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Gen. Milley’s Actions Weren’t Solitary, They Were Coordinated… And That Is What We Call A Coup

Revolt of the clerks

Why did General Mark Milley call the Chinese about President Trump?  That is a question which creates many layers of additional questions, but must be seriously addressed because it signals the republic is beyond redemption.

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Why was China notified and not Russia? It would appear that the Russians were not a threat in the mind of the army staff or there is an agreement in place we know nothing about. Could our generals be in contact with China regularly swapping information or in the pay of Who Flung Dung?  It is sad to even think this is a possibility, but it is and must be addressed.

In this situation, someone obviously panicked.   A bureaucrat never makes his own decisions, and we know Nancy called Milley.  He decided that his oath was invalid. How did he make his decision to be a traitor?  He publicly disowned the President when the riots hit D.C. after the election.  That was an unprecedented act in and of itself.  It is obvious he was already compromised.

The call was probably an order from Nancy, but they knew each other well beforehand. In the insular world of D.C., Nancy and her paid socialist friends had panicked amid all the media hype and speculation of rebellion and called for help. The sad thing is that the info sprang from her own paid PR staff and it quickly completed a media circle back to the simple Democrats running the show and a pile of cosmic debris ensued.

A bureaucrat does not like independent decisions, so he quickly deferred  back to Nancy.  Was the decision with other partisan political help or on his own?  If he had help, that indicates an actual coup.  The other joint chiefs agreed to support this unprecedented situation at a meeting.  They say they are now willing to testify about the meeting.  What was their reply at the time? Are they in ‘cover your pension’ mode? They agreed to build a fence at the behest of Nancy and McConnell and used National Guard troops to defend themselves from the people.

How did Milley get to his position? He was a survivor of the politically correct battles in the Pentagon and an Obama boy.  His only significant personal military action was defending the water cooler on the E ring from the savages downstairs.  In this case he was watching TV and again quickly began placing sandbags around the water cooler to protect himself.

This situation indicates that Mr. Trump made yet another incompetent hire of a socialist during his tenure.  Defense Secretary Esper arranged the contacts with China.  One would think that Trump would learn a lesson from his previous disasters.  Everyone in D.C. hated him and still do.  Trusting the paid opposition is foolish at best.

Where does this leave us?  All the Washington politicians are now defending the action, which means they agree or agreed to it at the time.  One by one our illusions of the hirelings in our government have been destroyed.  Why should we even pay any attention to what emanates from D.C.?  We are certainly not of interest to them.

The last thought that comes to mind is the question of the Chinese.  Are they our enemy or now our overlord with Joe Bribem as their legate in our government?  Since they paid him, they deserve value for their money.

In the past year we have had paid riots disguised as social unrest, another rigged election, our military conferring with an alleged enemy, lockdowns for a fake dangerous epidemic, and a coup. The revealed incompetence of our military leadership in Afghanistan is icing on the cake.  Also, there are apparently no consequences for lying to congress.  Have they already agreed to a deal with Peking as well?

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”  Thomas Paine

The shot is probably bad for your health, but this government unquestionably is.

The Madame

Still Knitting and Reloading

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

Photo is a screengrab from CBS News.

12 thoughts on “Gen. Milley’s Actions Weren’t Solitary, They Were Coordinated… And That Is What We Call A Coup”

  1. On another note, what we should be asking is… What deep state RINO recommended Milley to Trump. THAT is the person we need to be rid of.

  2. Fyi. In the search results that the link for this page shows up in (like if you Google “did trump hire Mark milley?) the text that shows up under the link is the entire comment from skippingdog above, which makes it look like YOU wrote it in your article. I’m sure that wasn’t intentional, right? ? These leftists at Google and other places will do ANYTHING to skew views.

  3. anyone else see the resemblance with milley and the colonel jessup who famously said ” you can’t handle the truth!” this movie is very L O N G…

  4. Will the people responsible for these kinds of actions step down over a lost election?

    They’re unable to avoid projection and telegraphing. They’ve already told you in their Trump prophecies that they’d violently resist being dethroned.

  5. Trump had already issued an unlawful order to withdraw from Afghanistan, unknown even to his own Secretary of Defense and National Security Advisor. Fortunately, Milley and others from the JCOS were able to have it countermanded. Trump’s ignorance and disregard for both law and political norms mean he was and is a threat to the United States. Milley did exactly the right thing, and should be recognized with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his actions.

  6. When we’ve reached a point when it seems like there is no return to the principals that made this country a free democratic republic, imagine what the first signs of a civil war look like: millions of 18 wheelers and trucks of all sizes surrounding the WH, Congress, Pentagon, and most of Georgetown for starters.

  7. Fair elections in CA are gone. Not a single CA county including Orange County voted to remove Nusome from office. That Larry Elder got the most votes means nothing.

  8. The coup was completed with the help of Democrat states overthrowing the US Constitution, especially in Pennsylvania. It was always obvious Trump was a threat to their fiefdom and as Schumer warned, the intelligence community doesn’t like to be upset. We are living in perilous times, that do indeed “try men’s souls.”

  9. What we have witnessed over the four years of DJ Trump presidency was a straightforward coup d’état that would make any 3rd world nation proud. The only question is if our freedom in the United States is already gone forever or just for a while. Can we have free elections again to remove the traitors from our government and military? Is it too late?

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