizen a feeling of inclusion in addressing the crisis.  This is especially effective in the northeastern states and the west coast, as they are inhabited by the most psychiatrically dependent and easily manipulated people in our society.

The probable next step is very important.  A phrase or simple example is necessary to accuse independent people of social irresponsibility.  This is really the key area as it accentuates societal differences and draws a line in our society. “Don’t you care about anyone but yourself”? is the phrase directed toward the “deniers.”  It is rather pathetic but is devastatingly effective in helping the weak solidify their self-esteem.  

They have been led to believe they are saving the world by personal activity. These socialists believe that the only path to acceptance in society is to act in what they assume is a virtuous manner.   This is the very reason why logical thought will never change any dogmatic beliefs of this type of person.

“Those that exchange freedom for security will have neither.”  Benjamin Franklin.

What is the purpose of this assault on our country?  Virtually every analysis involves control and acquisition of money, which is certainly a benefit of this program for the medical industry. However, I believe that it is not the entire plan.  The plan is a citizen registry that can be used for the purpose of total control of your existence by recording every action in your life.

The USA, contrary to all the blather from the media, is still the strongest empire in the world today. The current corrupt and incompetent global system is rapidly approaching its end.  We have on opportunity to overturn the plan put forth by the World Economic Forum for a global despotic hierarchy.  They believe that by controlling and dissipating our strength, a new world governance is possible.

Do you currently have to show a drivers’ license to purchase pharmaceuticals from a drug store?  Why not every other store? Why should you have to show an ID for any purchase of drugs?  Do your betters decide which health choices are best for you?  

Too many calories in your grocery basket?  We will not pay your medical bills! Too many miles driven?  You are contributing too much to global warming, your car is confiscated!  The list goes on. Is there an end?  My tin foil hat would say no.

Fortunately, it can be easily stopped as we are armed unlike New Zealand.

This is why Trump had to be eliminated as his fellows demonstrated the depth of revulsion to this world oligarchical revolution rotting our republic.

The Madame

Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

Photo by Mat Napo on Unsplash

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